• 03Mar

    Two days ago, Alycia did something really silly — she tried to drink water when she was chewing on a piece of chewing gum and swallowed the gum together with the water! This girl of mine is not new to chewing on gums. But it is the first time that she has swallowed the chewing gum. This Miss Cool As Cucumber nonchalantly told me that she had swallowed the chewing gum and asked me what would happen to her. I scared her by concocting an exaggerated answer so that she would not repeat the same silly mistake — by telling her that if the gum did not come out together with her poop the next day, she may end up like her baby sister. When Cass was 13 months old, she had an obstruction of the guts, resulting from the first surgery. Her stomach balloned up and she threw up non-stop for a week and finally underwent another surgery to fix the guts. I told Alycia that if she could not let out wind or do her poopie business, she is in for trouble *evil mum, MUAHAHAHAHA!* Anyway, Alycia was so relieved when she pooped today and did not throw up after her meals LOL!


    Almost everyone has swallowed a piece of gum, but few kids have ever needed a doctor because of it. You might have heard that swallowed gum stays in your stomach for 7 years. That’s not true.

    Though your stomach can’t break down a piece of gum the same way it breaks down other food, your digestive system can move it along through normal intestinal activity. In other words, it comes out the other end when you have a bowel movement (poop).

    When Is Swallowed Gum a Problem?
    Swallowing a large mass of gum, or many small pieces of gum over a short period of time, can block the digestive tract in rare cases. Blockage is most likely when gum is swallowed along with foreign objects, like coins, or when swallowed with nondigestible materials like sunflower seeds.

    Little kids are most likely to be affected because they might not understand that gum is chewed, not swallowed.

    But apart from these strange scenarios, swallowing an occasional piece of gum is harmless.

    What Exactly Happens to the Gum?
    Chewing gum is made of either natural or synthetic materials (gum resin), preservatives, flavorings, and sweeteners. The body can absorb sweeteners, such as sugar, and they can add up to a lot of calories if you chew a lot of sugary gum.

    But the human digestive tract can’t digest the gum resin. It’s moved through the digestive tract by the normal pushing (peristaltic) actions of the gut. The gum’s journey ends during a trip to the bathroom.

    Are Some Kids Too Young for Gum?
    Kids shouldn’t chew gum until they fully understand the importance of not swallowing it. By age 5, most children will understand that gum is different than candy and is not to be swallowed.

    So if you have younger brothers or sisters, don’t offer them gum until they’re older and your mom or dad says it’s OK.

    Should Any Kids Chew Gum?
    Too much of anything can be a problem. Chewing gum is hard on dental work and most gums that are not sugar free can cause cavities. Sugar-free gum sweetened with sorbitol also can be a problem because it can cause diarrhea. Cinnamon-flavored gums of any kind may irritate the mouth lining. They can be hot and spicy in your mouth, as you probably know.

    A good rule would be to stick with sugar-free gum and don’t have more than one or two pieces a day. And when you’re done with it, don’t swallow it. Spit it out instead!

  • 25Oct

    My blissful world came crushing down during a routine well-baby check up when Alycia was about 6 months old.  She was suspected of having Hip Dysplasia or clicky hips.  If not treated, this could lead to serious problem with one’s gait and position of the legs on the hip socket.  For months, I google searched for an answer and prayed fervently that Alycia’s hips would be healed without having to go through any invasive medical treatment.  The only treatment was that she had to wear double diapers 24/7 to ‘push’ the legs nicely back into the socket.  3 months later, after an ultrasound scan, the consultant orthopaedic confirmed that Alycia’s hips were aligned and we need not have to see him anymore.  God is indeed great!

