• 31Mar

    My poor baby had 3 jabs on her buttocks today. In the morning, she had 1 Rocephine jab (which contains a huge vial of antibiotics, around 25ml) on one side of her buttock and 1 Gentamicin jab on the other side of her buttock. I pleaded with the nurse to do it really gently and slowly so that my sweetiepie would not feel much pain. The nurse told me that if she administered the jab slowly, my baby would suffer longer, thus it’s best that she administered the jab really swiftly, so that the pain is just a quick one. I cannot tell you how terrible I felt when the nurse jabbed my sweetiepie on her buttocks one after another. That feeling really sucked big time. I held my baby really tightly and she cried with all her might. I think my poor poor sweetiepie is pretty immune to all these pains as she has to endure them every single month…. coz she only cried when the jab was administerd to her and stopped when everything was over. Many babies and kids would cry non-stop for hours after the jab. She’s really one very very tough cookie. I think I suffered more than her coz my heart would shatter into a zillion pieces each time I see her suffer like this. This time, my eyes were teary coz my poor baby has to endure such pain twice at one go. When I removed the plasters from her buttocks just now before her bath, there was quite a bit of blood on the plasters and the 2 holes were a tad swollen too. At night when we brought her to a nearby clinic for the GP to administer the 3rd jab on her, she cried longer coz the doctor told us that the Gentamicin jab has to be injected really slowly… like 3 minutes!! I protested and said NO, how can my baby endure such torture for 3 minutes?! When she screamed her lungs out and struggled, even the doctor could not endure hearing such cries and quickly hurried off with the jab. That jab only lasted less than a minute. I tell you, anyone who hears my cute sweetiepie cry in pain from such torture, they would feel like crying too. The nurse who administered the jab on her this morning told me that she felt like crying too.

    Tomorrow my sweetiepie has to endure another 3 painful jabs and the next 3 days, one jab a day. Sigh, sigh, sigh….. shake head…. I hope the operation will take place really really soon and that after the op, all these miseries will be behind us.

  • 23Jan

    Thanks to one of my blog readers who informed me that I can buy cranberry capsules from GNC, I managed to buy a bottle yesterday.  Each capsule consists of 500mg cranberry juice concentrate powder, which is crimson in color.  It taste a tad tarty and slightly bitter.  Last night, I sprinkled 1/4 of the capsule into Baby C’s porridge and thank God, she did not discover the tarty taste.  Well, I don’t know how effective this is in preventing another UTI in Baby C, but I’d try anything that’s considered safe for her. 

    Each bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules costs RM101.90 but since hubby is a member of GNC, he was entitled to a 20% rebate.

  • 21Jan

    We had an appointment with our pediatric nephrologist at SJMC today.  I woke up early today, skipped my jogging/gym, got my 2 older gals ready for school by 8:15am and then woke baby up.  I had to feed her lots of fluid so that she has enough pee for me to collect.  I separated the collection of pee into 2 sessions.  First time, I stuck a urine bag and managed to collect enough pee for the Urine FEME test.  After giving her some mummy’s milkie and her bunch of health supplements, managed to collect just enough pee for the Urine C&S test.  The second time round, I carried her and opened up her legs whilst my maid sat on the floor to collect the pee.  After that, I put some ice cubes into a plastic bag that held the 2 specimen bottles of pee and off we hurried to SJMC.

    The Urine FEME test showed that the WBC and RBC are NIL, yay!  This means the Rocephin antibiotics jabs have succeeded in eliminating the Klabsiella bacteria.  I know my joy will soon be shortlived again coz in 3-4 weeks’ time, her pee will surely smell foul and look turbid again. This has been the fashion for the past 7 months.  See how smart those bacteria are.

