• 24Aug

    “Scooby Dooby Doo where are you, we need your o o rrr help…..!!”  Up until today, the Scooby Doo cartoon jingle still jingles in my head very vividly. Scooby Doo, the funny and helpful big brown dog was my favorite cartoon when I was a child.

    When I saw Scooby Doo tri-color pasta at Cold Storage, I was more excited than my girls and jumped on the opportunity to buy a packet!

    And made healthy and tasty mushroom soup pasta for my pasta-craze girls.

    Ingredients used:
    2 sachets of Campbell’s MSG-free mushroom soup powder
    2 punnets of fresh mushrooms
    Diced carrot
    Onion and garlic
    Ground pepper
    Sea salt
    2 slices of cheese
    1 packet of Emborg whipping cream 200ml
    2 tablespoon of Dutch Lady growing up milk – for a more creamy texture and added nutrients

    I made a large portion of the mushroom sauce and deep freeze a portion for future consumption.  Mummies, do try this for your kiddos and I am sure they will lurve it, just like my 3 fussy kiddos.

  • 05Aug

    My girls are great fans of Japanese food, just like their daddy. Japs food can be really expensive. So I make my own sushi and chawan mushi for my 3 pernickety eaters. Besides saving cost, what makes me happy and satisfied is seeing my 3 little ones chomping down their food happily. My next try is Tempura prawns and fish, a request from my #1 food critic – Alycia.

    Baby, my petite mini me eats eggs everyday, a step I take to plump this skinny girl up. I have a variety of ways of cooking the eggs too – hard boiled, half boiled, fried, scrambled, omelette, steamed with pork, eggs pancakes, French toast, Chawan Mushi and the list goes.

    Here is Baby’s cup of Chawan Mushi for breakfast and it took me many tries and errors before I got the right consistency of smooth steamed egg.

  • 12Jan

    Another quick and easy to prepare meal that my girls love is mushroom soup pasta. The ingredients that I normally use are 1 -2 sachets of mushroom soup (Campbell’s powdered mushroom soup with no added MSG), fresh mushrooms, celery, carrot, tomato, onions – all chopped and 1 packet of thickened cream to make the pasta more creamy.  The thickened cream also makes the pasta taste and look more like the ones served in restaurants.  But that’s optional.    Thickened cream can be very costly. A small packet of thickened cream costs over RM10 and must be used immediately.

    I always cook extra so that they can be frozen for Baby’s lunch in future (normally consumed within a month).

  • 24Sep

    There is now a booth at Mid Valley Megamall, just outside Jusco that sells organic health food from Bio Green. And I got these organic biscuits for my girls:

    Crackers made from soy bean milk and everything organic:

    This puffed biscuit is really tasty.  The ingredients are organic brown rice, quick oat, pearl barley, buckwheat, millet, red rice, wheat, corn, black bean, soy bean, wheat germ and a whole bunch of seeds and nuts!This is truly  a nutritious and tasty snack!

  • 23Oct

    The only food that Baby loves and will never reject besides mummy’s milkie is soup. Thus, there is soup for Baby every single day. On some days when I don’t feel like boiling a big pot of soup for everyone, I’ll double boil chicken or lean pork soup for her.

    This is the lean pork soup in a small pot, double boiled with red dates and goji berries or wolfberries or keiji.  The small pot is placed in another big pot filled with water and boiled for 2 hours.  Baby loves eating goji berries.

    And this is Baby’s bowl of lunch consisting of vermicelli, a little pork, lots of goji berries cut into small pieces with the soup.  At night, she gets to eat the veggie and fish that we eat.  So she gets a well-balanced meal – carbs from the vermicelli, protein from the fish and pork and fibre from the veggie.

  • 20Oct

    For the past one week, Baby has very little appetite for her food. She hates porridge and food that she normally eats. I was lost for ideas on what to cook for her. I tried something different – French toast but she spat them out (would only eat if I put some soup together with the spoonful of French toast), cooked pancakes but she too spat them out.  Not much interest in noodles with soup.  She loves spaghetti and pasta but she can’t eat that everyday, else she would also get sick of them.  Frustrated, I just gave her carrots from the pot of soup I had cooked… and voila, she loved carrots. So her lunch was just carrots with beet root-carrot-sweet corn-pork ribs soup a few days ago. And this was her dinner:

    Left : Beet root-carrot-sweet corn-pork ribs soup
    Right : Carrots from the soup, fried small fish (jar yue jai), stir-fried spinach. Quite a well-balanced dinner with carbs from the carrots, protein from the fish, fibre and iron from the spinach and of course a bowl of nutritious soup.

    The buckwheat-eggs pancake in the bowl on the left was almost untouched.  She was only gobbling down the carrots like a rabbit!

    And this was Alycia’s plate of dinner.

  • 10Oct

    I bought a box of iron-enriched Heinz ABCs, 123s Pasta from Babyland @ SS2 PJ for Baby C the other day.

    Here’s one of the ways I cooked it:

    Boil the pasta al dente, steam a slice of seabass fish with spinach, red dates and a drizzle of sesame seed oil and served with a bowl of soup of the day.  Also added 1/4 teaspoon of Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acid for a little salty taste.

    Verdict : Baby loved it!

  • 02Oct

    This is another of Baby’s favorite meal – organic veggie pasta with steamed fish and broccoli in beet root-carrot-sweet corn-pork ribs soup.

  • 15Sep

    This is Baby’s lunch yesterday :

    Organic veggie pasta in the shape of tiny flower pasta (made from spinach, beet root, durum wheat semolina and pure barley powder), chopped spinach, fried eggs, steamed fish with tomatoes and a drizzle of sesame seed oil. Also sprinkled a pinch of grated Parmesan cheese on her pasta for that cheesy taste.  Baby also gulped down a bowl of watercress – pork ribs soup.
    The verdict : she loved it!

    And this is Sherilyn’s lunch box yesterday – Star-fish lunch box consisting of cheese fish biscuits and fried eggs cut into star shapes, thus star-fish!

    Verdict : this small and slow eater polished off  everything in school!

    And I finished off the odds and ends… as usual.

  • 14Sep

    Cherry tomato is another veggie that Baby loves. There is always a packet of organic cherry tomatoes in our fridge. It’s a very healthy snack and my 3 gals and I love popping them into our mouths whenever we feel hungry in between meals.  My gals and I love anything that is cooked with tomatoes. Just last week, we have had many dishes cooked with tomatoes – pasta with tomatoes, onions and minced beef, fried chicken with tomatoes, Baby’s porridge with tomatoes, tomato omelette and beet root soup with tomatoes, sweet corn and carrots.  I plan to steam fish with tomatoes for Baby today!

    Giving her some veggie / snacks to feed herself during meal times is one sure way of getting Baby to sit still on her highchair.

    One is definitely not enough mummy, I want more, nice!

    Be very careful when you feed your toddler with cherry tomatoes.  They are small and slippery and are a high risk choking food.  Cut them into halves and let them eat under your watchful eyes.   Some kids are also allergic to tomatoes. So watch out for any signs of allergy.


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