• 29May

    The other morning, I bought a soursop from my regular supplier of veggie and meat as I could not remember ever eating it before and I wanted to try after hearing and reading so much about the goodness of soursop. The seller told me that the soursop was still very raw and recommended to me to have it boiled as soup with some pork ribs. So I bought a medium size soursop which cost over RM6. After leaving the soursop in my kitchen in room temperature for about 2 weeks, I got impatient and decided to cut up the fruit, though the fruit did not feel completely soft.  After it was cut up, the inside was still hard. And it did not taste pleasant. It tasted like a cross between a tasteless raw pineapple and ‘fun kok’ (a root used to boil soup). That’s the price to pay for being impatient. I should have waited for another week for the entire fruit to ripen. I was told that a ripe soursop is very sweet and the flesh is creamy and soft.   I forced myself to eat a quarter of this tasteless, hard fruit while telling myself that this stuff is chokefull of health benefits.  My mum suggested that I cooked veggie curry with this fruit but I had left it in the fridge and had forgotten all about it until a week later.  It ended up in the bin, sigh.  The next time I buy a soursop, I’ll make sure I choose a completely ripe one to enjoy it.

    Food For Thought:

    Soursop health benefits:

    1. Prevents UTI (Vitamin C)
    Soursop is an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient which increases the acidity level of urine, resulting in decreased number of harmful bacteria that may be present in the urinary tract.

    2. Prevents constipation (Fiber)
    Go natural! Let this fruit’s rich fiber content be the solution to problems in bowel movement.

    3. Prevents leg cramps (Potassium)
    It contains half the potassium in bananas. Lack of potassium, together with magnesium, calcium and sodium (also known as electrolytes) in the body can cause muscle weakness and cramping.

    4. Prevents water retention (Magnesium)
    Women who experience water retention before their monthly period would benefit from the soursop’s rich magnesium content. It may help alleviate this annoying premenstrual symptom.

    5. Helps the body produce energy (Thiamin)
    Feeling a little tired? Eat soursop! It can supply the body a good amount of thiamin, the B vitamin which is needed in aerobic energy production, the process when oxygen is used to help convert sugar into usable energy.

    6. Keeps bones healthy (Copper)
    It is loaded with the trace mineral copper. Calcium contributes only about 25% to the prevention of bone loss as magnesium, manganese, zinc and copper are also equally crucial for healthy bones. Zinc and copper boost the effectiveness of vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium.

    7. Boosts good cholesterol levels (Niacin)
    Worried about your cholesterol? Fresh fruits and veggies are the perfect choice! Soursop is a good source of niacin, a vitamin which studies show has significant benefits on levels of HDL, the good cholesterol

    8. Prevents pregnancy complications (Folate)
    This spiky fruit contains folate. Studies have proven that folate intake during pregnancy prevents deficiency in pregnant women. A lack of this mineral during pregnancy may contribute to birth defects and pregnancy loss.

    9. Helps prevent anemia (Iron)
    It can provide iron which prevents the common blood disorder anemia – a condition in which the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells. RBC is responsible for the distribution of oxygen to the body tissues, giving the body energy.

    10. Helps prevent migraines (Riboflavin)
    Headache? Try soursop! It has riboflavin. Several studies have shown that high riboflavin intake helps prevent migraines.

  • 28May

    I hurt my right foot while running a few mornings ago. It must be caused by the old pair of running shoes that was giving way. At the start of the run on the road, my right foot twisted to its side all of a sudden and I felt a gush of sharp pain taking over that foot. I had to stop for a while and hobbled for a few minutes. Luckily the pain went away and I continued running. However till today, there is still pain on the ankle when I twitch that foot. I better get myself a good pair of running shoes, like the Reebok Zig to prevent future accidents from happening. Check out the Reebok Zig at the link here. I love this pair of cool running shoes! Oh Santa, can you please give me an early X’mas pressie pretty pleeeeease??

  • 28May

    Sherilyn has been selected by her pre-school principal and teachers to represent her pre-school in an inter-school talent time competition, which will take place in 2 weeks’ time. The principal has already given out invitations like Rehearsal Dinner Invitations to all the parents whose kids are involved. I have to be prepared to sacrifice the whole day to give her moral support during the competition, which would include arts and craft, followed by singing. IF my princess wannabe emerges as the top 3 winners in the competition, she will move on to the next level, which is at an international level! If she really makes it this far, well, maybe this princess wannabe would have the confidence needed to be a future Malaysian Idol contestant!

