• 31Dec

    I’ve heard about the BRAT diet for vomiting toddlers but I can’t remember what they are. When Sherilyn vomited 5 times several days ago after she overate some ramen and udon noodles at the Japanese restaurant the night before, I surfed the internet to check what the BRAT diet is.

    Just before surfing the internet, I had put in a few slices of bread into my toaster to make toasted bread (homemade organic wholewheat bread with walnuts and cranberries). I was really engrossed reading the BRAT diet, which consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Suddenly I remembered my toast when I read the word ‘TOAST’. O_o, I quickly ran to the kitchen to turn off the toaster and some of my toasts were partially burnt!

    I had to scrape off the burnt sides from my toast. Luckily not all my toasts were burnt and Sher and I could still eat them.

    Sherilyn who vomited 5 times lay like a dead dog on the couch.  She was so weak that she dozed off on the couch after her lunch which consisted of toasts and Ribena.

  • 30Dec

    Baby C loves tofu and I am surprised that she does coz tofu is quite a bland tasting food and my 2 older gals don’t really like it.  I normally just steam the tofu plain and scoop out a small portion for her. I am glad she loves tofu coz tofu is rich in calcium and protein. She can easily eat 2-3 tablespoons of tofu in one sitting, on top of her porridge. I normally buy Anzen organic tofu, which is available from Jaya Jusco, Giant, certain organic shops and from the Central Supermarket. It costs double the price of regular square tofu.

    Baby C having a mouthful of tofu.

  • 29Dec

    Last night, Daddy brought Alycia and Sherilyn to the Japanese restaurant at our condo for dinner.  I stayed home with Baby C as she was super cranky yesterday due to another UTI attack.  They had dinner at around 9pm.   According to daddy, Sherilyn stuffed herself full with lots of udon and ramen.  This brat of mine is a noodles lover and can really wallop oodles of plain noodles at any time, without realizing her little tummy’s limit.  After stuffing herself full with noodles, she gulped down half a tumbler of plain water.  When she got home, she requested for milk. 

    The next morning, she woke up and cried.  I sensed something amiss coz she would normally wake up feeling refreshed and happy.  After drinking a bottle of 7 ounces milk which my maid fixed for her, she threw up when my maid was brushing her teeth.  After throwing up, she went back to bed and slept for another hour.  When she got up, I gave her some water but she threw up again.  After she had rested for about an hour, I gave her a piece of wholewheat crackers.  She took a few bites and minutes later, she puked again.  An hour later, I gave a few sips of water.  Minutes later, she ran to me and hugged me (which was quite unlike of her to do that).  The next thing I knew, she ran to the bathroom sink, climbed up the stool and puked again.  My poor baby puked about 4 times in the morning.

    When I reheated some Unagi (Japanese grilled eel) with rice for Alycia for lunch, Sherilyn demanded to have rice too.  I didn’t want to give her any food but she kicked up a fuss and I gave in to her demand.  I gave her 2 teaspoons of plain rice with some Terriyaki sauce and she was all smiles again.  When I fixed myself some homemade toasts, Sherilyn also requested for some and demanded to have granny’s homemade peanut butter on her toasts.  I was reluctant to give her peanut butter but I know this brat would never leave me alone if her request wasn’t met, so I gave her a small dollop of peanut butter and this brat was satisfied.  When Alycia ransacked the fridge after lunch to look for desserts and took out some organic crackers to munch on, Sherilyn also wanted some crackers.  I gave in to her request since salty crackers are supposed to be good for people who are nauseated. I was really worried that she would puke but thank God she didn’t. 

    After lunch, Sherilyn dozed off on the couch.  When she woke up, I gave her a glass of Ribena which she took small sips and finished the glass of Ribena over 2 hours. 

    Later in the evening, daddy brought Alycia and Sherilyn shopping at Ikea.  Sherilyn had vermicelli soup.  I hope her tummy will be able to tolerate and hold down the food, without anymore vomiting.

  • 29Dec

    It’s a monthly affair. I think Baby C has another UTI.  The urine FEME test today showed that there are WBC (white blood cells) and RBC (red blood cells) in the urine, which suggest bacteria in the urine.  Once the urine C&S report is out in 3 days’ time, we will know what bacteria is in the urine and our doctors can then treat Baby C.  Oh God, why why why is this happening so frequently?  I am just praying that whatever treatment is given to Baby C (antibiotics drips or antibiotics jabs), God will remove all her pain and fears. 

    I just knew Baby C would get another UTI.  I am just so used to all the initial classic symptoms from the purging to the sore labia, the yellowish discharge and the foul smelling discharge or pee. 

    I just wonder why aren’t all the health supplements helping Baby C’s body fight off all the bacteria?  The expensive cactus juice, the expensive herbal yeast supplement and the probiotics.  If that’s the case, I might as well just stop feeding her all these supplements which is just soooooo stressful and traumatic for Baby C and me.  There is not a single month since Baby C was 2 months old that she wasn’t spared from UTI or bacteria in her pee.  I am really mentally prepared for Baby C to go for a surgery to fix the Kidney Reflux but hubby is quite opposed to the idea as he says Baby C is too young.  He wants Baby C to be at least over a year old….. but I don’t think I can handle the stress for this long.   Sigh…..

