• 21Dec

    My perfect kind of breakfast or lunch:

    Multi-grain and seed rye bread with thick fillings of mil’s homemade pesto sauce, julienned cucumber, a thin slice of ham and mashed hard boiled eggs with mayo. Simply delish and nutritious!   Perfect for the health freaks and slim freaks too… minus the ham that is 😉

  • 17Dec

    Whenever my mil is around, we don’t have to make trips to the bakery or have pizzas delivered to our door step for she will be baking them for us. The girls just have to tell their grandma what they would like to eat and their wishes will be her command.

    Here’s a yummy pizza that she whipped up for our lunch:

    Crispy crust pizza with fresh button mushrooms, bacon, bell peppers and cheese, topped with avocado. Super yummy and it was completely wiped out within minutes!

  • 15Dec

    I hate shopping with my 2 younger girls. Whenever we go shopping, they are like 2 uncontrollable puppies running wildly everywhere at the shopping mall and that’s when I will transform into a screaming mad mother. Despite me yelling to them to STOP RUNNING and STOP CLIMBING, they will turn a deaf ear. At times like this, I wish I had a real time gps tracking gadget attached to them just in case I lose them in the crowded mall. In times like this too, I really wished I had a long extendable cane with a hook at the end in my hand, which I could just throw across them, to fish them back to me, before I give them a good lesson!

  • 15Dec

    A few months ago, my mum fell from an old plastic stool while she was trying to reach for something on top of a cupboard and hurt her tail bone badly. The decade-old plastic stool just crumbled apart when she stood on it. She was in great pain and had to sit on an inflatable swimming tube whenever she sat on the chair. For weeks she could not even have a decent car ride as she would feel a stabbing pain on the tail bone when the car moved. I told her that she has to use a sturdy step stool for safety purpose in future. I am not sure if she has bought one. I must remind her to.

  • 13Dec

    2.5 years have passed since Baby was operated on her urinary tract and again cut up to fix her small gut 2 weeks after the 1st op, as a result of complication from the 1st surgery. The post op MCUG scan and post op MAG 3 scan have both shown that Baby has no more kidney reflux. Her right kidney (the one that had 3rd grade kidney reflux and a duplex system) is also growing well. Thank God we did not listen to the first surgeon and have 20% of her upper right kidney removed. All is well with my Baby now. But she is still leaking urine. She needs to wear a pad or diaper all the time. While she knows how to tell me that she wants to pee when her bladder is really full, she cannot control the urine from dribbling out. The surgeon told us that she has a ‘lazy bladder’ now due to the operation. He asked me if I would like Baby to be given meds to relax the bladder but I prefer to wait and see. Our surgeon assured us that the urine leakage problem will grossly improve when Baby is 6YO… which means that there are 2.5 more years to go!! Oh, I cannot wait for the day that Cass is forever off diapers, once and for all.

    On my part, I can help Baby by bringing her to the toilet to pee every hour instead of allowing the urine to leak out when the bladder is too full. By bringing her to pee consciously, this will train her bladder to ‘work’. I guess I have to set my mind and be mentally and physically ready for all the hard work – by bringing Baby to pee every hour and have a battle with her each time. This girl is often too engrossed with whatever that she is doing that she will refrain and resist from going to the toilet to pee. I really have to have a serious pep talk with Baby to condition her mind to go to the loo to pee every hour that she is awake.

    Cassandra’s 5th post Ureteral Reimplantation surgery ultrasound scan.


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