• 30Aug

    Lemon grass is from a group of grass in the genus Cymbopogon plant, which is a perennial plant commonly found in warm climates or tropical countries especially in South-east Asia. Several studies have found that lemongrass has many medicinal uses which also includes reducing cholesterol levels.  This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

    A study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2011 by Brazilian researchers found that lemongrass intake is beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol levels. In this study, laboratory mice were administered lemongrass essential oil for 21 days (100 mg/kg).  Following that, it was observed that blood cholesterol was reduced and no side-effects were reported.


    Lowering Cholesterol With Lemongrass Essential Oil (Studies & Researches)
    In 1989, the medical journal Lipids (study details) published the results of a study from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin which investigated the lowering effects of Lemongrass oil on serum cholesterol levels.

    High cholesterol may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. A study published in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research showed that lemongrass oil extract helped to lower cholesterol in animals. The reduction in cholesterol was dependent on the dose.

    In 2011, further research on mice confirmed the long-term safety of up to 100mg lemongrass essential oil daily. More research is needed to see if lemongrass tea has the same effects as lemongrass oil.

    Is Lemongrass Oil Safe?
    Lemongrass oil is generally safe as long as it is used in small quantities (it is one of the strongest-smelling oils in aromatherapy) and must be properly blended with a carrier oil. Undiluted lemongrass can actually burn and injure your skin due to its high citral content, so it’s best to mix it with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil. I advise doing a patch test before applying lemongrass oil on your skin, to see if you have any adverse reactions to this essential oil.

    Side Effects of Lemongrass Oil
    Skin irritation, discomfort, rashes and a burning sensation are some topical side effects experienced by people with sensitivity to lemongrass oil. Using the oil may also lead to lowered blood glucose, and may have contraindications for people who are taking oral diabetes drugs or anti-hypertensive medications, as well as those who are diabetic and hypoglycemic.

    Children, pregnant women or nursing moms are not recommended to use lemongrass oil orally. Those with liver or kidney disease and other health conditions should also consult their physician before using lemongrass oil.


  • 06Dec

    This is another success story I’d like to share of T36 C5 Melaleuca oil. About 1.5 weeks ago, Cass (5.5YO) complained of ear pain. It was so pain that she did not want me to touch her ear. She told me that there’s a pimple like small lump inside her ear. On the 2nd day, I wanted to bring her to see the pediatrician but suddenly I remembered my wonder Melaleuca oil! And most of all, I wanted to save the RM100+. These days, going to even a normal GP is expensive, what more a pediatrician.

    I checked the Melaleuca Wellness Guide book on ear pain and it mentioned T36 C5 oil for ear pain. I put 1-2 drops of concentrated oil into Cass’ affected ear 2x a day. The Guide mentioned diluting it with olive oil but I was lazy. I used concentrated. After 1.5 weeks, I saw a lot of dried flakes on the outside of Cass’ ear. I used a cotton bud (dipped with a small dollop of Melagel) to gently dig the inside of the ear a bit and more flakes came out. I reckon that it must be the dried scab and the pimple/growth had shrunk. Also, on that day, she complained that she could not hear very clearly on that ear.  After I removed the flakes from her ear with melagel on a cotton bud (I did that several times for 2 days), she told me that she could hear clearly again!  I was so relieved and happy.

    Today, 1.5 weeks later, she told me that the pain is completely gone and the ‘pimple’ is also gone! Amazing! I saved over RM100 on pediatrician fee. The T36 C5 oil only cost RM24 and I only used 1/4 bottle or less!

    Disclaimer: this is not intended to be a medical/ doctor’s advice. It is purely based on my own experience on this product.


    1 ounce



  • 29Nov

    I think it does work!  It has been a week since I started taking Gingko Biloba, in the hope of getting better blood flow in my body.

    The outcome? Less severe hand numbness and tingling in the morning.  Though I can still feel the tingling sensation in my hand, it is however not completely numb with pins and needles like it used to be.   I also do not get that partial blackout when I get up from a squatting position.

    I shall continue to pop the Gingko supplement everyday and I hope to get a totally numb-free hands soon.



  • 23Nov

    It all started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 9.5 years ago. I got this dreadful hand and finger pain called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CTS) about 2 months after Alycia was born. It was so painful that I could not hold a cup or to open the door. Driving to and from work was a challenge. Carrying a baby was even more a challenge. I could not sleep at night as the pain was unbearable. Several months later, after taking some antibiotics prescribed to me by a cardiologist for a prolonged cough, the CTS pain seemed to have subsided! The antibiotics sort of treated the CTS simultaneously. However, the remnants of CTS are still bugging me everyday. The pain and tingling sensation on my hands, especially on my right hand would creep up at around 4am every morning. The pain and numbness are more severe if I sleep on my sides and even worse if the air-conditioned room is very cold.

    Today, I bought a bottle of Gingko Biloba supplement. I have read that Gingko is a well-known herbal supplement taken by many people around the world each day to improve their concentration, intellect, and memory. Gingko Biloba works by increasing blood flow in the body. I reckon that the numbness of my hands is also contributed by poor blood flow in my body. Apart from hand numbness, I suffer from partial black-out each time I get up from a squatting position.

