• 28Jun

    Not mine lar, I hope the title didn’t scare you 😀  It’s the butcher / veggie seller whom I normally patronize in the morning.  This morning at the market-on-van, I overhead the butcher’s wife telling all the ‘see lais’ (housewives) that her hubby was at the A&E Dept. of the hospital on Saturday.  She was telling them that it was gory, blood was everywhere and he needed 6 stitches on his fingers.  I then asked her what happened and she told me that her hubby chopped his own fingers with the huge, sharp cleaver while chopping pork for his customer,  YIKES!   When I heard that, my legs felt wobbly.  I felt nauseated.  I quickly took a look at the butcher’s fingers. Two fingers were bandaged and on top of the bandages, he wrapped them with a plastic bag.    Eeewwwww, I don’t think I want to buy pork and chicken from him for the next few days!  The accident was on Saturday and today is Monday, which means it’s only day 2 of the accident and the wound is still quite raw.     But the burly butcher was nonchalant and looked cool and smiley…. and business was as usual for him.  He was chopping the meat as usual on the huge wooden chopping board, with bandages and plastic bags wrapped round his fingers.  Thank God I wasn’t at his stall on Saturday. I almost wanted to buy chicken from him on Saturday but changed my mind at the eleventh hour.  I will surely have nightmares if I were there and saw him chopping his own fingers instead of the chicken that I wanted.  Gawd, so geli!!

  • 23Jun

    Despite taking psyllium husk and Duphalac (laxative) everyday, Baby still has constipation, though not as bad as without these laxatives. Yesterday, she did not move her bowels. Each time she does not move her bowels for a day, she will be restless the entire night. She will toss and turn and wake up really early the next morning. This morning she got up at 5:30am. I knew her tummy felt uncomfortable because of the unmoved bowels. If she still can’t move her bowels today, I will resort to enema. Well, it’s between the devil and the deep blue sea. If she doesn’t poo poo, she runs a risk of getting UTI again. I pray that she will poo poo today! Dear Lord, please help Cassandra to have an explosive poo poo today, amen!

  • 23Jun

    Last night, I had planned to wake up at 5am to complete my never-ending pile of home. I got up at 5:30am today feeling fresh and raring to quickly complete some of the work, including a write-up on rv for sale BUT as usual, my plan is always thwarted. Baby also woke up at 5:30am and I could not do anything with her pestering me for my boops!! Check out my other blog to find out what happened to Baby later in the morning. It’s a nightmare every mother fears and it came alive for me!

  • 22Jun

    Baby is no fruit lover. It is quite a torture – for her and for me when fruits are served to her. Thankfully she likes bananas. She loves them so much that she can chomp down 2 pieces of large bananas in one sitting. She even has space in her tummy for a 3rd one but of course I’d say no, lest she pukes them out. Also, too much bananas is NOT good for your body as bananas are high in potassium.

    Having too much potassium in the blood is called hyperkalemia; having too little is known as hypokalemia. Older people have a greater risk of hyperkalemia because our kidneys are less efficient at eliminating potassium as we age.

    Excess potassium in the body suspends the function of electrical impulses in the body, which causes the heart to stop. Sometimes, this can cause partial or complete paralysis while leaving the heart unaffected. The mortality rate when hyperkalemia is not treated immediately is as high as 67 percent!

    When Baby’s kidney reflux was not resolved before the surgery last year, our paed used to advise us not to overfeed Baby with food high in potassium.

    I always stick to the adage “eat everything in moderation” and you will be fine!

  • 18Jun

    And my hubs saved me using his battery operated OTO Hans acu-points and nerve stimulator! He has been using this equipment to rid all the aches and pains from his body suffered during his basketball matches. I was quite apprehensive of using it at first.  On the first night, he applied the OTO Hans treatment on the right side of my back. The next day, the pain was almost gone. I was delighted!

    The second night when the pain was unbearable (on the left side and especially on the middle section of my back) and I was in tears, my dear hubs got up at 4am and applied the OTO Hans stimulator on the left side of my back. The next day, the pain was also almost gone on the left side. On the 3rd night, I have 100% confidence and trust in the OTO Hans equipment and kept reminding the hubs to apply this miraculous live-saving thingy on the middle section of my back. True, the pain was almost completely gone the next day. The 4th night, he applied it for me again – on the middle part of my back. Today is the 5th day and the pain is 99% gone!!! I can’t believe how miraculous this OTO Hans thing has worked for me. I even started to run again on the 4th day and today exercise is back as usual.

    Had I known that this OTO Hans thing is so effective, I would have skipped the X-ray that had cost me RM120!

    That’s me lying on the bed with the OTO Hans equipment on my back. For starters, you may scream murder (like me!) initially when you feel the nerves-numbing electric waves running on the pain side. After several seconds, the sharp pain will gradually subside and you will feel very comfortable.

    You can read more about OTO Hans at

    OTO Hans
    Combats pain the natural way.