    Anyway, our doctor has fixed a date for the IVP and MCUG tests to be carried out on Friday next week.  I think baby will most likely has to go for a surgery once she turns one year old… and I am mentally and physically very prepared for it.  I am praying hard that the surgery will be successful coz it’s going to be a major surgery and it’s a tough surgery coz my baby is still small and all her parts inside are small and the surgeon will have a tough time fixing them.  I need lots of prayers from everyone for Baby C… for everything… the surgery (if indeed she’s going for one), the recovery (no bladder spasms and not much pain) and for her to be free from Kidney Reflux and UTI… once and for all ASAP.

  • 18Jan

    Our pediatric nephrologist has told us to postpone the IVP and MCUG scheduled to be carried out on Baby C tomorrow (Monday) as she has an infection going on in her urinary tract.  We have another appointment with our nephrologist scheduled for Wednesday next week and we’ll see what happens next.

  • 18Jan

    It’s really sad that I have to post this again. This post seems to appear in my blogs every month. Yesterday, we were at the ER of SJMC the whole night and only left at 11ish pm.

    Baby C’s pee has been smelling foul on and off for the past 1.5 weeks but our doctor asked us to leave it as she does not want to give her too much antibiotics. The smart bacteria in the pee seems to be resistant to all the antibiotics now and though she’s being treated with antibiotics at the onset of a UTI, the bacteria will proliferate again in a few weeks’ time.

    However, baby’s pee smelled foul again yesterday and she’s been getting discharge that looks yellowish and in clumps. Her labia is also really sore and red. These are all the classic symptoms that’s displayed in baby each time she gets a UTI. Not wanting to wait any further (coz in my past experience, waiting will only give the bacteria a chance to proliferate further, and I was worried that the bacteria will go up to her kidney), we sent her to the ER of SJMC.

    The hubs dropped me with baby along with our maid at the ER while he brought our 2 older gals to a nearby Japanese restaurant for supper. He didn’t want to bring Aly and Sher down coz the ER is a place with the most germs as there are always many sickly people there. The ER is the least pleasant place to be stuck in. Anyway, we waited for more than an hour before being attended to by a MO.

    Since baby’s case is a really complicated case where our nephrologist is the best person to give her treatment, the MO had to call our nephrologist for advice.  My worst nightmare came true.  Our doctor recommended 5 doses of Rocephine jabs again.

    I pleaded the nurse and MO to let me carry baby whilst the jab was being administered but my plea was turned down coz their excuse (which was told to me rather bluntly) was ‘our procedure is you cannot carry your baby, you have to put your baby on the bed so that we can wrap her up tightly in a blanket’. I was really disappointed and angry with their inhumane reply.

    When the nurse was preparing the jab to be administered on baby, she realized that the quantity of the meds was too much to be administered via IM (intra-muscular) coz it would hurt VERY MUCH and would cause the injection site to be extremely painful and swollen. The vial of meds was really huge to be administered through IM. What’s more, baby needs to be jabbed for 5 days! The MO then told us that it’s best to fix an IV line on baby’s hand so that she only has to suffer once instead of 5 times. I told the MO that it’s going to be very tough to find a vein coz previously, our paed failed many times to find a vein in her hands and legs and on one of the occasions, she was poked and pricked 7 times only to be told that he could not find a vein. Anyway, last night baby was poked twice. The first poke was unsuccessful and the MO had to try on another spot on the same hand. I was hugging baby’s head tightly and my maid held her legs down. The paralyzing fear on baby’s face was enough to shatter my heart to pieces…. and her loud cries and screams would break any mother’s heart and soul. Though the ER was cold, baby was sweating profusely in pain and fear. Her cries were so loud that many patients were peeping through the curtain of the cubicle to see what’s going on with my baby.

    Baby was so tired from her cries that she slept in the car on our way home. But when she was home, she was all smiles again… see how brave my little trooper is.  The whole of last night, she woke up fussing and whining.  I think she must have felt really uncomfortable and in pain too with the IV line on her right hand and have both her hands being bandaged tightly.

    Baby smiling again when she was back home, in her bed. She now has a phobia of hospital beds. The second she’s placed on a hospital bed or a weighing machine or left uncarried by me each time she’s in the hospital would send her screaming and crying on top of her voice.