    The bottle contains 30 Gingko pills. I shall see if the Gingko supplement can relieve my hand numbness after a month. I can’t wait to see the result!




  • 18Jun

    And my hubs saved me using his battery operated OTO Hans acu-points and nerve stimulator! He has been using this equipment to rid all the aches and pains from his body suffered during his basketball matches. I was quite apprehensive of using it at first.  On the first night, he applied the OTO Hans treatment on the right side of my back. The next day, the pain was almost gone. I was delighted!

    The second night when the pain was unbearable (on the left side and especially on the middle section of my back) and I was in tears, my dear hubs got up at 4am and applied the OTO Hans stimulator on the left side of my back. The next day, the pain was also almost gone on the left side. On the 3rd night, I have 100% confidence and trust in the OTO Hans equipment and kept reminding the hubs to apply this miraculous live-saving thingy on the middle section of my back. True, the pain was almost completely gone the next day. The 4th night, he applied it for me again – on the middle part of my back. Today is the 5th day and the pain is 99% gone!!! I can’t believe how miraculous this OTO Hans thing has worked for me. I even started to run again on the 4th day and today exercise is back as usual.

    Had I known that this OTO Hans thing is so effective, I would have skipped the X-ray that had cost me RM120!

    That’s me lying on the bed with the OTO Hans equipment on my back. For starters, you may scream murder (like me!) initially when you feel the nerves-numbing electric waves running on the pain side. After several seconds, the sharp pain will gradually subside and you will feel very comfortable.

    You can read more about OTO Hans at

    OTO Hans
    Combats pain the natural way.

    OTO HANS is a battery operated home use acu-points and nerve stimulator. It is a scientific innovations, which works on the principle of acupuncture. HANS uses 2 pairs of electrodes of which one pair is applied to the well-known acupoint of pain-relief (hegu) and the other pair is usually placed on the pain sites. Together these 4 electrodes block the pain signal and thus combat pain the natural way. It is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic pains.

    Unique features

    * Simultaneous stimulation of acu-points and pain sites
    * Combining acupuncture and TENS treatment into one
    * D-D (Dense-Disperse) mode accelerates the release of pain relieving substances
    * Alternating (ALT) mode prevents the development of tolerance towards body’s own pain relieving substances
    * Dual channel, 4 treatment spots

  • 11May

    When I wrote in Facebook that I was having a bad sore throat, Michelle was quick to tell me that she chewed on basil leaves to treat her sore throat. Coincidentally my mil bought a few pots of basil leaves from the supermarket (to make Pesto sauce) and I pinched a handful of those leaves from the pots to chew on.

    I was apprehensive initially. I thought how yucky can it be to be chewing on raw basil leaves! But my throat hurt too much and I was feeling really horrible.  So I held my breath and chewed on those leaves like a cow muahahahahah! To my surprise, it ain’t that bad after all. In fact, I love the taste and feeling I get after chewing on the basil leaves. After 2 days of chewing on those leaves, along with gargling my throat with salt water and sucking Difflam, the pain is now gone. The greenish thick phlegm with streaks of blood are also gone. And I didn’t succumb to taking oral antibiotics!

    Basil leaves have been used for ages to treat throat infections like throat soreness, throat pain, throat hoarseness, etc. You can google on this to read more.

    The next time you have sore throat, head over to the supermarket instead of to the doctor’s. Get yourself a few packets of basil leaves and be a cow for a few days. It’s worth it!

  • 09Mar

    Two days ago, I felt an impending throat infection, cough and runny nose attacking me. My throat felt slightly painful, my voice started to change, nose felt stuffy and the entire body just didn’t feel right. I knew I had caught the bug from Alycia who was having a slight cold. At the immediate onset of the first symptoms, I quickly popped my trustworthy Esberitox, drank apple cider vinegar + honey, drank lots of water, stayed away from fried food stuff, ate lots of fruits and veggie, drank coconut water to cool my body, gargled my throat with salt water 3-4 times a day and banned myself from staying up late, working on my computer. I have been adding new clothes to my blogshop everday, including some hip hop clothes. Getting sufficient sleep is very important so that the body heals faster. Today is the third day and I am glad to say that I managed to keep those pesky bugs under control. Alycia is getting better too, thanks to the Esberitox which she popped 3x a day.

  • 16Feb

    When Baby first displayed symptoms of a cold about 5 days ago (with sneezing and watery goo), I decided to feed her with Esberitox. It was the first time I fed Baby with Esberitox as it can only be taken at a minimum age of 2 years old. Baby is now 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday.  I swear by the effectiveness of Esberitox in treating cold both for me and my 2 older girls. But it will only be effective if Esberitox is taken at the onset of a cold and not when you already have a full-blown cold.  Well, this is only based on my personal experience with it.  The results will differ in different individuals.

    Esberitox is a unique blend of wild indigo root, coneflower root and white cedar leaf that has been widely used in Europe for decades. This powerful combination of herbs fortifies the defense mechanism of body, enhancing to strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

    I crush the Esberitox pill into powder before adding the Esberitox powder into Baby’s formula milk. I feed her with 1 Esberitox pill 3 times a day.

    After feeding Baby with Esberitox for 4 days, Baby’s nose has stopped becoming watery today, which is the 5th day.

    This is not intended to be a medical advice. Please consult your doctor for proper treatment.


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