• 28Apr

    My mil bought a very huge sour sop from Ipoh the other day.   I can’t remember if I had ever tasted soup sop before in my life. Well, it tasted very much like apple custard but the flesh has a tinge of sourish taste and the sour sop that she bought had very few seeds. None of my kids liked it unfortunately because of the rather pungent smell. Not many people can stomach the smell, just like how some people love durians and some people just loathe at the sight of durians. My mil and I had to finish off the fruit over a few days.

    Soursop is not only a delicious and healthy fruit but it is used medicinally to treat illness ranging from stomach ailments to worms.

    1. Soursop seeds which have emetic properties can be used in the treatment of vomiting.
    2. Soursop leaf decoction is effective for head lice and bedbugs.
    3. Soursop crushed fresh leaves can be applied on skin eruptions to promote healing.
    4. Soursop juice of the fruit can be taken orally as a remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments.
    5. Soursop juice when taken when fasting and it is believed to relieve liver ailments and leprosy.
    6. Speeds the healing of wounds, the flesh of the soursop is applied as a poultice unchanged for 3 days.
    7. A decoction of the young shoots or leaves is regarded as a remedy for gall bladder trouble, as well as coughs, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and indigestion.
    8. Mashed leaves are used as a poultice to alleviate eczema and other skin problems and rheumatism.
    9. The root bark is use as an antidote for poisoning.
    10. Soursop flowers are believed to alleviate catarrh.
    11. Decoction of leaves used as compresses for inflammation and swollen feet.

    In the past few years, the story about the miracle discovery of Sour Sop (also known as Graviola or scientifically named as Annona muricata) as a natural cure for cancer has definitely shocked the modern medical science, especially in advanced medical countries, such as America.

    Nutrient Value per 100 grm:
    i. Vitamin: C 20.6
    ii.Calcium: 14
    iii.Iron: 0.6
    iv.Calories: 66
    v. Dietary Fiber: 3.3g
    vi.Protein: 1g
    vii.Cholesterol: 0mg
    viii.Sodium: 14mg
    ix.Sugars: 13.54g
    x.Total Carbohydrate: 16.84g
    xi.Total Fat: 0.3g
    xii.Saturated Fat: 0.05g
    xiii.Monounsaturated Fat: 0.09g
    xiv.Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.06g

  • 28Apr

    Lately I have been getting only 4-5 hours of sleep every night. I know this is REALLY devastating for my health. I can see you shaking your head at me now :S But there’s just too MUCH to do and I can NEVER complete my work. I know you will tell me to wait until tomorrow to do but when you are in this online ladies fashion business where competition is so stiff, you cannot afford to wait and carry forward to the next day. I am just so tempted to send Baby to the nursery, so that I have at least 3 hours of uninterrupted work done in the morning. When she’s around, I can barely do much. The only way to keep her still is to put her in front of the tellie, which is really bad. Life being a WFHM is TOUGH! I have not even looked at the extended service plan that the hubs has asked me to review. I have not done a single thing that he has asked me to do :S

  • 23Apr

    I had wanted to blog about this for a very long time. What prompted me to write this today is when I saw this lady (probably her age is mine, about mid 30s) who is heavily pregnant working out in the gym this morning. This is her 3rd pregnancy. I have always seen her working out regularly in the gym, before she was pregnant and also during her pregnancy. Sometimes we work out together in the gym. Lately I noticed that her bum is getting really big. But she’s still working out in the gym, very regularly and very intensively too. She’s still wearing her pre-pregnancy gym attire, gloves, et al. On most days, I see her on the treadmill or bicycle equipment, tunturi, etc. but today I saw her lifting dumb bells…. like a pro… wearing her gym gloves! Gawd, this lady is sure a fitness freak, just like me. If only my 3 pregnancies were stable enough, I’d have done the same too but I don’t think I would lift weights like her. Does anyone out there who works out in the gym during your pregnancy?

  • 23Apr

    My friends always ask me what motivates me to sacrifice my beauty sleep to exercise every morning. It’s easy to tell them the benefits of exercising but they have to try it to feel for themselves the manifold benefits of regular exercise. Apart from feeling good after exercising, a result of the endorphins, when I exercise I experience brainstorm surges. It’s during these brainstorms that I get during my exercise sessions that I plan what and how I should write my online assignments. This morning while jogging with Baby in tow on the stroller, I drafted on my head on what I should write on garage flooring and a few other online assignments. The day that I skip exercising will be the day that I’ll feel restless all day and my brain just won’t get started haha!