    I have to wrap baby’s hands in plastic bag before her bath. The IV line is on her right hand. The left hand was also bandaged to prevent baby from fidgeting and meddling with the IV line on her right hand.  My poor baby now can’t play with her toys with both her hands bandaged.  But she’s still trying to crawl and cruise on the bed.  Looks like for the next 4 days, I’m going to be very busy carrying baby.  She will surely fuss and get crabby coz she will be bored to the core with both her hands bandaged.

  • 12Jan

    We were at our pediatric nephrologist’s clinic today.  The urine culture report for the urine culture done on Friday last week was out today.  The bacteria this time is Klabsiella, which our doctor said comes from stools most of the time.  Both our doctor and I were stumped that the bacteria has changed from E.Coli to Klabsiella in just 4 days.  Just last Monday, the urine culture test showed that there’s E.Coli bacteria in Baby C’s urine.  Now, it has changed to Klabsiella. 

    The readings in Baby C’s urine, (urine culture done on Monday last week) showed that the WBC is less than 10 but the colony count reading of the E.Coli bacteria is >100,000, which is significant.  The reading is quite conflicting coz if the WBC is low, the colony count shouldn’t be significant.

    The readings in the urine, (urine culture done on Friday last week) showed that the WBC is 16 but the colony count reading of the Klabsiella bacteria is only <10,000, which is insignificant.  The results are quite conflicting and we have some doubts on the accuracy of the test done by the lab at the hospital near where we stay.  Our doctor does not want to over treat Baby C nor treat her wrongly looking at the 2 urine culture reports that do not seem to jive.  So she has asked that I stop feeding antibiotics (Bactrim) to Baby C for 5 days starting from tonight.  On Saturday, we will collect her urine again for another urine culture to see what bacteria is in her urine this time…. haiz….!

    We were supposed to bring Baby C for an ultrasound scan today but the queue was horrendously long, so we will postpone it to Saturday.  I am praying that the scan this time confirms that there is NO duplex system in Baby C’s urinary tract system.  If indeed there is a duplex system, then surgery is the most likely option.

  • 06Jan

    I sent Baby C’s pee to the hospital for another urine FEME and C&S test today.  It’s the second urine test done in a week.  The urine test has to be carried out this time to see if the bacteria is still in her urine, after being treated with a new oral antibiotics (Bactrim) for twice a day for 6 days.   It took me almost 45 minutes to collect her pee today.  I managed to stop her from struggling with an empty vitamin bottle.   Baby C found the empty vitamin bottle amusing and thought it was her new teething ring!

    For more than half an hour, her pee just dribbled out drop by drop.  According to our nephrologist, babies with kidney reflux tend to have this dribbling issue.  When my maid walked away to answer the telephone, she gave me a pee fountain instantly!  Luckily I managed to quickly place the specimen bottle at the right position and collected quite an amount of pee, though my hands and the floor were all wet with her pee.  Boy was I glad to see soooo much pee in the bottle!

    Anyway, the WBCs in her pee this time dropped from above 20 to only 3-6.  RBCs and protein showed a negative reading.   The sensitivity report last week showed that the E. Coli bacteria is resistant to Bactrim (which is the new antibiotics that she’s taking orally now) but I am glad that though it’s resistant, her body managed to fight off the bacteria. I hope Baby C’s immune system will grow stronger each day to fight off all the bacteria, without getting another UTI attack.

    Next up….. Rosken Dry Skin Relief For Baby C’s eczema

  • 01Jan

    After feeding Baby C with a new antibiotics yesterday, her pee doesn’t smell foul anymore today.  She has also stopped purging and her labia is not red and sore anymore. Well, it’s actually not a new antibiotics for baby coz she had taken this antibiotics previously.  For Baby C’s case, since she gets bacteria in her pee so often (and different bacteria most of the time), our pediatric nephrologist has to keep changing her antibiotics every month, or whenever she’s attacked by a new bacteria. She has been on 4-5 types of antibiotics and our doctors have to keep changing them almost every month, depending on the situation.  I really hope and pray that the bacteria will all be flushed out from her body this time without the need for antibiotics drips or jabs.  It’s going to be super traumatic for baby and me if she has to be on drips or jabs every month. 