  • 25Oct

    Alycia is one girl who needs lots and lots of sleep.  She still needs to take her nap in the afternoon.  If she is deprived of a nap in the afternoon, she will get edgy and crabby.  Temper tantrums will break out when she is asked to do her school work and if she does not get her afternoon nap yet!   And she’s almost 9 years old but still like a baby who needs naps and at least 9-10 hours of sleep.  Sherilyn and Cass are different.  Their batteries last longer but by 9ish pm, their batteries will go flat.  Sometimes I feel a tad worried on why Alycia is always sleepy.  A friend suggested that I bring her for a full body checkup but do you think that I am being too paranoia?

    Do you have a 9-year old child who also needs lots of sleep and has to have his/her afternoon nap?

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  • 19May

    Here’s yet another of Alycia’s quirky snack ideas — Honey Stars with strawberry yoghurt. Sometimes she would eat Cheerios or other types of breakfast cereals with yoghurt drink but never likes her cereals with fresh milk. Sometimes she would dunk Oreos into her juice or Ribena! I think she got some of the quirky snack ideas from her mummy as her mummy loves to eat yoghurt with a concoction of nuts, seeds and even peanut butter, not to mention pairing freshly grated coconut meat with bread and butter!

  • 26Feb

    Since young, Alycia’s face will be speckled with tiny red dots whenever she throws up. But with the latest vomiting last week, I had to break out laughing after she threw up because my daughter with immaculate skin as white as snow, turned into a cute freckled face girl! Brown freckles to be exact. I notice that the post-vomiting outbreak of red dots on the face is more visible on those with fair skin. I am one who will have it too. During my pregnancy with Alycia where I had severe morning sickness and vomiting, the veins in my eyes turned bloody after severe vomiting for a few weeks. The thought of going through another pregnancy makes me shudder… though I love babies.

    My little Snow White with a freckled face.  The freckles look red here (because of her rosy cheeks) but actually, they were all brown.  She looked exactly like a brown freckled face 8-year old for about 4 -5 days!

    Breakout of freckles all over her face …
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  • 21May

    Alycia is one child who loves to sleep and boy, this girl can really sleep. She wakes up at 6am every morning, then continues sleeping for about 10-20 minutes on the chair at the dining table hugging her smelly bolster and with her cup of milk on the table every morning.  In the afternoons, she will  nap for at least 2 hours.  At night, she goes to bed at 10pm. On weekends and public holidays, Alycia will sleep in till about 9-10am. By noon, she will nap again for another 1-2 hours! Sherilyn and Cassandra are the polar opposite. Their battery levels are much higher though they don’t nap in the afternoon.

    One hot afternoon last week, Alycia came back from school, looked very jaded and did not seem to have very good appetite. After a quick lunch, she went in to the room and while taking her clothes out from the drawer, she dozed off on the floor! Without her top on!

    Even with this cili padi who emptied the toy box to put on her jie jie’s face, Alycia was unperturbed and continued sleeping on the hard floor. Poor girl, she must have been really really burnt out and slept like a log.


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  • 03Nov

    I had a rude shock last night. At about 2am, Alycia opened my bedroom door sobbing away and muffled out that her stomach was very painful. I knew that it must be very painful, else she wouldn’t have cried. I applied some oil on her tummy but hubs suggested to bring her to the hospital. The pain must be really bad as Alycia agreed to go to the hospital immediately. The doctor at the ER gave her a suppository to control the pain and checked her tummy. He said that there’s a lot of wind in Alycia’s stomach. Today, Alycia skipped school again. She skipped school the whole of last week for a bad bout of purging and fever. I suspect that the pain this time must have been caused by the junk food that she ate at her school’s Canteen Day. She told me that she spent RM20 on jellies, nuggets, sausages, sweets and other junk food. Yesterday evening, hubs brought the gals down to the store and treated them to ice creams! Must be all the rubbish wreaking havoc in Alycia’s stomach.

    This morning, I suggested to mil to cook a pot of lemon grass + onion soup to expel wind from Alycia’s stomach. The pot of soup tastes really delish as my mil used one big bowl of onions and a handful of lemon grass (serai) and boiled it with pork ribs and chicken bones.

