• 16Jul

    Lately, my hair is shedding by the heaps! I wonder if it’s caused by hormonal change, lack of sleep or simply because I am aging! Each time I shower and brush my hair, I see gobs of hair on my palm!! I must nip the bud of the problem by getting a hair growth shampoo or some good hair growth tonic, lest I become bald before I hit 40!

  • 13Feb

    Did you know that more than half of men suffer hair loss? Just sit inside a busy shopping mall and observe every man that passes by. You will notice that many of them are having receding hair line or are balding. Most of them don’t bother to get products to cure hair loss for men to stop their hair loss or reverse it. Maybe they would only take action when they are almost bald!

  • 12Oct

    SOS, my hair has been shedding so much for the past 2-3 months, I think I am going to go bald soon!  People say that a mother’s hair will shed more once baby is around 6 months old.  Yup, it did happen to me for a short period of time and then everything was fine, all the way until recently when it began shedding again.  I even went to the hair salon to have my precious locks trimmed a few inches shorter but this isn’t a help at all.  Each time I wash my hair, I see a gob of hair on my hand when I run my hand through my hair, eeeeks!  Everywhere that I go, I see hair on the floor – the bathroom, my room, my kids’ room, my mil’s room, the living room, inside my drawers, everywhere, double eeeeeks!! This is freaking me out!

    I’ve read that everyone loses between 40-120 strands of hair a day, depending on how much hair you have, your age & your hair’s growth cycle. People with fine hair tend to have more of it and therefore will lose more of it than their thicker-haired sisters & brothers. Ah, this may also be one of the reasons coz I have baby-fine hair that is brown in color.

    I wonder if I am lacking in some nutrients since I am still breastfeeding and Baby must have sucked me dry and malnourished, could that be the reason? I’ve read that a deficiency in iron can also cause hair loss.  Or is it because I wash my hair twice a day on most days?  I exercise every morning and wash my hair in morning.  By night time, I am all sweaty again from all the cooking and chasing 3 hyper-active kids around the house and need to wash my hair again.  Oh gosh, what’s wrong with me?  I hope I  don’t have to wear a wig before I turn 40 years old!

    Does anyone have a tried and tested hair tonic or shampoo that can significantly reduce hair loss?  Please do let me know!


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