  • 28Dec

    I bought these Heinz juices for Baby C but to my disappointment, she didn’t like them a wee bit.  I guess she hated it because I fed the juice to her together with her antibiotics.  Anything that goes with the meds I suppose wouldn’t taste good, right?  I still have an unopened bottle.  Next time I have to feed her the juice on its own, without the meds.

  • 28Dec

    I am still feeling a tad sluggish today, since yesterday.  I am quite definite all my symptoms are stress related – the headache, the nausea, gassy and bloated tummy, feeling lethargic (lack of sleep coz I keep pulling myself up from bed twice a night to change Baby C’s diapers) and feeling really crabby.  Don’t know why lately I feel really upset and stressed up each time Baby C struggles, cries, spits out or throws up her health supplements or antibiotics.  For the past few days, my headache and tummy discomfort would start to creep up each morning when I feed her the yucky tasting health supplements.  Again, the headache would surface in the evening when I feed her the antibiotics.  Gawd, if this continues, I’ll slip into a depression!

  • 24Dec

    When Baby C kept rejecting baby cereals, my mum cooked her some porridge. To our surprise, she loves porridge to bits. She has been eating homemade porridge for the past 2 weeks and I am really glad and relieved that I’ve found something that she really likes to eat. So what am I going to do with all the cereals that I’ve bought? I guess I will have to give them away to my friends with babies. Baby C hates most food that are sweet and creamy. I think she associates them with her daily antibiotics.

    The crockpot of porridge that my mum made for Baby C. The porridge has purple sweet potato, grated carrot, red beans, grated green veggie and some ‘mei tau’, a kind of beans that are supposedly good for the eyes, a chunk of chicken breast (to make the porridge sweet) and a small chunk of fish fillet (which Baby C eats).  My mum planted the beans in her veggie patch in her garden.

    Alycia was also a porridge lover when she was a baby.  She hated cereals too.  Sherilyn is a tad different from her 2 sisters.  She hated porridge and I rarely cooked them for her when she was a baby. Sherilyn was a cereal lover and she ate them until she was 3.5 years old! 

  • 23Dec

    Ever since Baby C started to eat porridge, she has not been able to do her poopie business everyday. Instead, she would only poo poo every other day. Last week, she could not poo poo for 3 days. On the 2nd day, she was feeling the effects of the constipation and was fussing the whole day.

    Day 2 of constipation
    When I saw Baby C straining away, I quickly put her on a potty (which once belonged to Sherilyn) and made ‘hmmmm hmmmm’ sounds to stimulate her senses to poo poo.  Whilst she was seated on the potty, I fed her with some papaya and water.  She only managed to strain out a small piece of stool no bigger than a 5 sen coin….how pathetic!  She was also struggling and crying… and I had to distract her with some toys.

    Day 3 of constipation
    When I saw her straining away during breakfast, again I put her on the potty.  I then cut up a dragon fruit and fed her with about 1 teaspoon of dragon fruit and also some water.  Minutes later, she finally poo poo and it was explosive!  Imagine 3 days of accummulated poop, that’s how explosive it was lol!

  • 20Dec

    The other day, I bought a cup of organic  tau foo far (soy bean curd) without any sugar/syrup after my morning jogging session.   This is how I ate the tau foo far for my breakfast :

    I added a teaspoon of Milo and threw in a handful of organic pumpkin seeds and walnuts. When Sherilyn saw me eating it, this Milo lover requested to try it and she liked it too. I gave her some and this brat stirred the Milo with the tau foo far until everything dissolved…. and then gulped down the Milo tau foo far as if it was her milk!

  • 17Dec

    I think Alycia most likely had indigestion (a result of over-eating, mostly junk food) coz she did not purge and she stopped puking today. I’ve not given her any milk since last night until this morning and I think I will skip milk for her for the rest of today. It’s best is to let her fast and let her guts rest. The best diet is soup, juice and some plain crackers but guess what? This morning Alycia woke up very early and came knocking on my room door, waking up Baby C.  She kept telling me that she’s hungry… of course…… coz she puked last night after drinking half a glass of water and her tummy was empty the whole night.  She said she wanted milk but I told her that she can’t drink milk. Then she said this to me “mummy, can I bring all the Kit Kat in the fridge back to KL tomorrow?” This junk food lover remembers her Kit Kat and still wants to eat them. Looks like all the puking yesterday has not scared her a wee bit and she’s still undeterred to eat junk food! She is just as stubborn as her mummy!

    Anyway, Alycia ate a slice of homemade multi-grain and multi-seed toasted bread, 2 slices of organic veggie and whetgerm crackers with homemade pineapple jam (my mum made it yesterday), half a persimmon and a glass of water, split into 2 sessions for breakfast today.   She also ate half a cup of Calci-Yum in the mid morning.  Now she’s eating kon loh mai fun (rice vermicelli with some dark sauce) that koong koong bought.  Hopefully she’ll be A-ok.


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