• 20Jun

    Ever since she went through a few episodes of very painful and uncomfortable constipation, Baby has finally resigned to the fact that veggie is good for her and can help her to poo poo 😀 No matter what we have for lunch and dinner, I always make sure that there are some greens on her plate. I will chop the veggie up into small bits and put them together with her other favorite food, like topping her slice of pizza with mustard green…

    One time, she even suggested that I chop up some veggie and put them into the pancake batter! I thought yeah, what a fantastic idea! I shall try that just for her one day and I’ll bet she’ll eat them coz if she does not, I’ll scare her with the enema haha!

  • 19Jun

    Yesterday while jogging back from the park, I almost fell when I missed a step on the stairs. Thankfully, I managed to land on both feet firmly on the ground. Many years back, my right foot landed on its side when I walked down a curb. My foot was swollen to double its size! I was in absolute pain and could not walk for almost 2 weeks. If you have fractured your foot, you can now walk comfortably with support from an aircast walking brace. Just click on the link here to find out more.

  • 18Jun

    2 more years to the big four! Many people have been telling me that I don’t look a wee bit like I am nearing my forties but I do feel some differences between being in my twenties and being in my late thirties. Thankfully I don’t have any age spot yet, thanks to my parents’ good genes and also my daily exercise regimen. I hope I can still feel and look the same 10 years down the road. And I think very soon, I would need to invest in some anti-aging skin care products.

  • 15Jun

    At 3YO, Baby is still a very constipated toddler. Though she eats fruits and veggie everyday, she still has issue with constipation. On days that she suffers from painful constipation, she will look crestfallen the whole day until the poop pops out 😀

    On constipation days, I will force her to gulp down cups and cups of water. Once, she was whining and crying for hours because of the discomfort. And she got so tired that she dozed off in a standing position (she dared not sit, lest the position prevents the poop from popping out)…..

    For the past one week, she has been able to poop everyday! That’s because I give her fresh orange juice from an orange everyday, on top of the fruits that she eats every morning. Plus, she now knows how to ‘concentrate’ and push her poop out, after having gone through very painful episodes of constipation. BUT…. this rascal still has a weird habit of pooping in her diapers. The moment I bring her to the throne, she will shriek and yell her lungs out. I wonder why??

  • 15Jun

    My girls are TV junkies. When I am busy with work, the TV is my most reliable babysitter. I guess even if I were to send my kids to a nanny who has other kids to babysit, she too, will rely on the TV to babysit the kids while she goes around to do her chores. My girls are so addicted to the TV that I call them TV addicts. I always nag at them to do their homework and to read a book when they choose the TV over other activities. I want to stop their addiction over the idiot box and encourage them to read more. For drug addicts, they can do heroin detox but for TV addicts, what’s the treatment? Maybe I’ll need to drive them out to the library or book store to break this ‘addiction’ in them!

  • 15Jun

    While I love the functions in my Blackberry, I find that the keypad incredibly small and cramped, so small that I often press the wrong letter. It is really frustrating to have to keep deleting my wrongly keyed letters. If only Blackberry mobile phones have a touch screen version, I’ll bet more people will opt for Blackberry over its rival like the htc touchscreen and other iPhones with touchscreen. Do you agree with me?

  • 10Jun

    Sweet corn kernels are normally yellowish or whitish in color. Have you seen sweet corn kernels that are purple? I just did recently, from my regular organic veggie seller and out of curiousity, I bought a bag of these sweet corns with purple kernels to try. To my surprise, these sweet corns tasted different from the regular yellowish – whitish ones. The texture is very chewy and a tad ‘rubbery’, the kernels detach very easily from the cob and they have a very aromatic sweet corn taste. Very sweet too. No wonder these purple sweet corns are selling like hot cakes! I am so going to buy some more soon as my girls loved them.

    Food For Thought:

    Health Benefits of Sweet Corns:

    Cancer Prevention
    Sweet corn contains a chemical known as beta cryptoxanthin. Beta cryptoxanthin is chemically similar to the well known chemical beta carotene. The human body converts beta cryptoxanthin to vitamin A when consumed in foods. According to a study performed by Jian-Min Yuan published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, there is an inverse relationship between consumption of beta cryptoxanthin and lung cancer development. This means the greater amount of beta cryptoxanthin that is consumed, the lower the prevalence of lung cancer development.

    Memory Enhancement
    Sweet corn contains high levels of thiamine, or vitamin B1. According to WHFoods.org, thiamine is an essential nutrient required for brain cell and cognitive function. Consumption of thiamine is necessary for the body to produce acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is essential for the maintenance of memory capabilities. One of the primary factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease is low levels of acetylcholine.

    Vision Protection
    According to AusFoodNews.com.au, sweet corn contains the antioxidant zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is the yellow pigment that naturally occurs in sweet corn. Consumption of zeaxanthin can have a protective effect against age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration. In addition, sweet corn also contains folate and beta carotene, which also may protect against macular degeneration.

    But beware of sweet corns too! They are very high in sugar content. So if you are diabetic or are on a diet, stay off from sweet corns.

  • 01Jun

    Some of my friends and even strangers had commented to me that I should seek ‘sex selection baby’ procedures to get a baby boy since I have 3 girls. I tell them that this is crap to me. I am very thankful to God for giving me 3 beautiful girls. Nothing is more important than to have healthy and normal children. I sympathize with parents who have babies born with birth defects like cleft palate or other facial deformation. Birth defects like cleft palate can be caused by drugs like Topamax. If you know of anyone who wants to get a Topamax lawsuit for birth defects on their baby, the link here may be of help. The lawyers can be contacted here:
    O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


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