• 28Feb

    My throat still hurts and I am coughing like someone who has TB.  My phlegm is still greenish yellowish and my eyes are really red.  Each time I have a really bad bout of upper respiratory infection, my eyes would get red and swollen too.  According to hubby’s uncle who is a surgeon, I have Conjunctivitis.  Hubby got me some anti-bacterial eye drops and I’ve been applying it onto my eyes, though I just hate the bitter feeling in my throat seconds later.  I’ve been sucking on Difflam lozenges for sore throat and cough but that does not seem to help much.  Normally it did help in settling the sore throat but I guess this time, the bug that bit me is a real virulent bug.  If I still don’t get any better tomorrow, I will see the GP and get some antibiotics and cough syrup.  I hope the GP has meds that are safe for nursing moms.  I don’t mind not taking any meds and let my body heal naturally but I am worried sick that Baby C might get bitten by the virulent buy too.  I better go to bed now.  I know not getting sufficient sleep is the main reason why it takes so long for my body to heal.

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  • 26Feb

    Hubby bought me a cup of premium organic mango yoghurt yesterday. It’s absolutely tasty and the smoothest yoghurt I’ve ever tasted. It’s thick and rich and even half a cup of it was enough to fill my tummy up.

    See the thick rich mango puree on top of the plain yoghurt?  It’s soooo tasty.  Even babies can eat it as it’s made from organic milk. Try it and you’ll love it!

  • 26Feb

    My throat still hurts today and I am also coughing with lots of thick yellow phlegm. I don’t have much appetite to eat, so I just drank some soup and ate half a cup of organic yoghurt for lunch. The Chinese say that snow fungus is good for the lungs so I boiled a pot of soup made up of snow fungus, Chinese white almonds, dried longan meat, red dates, wolfberries or goji berries, yoke choke (Solomon’s Seal) and pork ribs.

  • 22Feb

    Baby C’s pee started to smell foul again yesterday.  I had expected this to happen coz her UTI attacks is a monthly affair.  Today being a Sunday, we had to pay the lab staff of a private hospital double the charges for a urine FEME test to be carried out on baby’s pee.  The WBC (white blood cells) reading is 15-26 and RBC (red blood cells) reading is 5-10.  This usually signifies that there’s bacteria in the urine, though the readings are not exceptionally high.  But I know the WBC and RBC will slowly and surely accelerate over the days.  That’s the reason why at the onset of foul smelling pee, it’s best to get the pee tested right away and treat baby with the appropriate antibiotics immediately.  If the WBC and RBC are uncountable, baby would need hospitalization and heavy doses of antibiotics given through intravenous (IV).   Finding a vein on baby’s hand and feet is my worst nightmare.  She normally has to be poked and pricked many times before a vein is successfully found and line inserted.

    I can’t do much now but to wait until Tuesday next week to see what bacteria is in the pee before our doctor decides how to treat baby.  Looks like the surgery would have to be postponed again (from 24 Feb to 3 March 09 to 10 March 09 perhaps) coz a surgery is not advisable when there is an infection in the body. 

  • 21Feb

    For meat floss lovers, here’s something that’s healthier – organic pumpkin floss.  It’s made up of pumpkin, seaweed, sesame seeds and soy beans.  Tastes great when you sprinkle them onto your porridge, fried rice, steamed tofu or sandwiches.

  • 19Feb

    Baby C loves her porridge and I’ve been making her the same porridge with the following ingredients for almost 3 months every day:

    Alternate between white and brown rice
    Goji berries or wolfberries or gei jee (touted as a super fruit packed with antioxidants and nutrients)
    3 red dates
    1 small wedge of pumpkin or sweet potato
    1 small wedge of carrot
    1 french bean or any other bean or a floret of brocolli
    Sometimes I throw in some red beans, mung beans and soy beans
    Chicken or pork

    2 weeks ago, I put in some organic millet into her porridge.

    That’s Baby C’s colorful porridge and it’s really sweet and tasty.

    I also add in about 1 tablespoon of E.Excel’s Nutrifresh powder (mixture of fruits and veggie powder) and some cranberry powder into her porridge. That’s the only way Baby C will eat her cranberry powder (which has a sour and slightly bitter taste).  Don’t know how effective it is in preventing UTIs but worth a try. 

    On top of this bowl of porridge, Baby C my soup lover also gulps down half a bowl of soup at every meal everyday.

  • 16Feb

    The urine culture results (for urine collected on Thursday last week) came out today.  There is a mixed growth of bacteria in the pee and the colony count reading is <5,000.   Whenever I get this kind of reading, our doctors would normally tell me that this reading means that the pee was most likely contaminated when it was collected.  The colony count reading of <5,000 is insignificant.  A repeat urine culture should be done to see if there’s anymore bacteria in the pee.  But I know deep down that there is indeed bacteria in Baby C’s pee and the bacteria is beginning to grow and multiply.  I am all too familiar with the trend of the urine test results for the past 8 months.   Anyway, I will send Baby C’s urine to be tested again on Friday.

  • 14Feb

    I bought a packet of white sesame seeds the other day to toast them in a non-stick pan. After my maid had poured all the sesame seeds into the pan, she noticed something wriggling in the pan.

    She quickly called me and here’s what we saw :

    2 worms wriggling amongst the seeds, yikes!  So don’t you think that sesame seeds are worm-free food.  Even pearl barley can easily be infested with worms and I tasted them once when my maid boiled the barley with water.  Thank goodness I felt something on my tongue and when I spat it out, gosh, I was horrified to see a dead worm!  When I checked the pot of barley water, I was aghast to see lots of worms floating in the water!  So be extra cautious before you boil or cook any seeds!

  • 12Feb

    Today I collected Baby C’s pee for tests again.  The last test done was about 2 weeks ago.  The WBC today is 3-4.  I know this isn’t a good sign, though the reading is insignificant.  The fashion in Baby C’s UTI occurance is that it will come about 4-6 weeks after the last attack.  Her last attack was on 17 January 09.  As the days are drawing close to 17 Feb 09, I’m feeling the jitters now.  The WBC can accelerate real fast as the bacteria proliferates.  Though there’s no bacteria in her pee today, it could be there the next day.  Oh gawd, I just hope Baby C doesn’t get another UTI attack coz if she does, the surgery that’s scheduled to be carried out late this month would have to be postponed. 

  • 09Feb

    When it comes to eating, Sherilyn my brat has her own moods. In general, she loves eggs and I’m thankful that she does coz eggs have very good quality protein. I try to ensure that Alycia and Sherilyn eat an egg a day. On school going days, I will fry them each an egg but on weekends, they will eat half a hard boiled egg during breakfast.

    Last Saturday, Sherilyn wouldn’t want to eat her egg yolk during breakfast. I was coaxing her to egg the yolk but this brat of mine has yet another bright idea. She wanted to mix some peanut butter into her egg yolk. She seems to be very bizarre  creative in her combination of food and in the way she eats them. So peanut butter it is that I gave her and there she goes :

    Eewwww…. I wouldn’t even want to taste it… but this brat  walloped the egg yolk wrapped with peanut butter!

    In case you’re wondering why there’s an ugly wooden tray beneath her bowl, well, I now have to put a tray under her plate of food, bowl of soup and cup of water coz this clumsy-pot has a habit of spilling drinks and dropping food on the table/floor at every single meal every single day. I’ve yet to find the time to go shopping to buy a more decent looking tray for her.


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