    Since yesterday, Baby C has to eat antibiotics twice a day, 2ml each feeding.  Thank God the new antibiotics taste good, in fact it tastes very much like strawberry yoghurt drink and Baby C did not reject it.  Switching a new antibiotics for Baby C is another nightmare for me coz most times, she will reject the antibiotics and feeding her the meds is a long battle for me everyday.

  • 29Dec

    It’s a monthly affair. I think Baby C has another UTI.  The urine FEME test today showed that there are WBC (white blood cells) and RBC (red blood cells) in the urine, which suggest bacteria in the urine.  Once the urine C&S report is out in 3 days’ time, we will know what bacteria is in the urine and our doctors can then treat Baby C.  Oh God, why why why is this happening so frequently?  I am just praying that whatever treatment is given to Baby C (antibiotics drips or antibiotics jabs), God will remove all her pain and fears. 

    I just knew Baby C would get another UTI.  I am just so used to all the initial classic symptoms from the purging to the sore labia, the yellowish discharge and the foul smelling discharge or pee. 

    I just wonder why aren’t all the health supplements helping Baby C’s body fight off all the bacteria?  The expensive cactus juice, the expensive herbal yeast supplement and the probiotics.  If that’s the case, I might as well just stop feeding her all these supplements which is just soooooo stressful and traumatic for Baby C and me.  There is not a single month since Baby C was 2 months old that she wasn’t spared from UTI or bacteria in her pee.  I am really mentally prepared for Baby C to go for a surgery to fix the Kidney Reflux but hubby is quite opposed to the idea as he says Baby C is too young.  He wants Baby C to be at least over a year old….. but I don’t think I can handle the stress for this long.   Sigh…..

  • 15Dec

    About 3 days ago, during one of my soiled diaper sniffing sessions, I thought Baby C’s soiled diaper smelled a tad foul and looked a tad yellowish too.  My heart began to thump and I was really very very troubled.  The next morning, my dad brought me to Pantai Putri Hospital to see a pediatrician.    I consulted a female doctor there and she’s one of the friendliest, most helpful, patient and kind pediatrician I have ever seen.  She even gave me her handphone number, something which most doctors won’t do.  I had consulted this doctor the day before on Friday to get antibiotics for Baby C.  It was my first time seeing this doctor.

    This doctor talked to me for almost half an hour in her office and did not even charge me for consultation fee!  That was the second time she didn’t charge me.  The day before when I consulted her to get antibiotics for Baby C, she also did not charge me a single sen for consultation.  That was because I had earlier talked with her over the phone (also a lengthy conversation) and I told her that I didn’t have to see her anymore when I reached the hospital but she insisted on seeing me.  

    Anyway, after the consultation, she gave me a few sterile specimen bottles.  That was on Saturday and I did not send Baby C’s urine to be tested immediately coz there would be an extra charge of RM35 if her pee was tested after 1pm.  I decided to wait until today (Monday) since Baby C’s pee didn’t smell foul anymore when I got back from the hospital.  

    This morning I collected her pee and thank God, it was easy and fast and she cooperated.  My mum then sent the pee to the hospital.  The doctor just called me to inform me that everything is A-OK…. no WBC, no RBC, no nitrate and no growth in the pee.  Yay, praise the Lord, praise the Lord a million times!  This news is greater than me striking a million bucks jackpot or lottery.   I just hope that Baby C’s pee will remain bacteria-free always.  

    I tell you, I am really going nuts smelling Baby C’s soiled diaper the whole day.  I am even getting boils in my nostrils from sniffing all the germs!   I have been praying extra hard to God to heal Baby C and I hope He hears my pleas for his help before I go cuckoo lol!


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