• 26Nov

    I like to eat my grapefruit by cutting it into half, then juice it. If I slice the grapefruit and eat it from the skin, I find it super messy and the acidic juice tend to sting the skin surrounding my mouth.

    Thus, I find that drinking the juice of the grapefruit is the most efficient and fastest way of eating my grapefruit!

    Health Benefits of Grapefruit
    1) Citric acid of fresh grapefruit juice has an alkaline reaction that increase the alkalinity in the body. The fruit juice has been found useful in treating many diseases caused by too much acid in the body system.

    2) Grapefruit is a rich source of pectin. Pectin is a soluble fibre that helps to lower blood cholesterol.

    3) Pink and red grapefruits contain high amount of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is know for lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

    4) Grapefruit stimulates appetite and posses unique ability to burn away fat, for many years people have used the fruit to lose weight.

    5) Prevent and treat diabetes – eating grapefruit can help people lose weight which in turn can decrease the risk for diabetes.

    6) Grapefruit peel is rich with pectin which is used for the preservation of other fruits. The peel oil can also be use as soft-drink flavouring.

    7) The pulp of grapefruit is valuable in relieving constipation. When wholly taken, it supplies healthy bulk to aid bowel action.

    8) The bitter properties of grapefruit can remove the burning sensation of fever and is excellent remedy for influenza.

    9) Grapefruit contain natural ‘quinine’ which is used to treat malaria. This ‘quinine’ can be extracted by boiling a quarter of a grapefruit and straining the pulp.

    10) The protective plant chemicals found in grapefruits induce the production of enzymes that help to prevent cancer.

    11) Grapefruit juice inhibits a special enzyme in the intestines that is responsible for the natural breakdown and absorption of many medications.

    12) Eating grapefruit daily seems to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other inflammatory disorders symptoms.

    13) Grapefruit juice is extremely rich in vitamin C and potassium. Therefore, it is used as a medicine in scanty urination caused by kidney, liver and heart disorders.

    14) Grapefruit is a natural source of soluble dietary fibre that offers many health benefits.

    15) Grapefruit juice can boost anti-cancer drug.

    Other grapefruit benefits include: Waste from grapefruit packing plants can be converted into molasses for cattle. The hulls can be used for soil conditioning, when combined with the dried pulp it can be used to feed cattle. Old grapefruit trees can be salvaged to use for firewood.

  • 26Nov

    If you were as fat as one of those participants of Asia’s Biggest Loser, would you consider taking fat burner for men or some slimming products for women? If I were so huge or even half the size of those participants, I would definitely consider some kind of fat burner to speed up my fat loss rate. I cannot imagine myself being obese and saying good-bye to wearing sexy clothes. I know for sure that I will never let this happen to myself.

  • 26Nov

    I am thankful that I am blessed with a flawless complexion. I hardly ever buy acne cream like therapores. My existing tube of pimple cream is more than 3 years old and there is still half a tube left. My hubby uses the pimple cream too once in a blue moon. I must remember to check the expiry date on the tube of pimple cream today, lest we get poisoned by applying expired topical meds on our skin.

  • 26Nov

    I am considering getting a cheap laptop with extended laptop warranty for my 2 older girls. Instead of lying on the couch with eyes glued to the idiot box all day long during the school holidays, I want them to spend their time doing more useful things like reading and learning from educational websites or play educational games online. I am excited now, excited shopping around for a lappie, yippie!

  • 24Nov

    Here’s my very cheesy breakfast:

    Laughing Cow cheese spread on a packet of Meiji plain crackers with oats…

    and a few strips of Mozzarella mild cheese….

    This is supposed to be high-protein and low carbs… but a tad high on sodium though. I also gulped down a big mug of green tea after breakfast to burn off some of the fat hah!

  • 24Nov

    We may get a new LCD TV for our home. Our old TV will be given to a relative. I wish there were Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales here where discounts of up to 70% on electrical appliances will be up for grabs. On top of that, there’s even free shipping. What a pity there ain’t such deals here. I hope that our regular electrical shop will give us a good deal on our TV purchase.

  • 20Nov

    After lunch at Canton-I at The Gardens @ Mid Valley, we went into Hoi Ting Tong to try their herbal jelly. Hoi Ting Tong has outlets in Dataran Mentari Sunway, Damansara Jaya, Kota Damansara, Kuchai Lama and the outlet at Gardens is their latest outlet in Malaysia. Hoi Tin Tong originated from Hong Kong.

    The cheapest bowl of gui ling gao cost a whopping RM15 and we ordered a bowl to try. We liked it. Even my 3 girls liked the gui ling gao. It has the herbal taste unlike other gui ling gao that only taste like ‘leong fun’.

    Hoi Tin Tong specializes in gui ling gao and other ‘leong char’ (cooling herbal tea) and the entire shop only carries these 2 items.

    The menu.

    Gui ling gao is made from the bottom shell, or plastron, of a turtle, plus several Chinese herbs to make a black jello-like substance. It is supposed to have many health benefits, including reducing fevers, detoxify the body, strengthens the immune system and improving the complexion and skin.

  • 20Nov

    My mil made yam cake (woo thau koa)and pizza last week. Her yam cake is generously topped with fried crushed dried shrimps, chunks of yam and sesame seeds.

    The yam cake would taste really good when pan fried after it’s steamed….

    And this is her thin crust pizza topped generously with capsicum, bacon, parmessan cheese, mozarella cheese and 100% homemade organic tomato paste.

    Looks good eh? They taste even better. With her around, I always have to work out in the gym doubly hard to burn off those calories!

  • 20Nov

    Did you know that you can actually eat gold? I am not saying chunks of gold or gold bullion but particle size colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is micro-clusters of 99.9% pure gold suspended in pure distilled revitalized water. Colloidal gold is gaining recognition as a super food. Colloidal gold is beneficial to the mind-body in that it promotes higher potentials of mental, emotional and physical well-being. It can also strengthen the body’s immune system, combat fatigue, promotes a sense of euphoria and reduce depression. I don’t mind giving colloidal gold a try to boost my mental well-being as I have been feeling lethargic, stressed up and over-worked lately. And if someone gives me some gold bullions as a gift, that would lift my mood up instantly too!

  • 19Nov

    At 2 years 7 months, Baby is still on diapers on and off during the day. When she is off diapers, she will be wearing training pants. Her training pants is slightly wet all the time. I suspect that she is dribbling urine. Baby’s surgeon did mention to us before that he had seen other kids with history of Kidney Reflux wetting their panties all the time. I hope this problem ain’t serious. I hope that with Kegel Exercise when she’s older, the problem will resolve without any invasive intervention like surgery. I hope Baby doesn’t need to undergo anymore surgery! I can’t wait to hear from the surgeon what he has to say about this when we bring Baby to see him soon.


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