  • 11Aug

    I bought some red bean tong sui for breakfast the other day and could not finish it. When Alycia saw the bowl of red bean tong sui sitting in the kitchen, she quietly took out the empty ice moulds from the freezer and then poured the red bean tong sui into the moulds.    After dinner that night, she was very excited and quickly checked the freezer to see how her red bean ice cubes had turned out.   She then proudly served everyone with her homemade red bean ice cubes for dessert after dinner!  And it’s way healthier than eating fattening ice creams right?

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  • 10Dec

    Cantaloupe is one of the fruits that my daughters love very much. They are sweet and when eaten chilled, they are really refreshing. This is how Alycia loves to eat her cantaloupe:

    I’ve tried cutting the cantaloupe into easy-to-eat bite size but she prefers to eat it this way. And I hate the mess she creates on her hair and clothes when she eats her cantaloupe this way. I have to clip up both sides of her hair to prevent the hair from touching the sticky sweet juice.

    Fruit For Thought:
    Cantaloupe is full of health benefits and is extremely nutrient-packed, yet has very low calories.

    This wonder fruit is highly concentrated with excellent levels of beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, vitamin C and dietary fiber. It is also one of the very few fruits that has a high level of vitamin B complex,  B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), and B6 (pyridoxine).

    Cantaloupe is rich in anti-oxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart diseases.

    Health Benefits

    The high amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C (anti-oxidant) in cantaloupe makes it an excellent fruit in helping to prevent many degenerative diseases.

    Anti-coagulant: A unique compound in cantaloupe helps decrease the viscosity of the blood, hence preventing the abnormal formation of blood clots in the cardiovascular system.

    Arteriosclerosis: Regularly consuming vitamin C retards the development of hardening of the arteries.

    Cancer prevention: The high vitamin C content acts as a good anti-oxidant that protects cells from damages by free radicals. Regularly drinking juices high in anti-oxidants keep cancer at bay, especially against intestinal cancer and melanoma.

    Cataracts: The natural vitamin A from beta-carotene in this juice lowers the risk of cataract and generally helps improve your vision too.

    Cholesterol: Drinking juices high in anti-oxidant has been proven to fight the oxidative stress that is the main culprit in oxidizing the LDLs in the blood.

    High blood pressure: Potassium in this cantaloupe helps excrete sodium, thus bringing down high blood pressure especially in those with salt-sensitive hypertension.

    Immune system: The strong content of vitamin C stimulates white cells to fight infection, naturally building a good immune system.

    Insomnia: A special compound in cantaloupe relieves the nerves and calm anxieties. A help for insomniacs.

    Menstruation problems: For women, drink this wonder juice around the time of menstruation and it will help reduce heavy flow and clots.

    Muscle Cramps: A deficiency in potassium can cause muscular cramps and greater susceptibility to injury. Drink cantaloupe juice to prevent these.

    Pregnancy: The high content of folate (folic acid) prevents neural tube defects in infants.

    Quit Smoking: The natural nutrients and minerals found in this juice provides a synergistic combination that helps the body recover from nicotine withdrawal of one who is trying to quit smoking. Smoking also quickly depletes the vitamin A in a smoker, but cantaloupe juice can help replace it with its beta-carotene.

    Stress: When going through a stressful period, keep this musky melon on the side and drink its juice regularly. The potassium content helps to re-balance and normalize the heartbeat. This in turn sends oxygen to the brain and regulates the body’s water balance.

    Water retention: Especially in pregnant women, cantaloupe juice helps your body excrete excess sodium, thus reducing water retention.

  • 02Sep

    That’s how my gals eat pomelos:

    But my health freak baby didn’t quite like pomelos. After a few bites, she spat them out and played with them instead. I guess she does not like the slight tart taste of the pomelo, which is similar to that of grapefruit.

    But Alycia could not stop devouring on the pomelos, especially when chilled.


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