  • 20Apr

    Lately I am a sucker for ice-creams, especially Magnum Almond! I would crave for it after lunch everyday. I used to gorge on ice-creams very often but have since kicked off the addiction. But lately, the addiction is back! But no way am I going to chomp down the whole Magnum ice-cream all by myself. I don’t want to resort to nuphedragen after a month of indulging in ice-creams. So my kids are the beneficiaries of my ice-creams and they gladly share them with me. This way, my crave for Magnum is satiated (albeit just a few bites), I don’t have to feel guilty for the rest of the day for chomping down the whole Magnum all by myself and I don’t gain any weight too!

    Baby with a Magnum in her hand, which she shared with me.  She is another ice-cream crazed fan, just like mummy and her 2 jie jies!

  • 20Apr

    Pumpkins are wholesome and nutrients packed. Pumpkins are more than just a Halloween decor.  Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, both the flesh and seeds of the pumpkin provide many health-boosting nutrients.

    Pumpkin is low in fat and calories and rich in disease-fighting nutrients such as:

    Vitamins C and E
    Pantothenic acid

    My 2 older girls hate pumpkins. It’s a tall order getting them to eat pumpkins. They won’t even eat pumpkin pies which are so tasty. To get them to eat pumpkins, I sometimes julienne the pumpkin and fry them with vermicelli. Throw in some dried shrimps or dried small anchovies and the pot of fried vermicelli will be really flavorful and delish, not to mention the color looks bright and enticing too.

    My pot of stir-fried vermicelli with homemade fish paste, organic Japanese pumpkin, veggie, garlic and eggs.

  • 20Apr

    After delivering Sherilyn my #2, I found it hard to shed the last 2 kilos. For a few months, I drank a kind of flavored protein powder in the morning. That was supposed to be a meal replacement drink and works something like the best weight loss products but that did not help me much in shedding the extra kilos. It was through exercise that I finally ditched the last few kilos. I love food too much and can never skip my meals and just survive on meal replacement drinks. I still find that exercising and eating lesser portions work really well for me. This way I can still eat everything that I love.

  • 20Apr

    Whenever my 3 kids drive me up the wall to the point that I feel like throwing in the towel, I stop for a moment, take a deep breath and reminisce what I had gone through years ago. 9 years ago, I told God that if only he could give me one child, I will be forever grateful to Him. 9 years ago, the thought of cuddling my very own baby in my arms seemed terribly remote. Every month on end, I was in tears when I had my menses. Both my hubby and I had problems, which made it doubly difficult for us to have a baby. It was a double whammy. The first fertility specialist whom we consulted was childless herself. I find her not compassionate and not understanding enough. A woman who is undergoing infertility treatment is very vulnerable in her emotions and she needs an understanding and compassionate doctor. We were even referred to a fertility counselor at the hospital. Gosh, that so-called female counselor was the coldest and meanest old maid I had ever met. The things she said and the manner she said them stabbed my heart like a hot BBQ skewer. I vouch never ever to see her again. Shame on her for calling herself a counselor.

    In the U.S., couples undergoing infertility treatment can go for mental health counselor services at places like www.pathwayscounselingseattle.com. Couples who are trying hard to have a baby undergo tremendous stress, even in the most stable relationships. Therapy and counseling can help them sort through and process the emotions, so that the couple finds it more effective in communicating with each other. Sometimes the stress and emotional roller coaster faced by the couple are so overwhelming that either one of the couple suffers from depression or worse, they break the couple up. If you or anyone who is going through a similar rough patch in life now, seek counseling or therapy now. You can view them here.

  • 20Apr

    Several months ago, my mum gave me a scare of my life. She told me that she had slipped on the wet bathroom floor and fell, landing on her back. God must have been watching over her as she didn’t break any bone, albeit the fall caused a huge patch of blue black bruise on her back. Anyone who saw the bruise would have thought that she was badly hurt. Women her age who have falls are extremely prone to breaking their brittle bones. One day I may buy my parents a walk-in bath tub. Have you seen those walk in tubs designed for the elderly and disabled? They reduce the risk of slipping and look really comfortable and relaxing to have your baths in there.

  • 19Apr

    I recently discovered that  my used face mask can be utilized to ‘mask’ my super dry feet and cracked heels too.  I don’t know if anyone else does that too. I find that such an expensive facial mask can be put to better use instead of throwing it into the bin after 15 minutes of application on my face. So I used the still wet facial mask moisturizer and applied it all over my body, feet inclusive and put on a pair of socks before going to bed. The next morning, my body and feet felt silky smooth and really moisturized 🙂


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