    OTO HANS is a battery operated home use acu-points and nerve stimulator. It is a scientific innovations, which works on the principle of acupuncture. HANS uses 2 pairs of electrodes of which one pair is applied to the well-known acupoint of pain-relief (hegu) and the other pair is usually placed on the pain sites. Together these 4 electrodes block the pain signal and thus combat pain the natural way. It is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic pains.

    Unique features

    * Simultaneous stimulation of acu-points and pain sites
    * Combining acupuncture and TENS treatment into one
    * D-D (Dense-Disperse) mode accelerates the release of pain relieving substances
    * Alternating (ALT) mode prevents the development of tolerance towards body’s own pain relieving substances
    * Dual channel, 4 treatment spots

  • 18Jun

    Did you ever realize that when you do your shopping online, you actually consume less energy and this reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 35 percent compared to shopping at traditional retail stores? Ever since Baby #3 came along, I have not had much time to do things that I used to love, much less go shopping at shopping malls. I have been doing a lot of green shopping via the internet and am now hooked on it!

  • 15Jun

    I had a terribly painful and uncomfortable time sleeping throughout the night yesterday. I woke up at about 4am with severe pain on my back. I could hardly lie flat on my back and had a painful time trying to move my body. Each time I breathed, I felt terrible pain on my pain and chest. Even my tummy hurt. I was in tears. Hubby had to wake up to apply deep heat cream on my back for me. There was no way I could lie down to sleep. I sat on the bed – left leg on the bed and right leg put up to my chest. My hands were hugging my right leg and a stack of pillows. I felt much comfortable this way. But it was hard to fall asleep in this position, though I could breathe without much pain on my back now. Then, I lunged my body forward and lay my face on the bed to sleep, in a sitting position, as if I was doing yoga.

    Today, I went to the hospital. An X-ray was taken on my back. The X-ray showed no prolapsed disc and nothing wrong with the spine. The doctor suspected it is just muscle spasm. He prescribed me with some muscle relaxant pills and pain killer pills. I have taken the muscle relaxant and the pain has subsided, albeit the pain is still there. I am also suffering from constipation now. I haven’t had a constipation for ages. I suspect the muscles and the spasms or whatever that’s wreaking havoc inside me are causing the constipation. My tummy looks so bloated and I feel really terrible now. I haven’t exercised for 3 days now.

    I don’t know if the terrible back pain was caused by me spraining my back while carrying Baby in a squatting position when I washed her hair about 4 days ago at my parents. Or could this be hormonal? I haven’t had my menses for over 2 years as I am still breastfeeding Baby. Both sides of my tummy – where the ovaries are located are painful. It feels as if my menses is coming. Or could it be my PCOS wreaking havoc again? I wish I knew what’s causing the excruciating pain on my back. And I am praying hard that the pain will subside by tomorrow.

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  • 14Jun

    I returned from my short break in Ipoh and Penang yesterday. And end up with a badly twisted upper back. I must have sprained it while bathing Baby. Baby fussed and refused to have her hair washed while standing or sitting. She wanted me to carry her. The bathroom did not have a stool and I carried her while squatting down, twice in a day – morning and evening. The next day, I could barely move my body. I now have to walk with a very bad slouch and I can hardly walk at a faster pace. No exercising for me. I am moving about like a 80 year old grandma, save for a walking stick.

    My hubs gave me a deep heat rub and used his battery-operated OTO Bodycare HANS thingy (what do you call this equipment where small amount of electricity is transmitted to the the affected part of the body?) on my back last night.  My back felt better but only on the right side as he only worked on the right side.  Now my left and middle back are aching like crazy.  The pain comes from the upper part and goes right up to my chest and kidneys area.  I can barely breathe without feeling pain.  I feel so terrible now. Terrible because of the awful nagging pain that seems to come from the veins.  And terrible because I cannot exercise and I have been eating hell a lot of sinful stuff during the holidays.  Could I be having a minor slipped disc?

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  • 12Jun

    After applying hot compress on Baby’s swollen left eye for more than a week, the swelling had subsided.  The ophthalmologist had advised us that I should apply hot compress on both Baby’s eyes to prevent occurrence of eye chalazion as she has a high tendency of getting this eye condition.  All I did was to soak a clean hanky with hot water during bath time and apply it on Baby’s eyes twice a day, 2 minutes each time.  I guess I have to incorporate this tedious regimen into Baby’s bath time for the next few years, sigh!

  • 12Jun

    Of all the Penang hawkers fare, my favorite is Guan’s Apong at Burmah Road! I ate them for 2 days straight. My 3 girls loved it too. I gobbled 4 pieces on day 1 and another 5 pieces on day 2. Even Baby chomped down 3 pieces on both days. On the second day, I felt really stuffed after chomping down 5 pieces of coconut-sweet corn-banana apong in the car on our way back to Ipoh… immediately after a sumptuous seafood meal in a restaurant at Gurney Drive. I felt so stuffed that I had a very light dinner, though my dad had cooked a storm of 8 dishes to welcome us home. This morning, I got up early and had a half an hour run by the hillside. I felt so good after the run as I had skipped running for 2 days. Thankfully I did not gain a pound after having a feast in Penang. Thankfully I still do not need to rely on the best fat burning supplement after a food binging trip in Penang!


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