  • 28May

    Ever since I started having a digital camera about 8 years ago, I have not been printing out the pictures that I had taken with my digital camera as frequently as I used to when I had the traditional camera which used films. I have thousands of pictures stored in the hard disk of my desktop waiting to be printed out into hard copies. If I have the time, I would really love to transfer all the pictures from my desktop computer into a scrapbook, 1 scrapbook for each of my girls. This is one of the items in my Free Time To-Do List.

  • 25May

    Everything on my blog seems to go wrong today. First I tried to log in to one of my blogspot blogs to upload pix but the system did not recognize the password. After trying a hundred times, I told myself to forget about this blog since I don’t really need this blog. This blog only serves as a platform for me to upload pix. Then I created another gmail account in the hope of creating another blog but bummer, the same thing happened. After successfully creating the gmail account, the new gmail account is now not recognizing my password! I have now spent almost an hour trying to log in to the 2 stupid gmail accounts and blog but nothing is working. I am so so pissed off. I am going to give up before my head explodes. Here I am rushing to finish off some assignments and with another pile of work on my online store waiting for me to settle and such unexpected problems have to crop up… at such an impeccable timing. This has never happened to my gmail accounts and blogs before. I shall try everything again later *take deeeeep breath*

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  • 25May

    There is something which I had wanted to do but have been procrastinating for over 3 years. Ever since I lost some of the data from my blogs 3 years ago, I vowed that I had to have a proper data backup plan. I was approached by a data backup company in the US who were very helpful to me but I had forgotten all about it when Baby was born and my life has since been on the fast lane. Now that I remember again, I must move my butt and check up websites like www.databackup.net to find out more about data backup plans. Do you backup your blogs?

  • 25May

    I used to buy branded clothing, bags and shoes when I was still employed and earning a very comfortable salary. I had a Ferragamo handbag which cost over RM2k, a pair of Ferragamo shoes which cost over RM1k, a Longines watch, 2 wardrobes bursting with expensive office attire, prada sunglasses and a glass display filled with expensive perfumes. Ever since I left the corporate world, I only buy clothes and bags that are on cheap sale. Now that I run my own online store, I only wear clothes that I sell which are bought at very low prices from my suppliers. And I realized that branded stuff does not matter to me anymore. I am happy wearing cheap but nice clothes, shoes and bags.

  • 21May

    Alycia is one child who loves to sleep and boy, this girl can really sleep. She wakes up at 6am every morning, then continues sleeping for about 10-20 minutes on the chair at the dining table hugging her smelly bolster and with her cup of milk on the table every morning.  In the afternoons, she will  nap for at least 2 hours.  At night, she goes to bed at 10pm. On weekends and public holidays, Alycia will sleep in till about 9-10am. By noon, she will nap again for another 1-2 hours! Sherilyn and Cassandra are the polar opposite. Their battery levels are much higher though they don’t nap in the afternoon.

    One hot afternoon last week, Alycia came back from school, looked very jaded and did not seem to have very good appetite. After a quick lunch, she went in to the room and while taking her clothes out from the drawer, she dozed off on the floor! Without her top on!

    Even with this cili padi who emptied the toy box to put on her jie jie’s face, Alycia was unperturbed and continued sleeping on the hard floor. Poor girl, she must have been really really burnt out and slept like a log.


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  • 21May

    I was telling my friend that I have not painted my toe nails and finger nails for over 9 years! From the moment I decided I wanted to have a baby, I tried to avoid having contact with chemicals. Then when my babies were born, I could not afford the time to paint my nails, up until now! During my pregnancies, I had acne on my face but I stayed away from topical pimple creams. I had read that pimple creams have chemicals that may cause birth defects. I have also read that Topamax, a medication to treat migraine headaches can cause birth defects like cleft lip or cleft palate. If you happen to know of anyone who is seeking a Topamax lawsuit, you can click on the link here. The lawyers can be contacted here:
    O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

  • 18May

    The other day, I whipped this out for lunch for the girls – pasta with mushroom soup, fresh mushrooms, blanched french beans and some pan fried beef balls. This is one of the girls’ favorite food for lunch and it tastes as good as the ones from restaurants!

    Ingredients used to make the sauce are 2 sachets of MSG-free Campbell powdered mushroom soup,  1 pack of whipping cream, 1 tablespoon of milk powder (for extra nutrients for the kids), grated block Cheddar cheese, some pepper and water.  You can cook extra portions and deep freeze them for future consumption.  Comes in really handy when you are too busy to cook a piping hot meal for your kids.


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