• 26Feb

    Since young, Alycia’s face will be speckled with tiny red dots whenever she throws up. But with the latest vomiting last week, I had to break out laughing after she threw up because my daughter with immaculate skin as white as snow, turned into a cute freckled face girl! Brown freckles to be exact. I notice that the post-vomiting outbreak of red dots on the face is more visible on those with fair skin. I am one who will have it too. During my pregnancy with Alycia where I had severe morning sickness and vomiting, the veins in my eyes turned bloody after severe vomiting for a few weeks. The thought of going through another pregnancy makes me shudder… though I love babies.

    My little Snow White with a freckled face.  The freckles look red here (because of her rosy cheeks) but actually, they were all brown.  She looked exactly like a brown freckled face 8-year old for about 4 -5 days!

    Breakout of freckles all over her face …
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  • 23Feb

    Alycia and Sherilyn are very prone to throat infection, no thanks to their daddy and mummy’s genes as both hubs and I have tonsils and are very prone to throat infection too. For me, it is under control now as I watch what I eat all the time (and have very strong will power too!) and I eat pretty healthily and exercise to keep myself healthy and fit.  For Alycia and Sherilyn, I try to control what they eat too, i.e. by keeping deep fried food, spicy food and junk food to the minimum and make them drink plenty of plain water as well as ensure that they eat fresh fruits and veggie everyday. But what they eat in school and beyond my radar is out of my control.  Sometimes, there are people who give them ‘forbidden food’ out of love, which is also beyond my control.

    Alycia has been down with a chesty cough and runny nose for the past 3 days.  Thanks to the nightly sea salt water gargling, she did not get any sore throat though.  She just has lots of phlegm and a runny nose.  Also thanks to my most trusted Esberitox and Manuka honey, she is now recovering, without having to visit the doctor’s office.   Getting rid of phlegm in kids is pretty tough as they do not know the technique of forcing out and spitting out the phlegm.  Thus, whenever my girls have phlegm, most of the time the phlegm will be expelled naturally through vomiting.   Last night, about an hour after dinner, Alycia threw up.  All that she ate came pouring out, together with a bucketful of slimy phlegm!  It’s a good thing that she threw up because after puking, her throat cleared up and today there is lesser phlegm obstructing her throat.  The only side effect she is getting after puking is that she has turned into a freckled face girl!  I shall post pix of her freckled face next and tell you why this has happened.

  • 23Feb

    Yesterday during dinner, I almost choked from laughter. Since the day we learned of Whitney Houston’s sudden death, we have been talking about it all the time. Yesterday a friend came to our house for dinner and we were talking about Whitney Houston and her daughter. All of a sudden, my baby girl said “mummy, Whitney Houston died because of eating drumstick right?” All of us broke into a loud guffaw on hearing that. Baby had associated ‘drugs’ with ‘drumstick’ because the words sounded similar. LOL! Anyway, what a pity Whitney had to die this way. If she had gone for a non 12 step program, maybe she could have escaped death prematurely.

  • 19Feb

    Lately, the pins and needles and numbness on both my hands, especially on my right hand are getting worse. I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome about 2 months after the birth of Alycia, my first born more than 8 years ago. It was partially healed several painful months later. Since then, I have been experiencing numbness and tingling sensations on my hands every morning at around 5-6am, especially when I am in an air-conditioned room. If I sleep on my side, the numbness is even worse. Thus I could only sleep on my back. But sleeping on my back would aggravate my lower backache! Sometimes the numbness and stiffness in my hands get so bad that I could hardly lift my hands up. I have to slowly raise the hand up and then shake it gently, so that the blood could ‘flow downwards’. After a few minutes of shaking, I could then get up from bed.

    The other day, the organic veggie seller had some Jews Mallow from her farm. She extolled the benefits of Jews Mallow and said that it is good for treating numbness of the hands and also for preventing diabetes. She told me that she suffers from hand numbness every morning too, with the exact same symptoms as me. After a few days of consuming Jews Mallow, cooked with soup, the results were amazing. I am not sure how effective it is but I guess there is no harm trying. I got a bunch of Jews Mallow from her at RM3 and boiled them with some anchovies. The taste of the veggie was very palatable and the texture is a tad slimy. It reminds me of eating ladies fingers. I shall get more Jews Mallow from this veggie seller next week and hopefully she is able to harvest some.

  • 19Feb

    Before my 3 precious angels came along, I had a body to boast. The curves were at the right places. I could wear a bikini and strut on the beach wearing it proudly. The skin around my belly was flawless and devoid of stretch marks. My waist measurement was only 25 inches and I was a mere 42kg, wearing XS clothes. I could wear sexy outfits and party all night. I had all the quiet and free time in the world on my off days and had total peace of mind at home. I could even go jogging twice a day, an hour each session. But when I had all the quiet time and peace in the world, I craved to hear cries of babies. I craved for some kids’ chatter in the house. The sight of babies and young kids touched the pit of my heart. But it wasn’t easy for us. We went through a long and windy road to get to where we are today.

    Today, the stretch marks on my belly, the flabby belly that I carry and a waist line expanded to 27 inches are all road maps to my journey – my journey to have 3 angels. Though I  no longer have a curvaceous body and a flawless and flat belly to flaunt, I am nevertheless one very contented woman, albeit I am still trying to remove those stretch marks from my belly. Though I had used many types of anti-stretch marks cream throughout my 3 pregnancies, those stubborn stretch marks inevitably formed. After google searching ways to remove stretch marks, I found a very good website to learn everything on the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. I learned that aloe vera, which is packed with vitamins and minerals is effective in treating stretch marks. Another cool way of concealing your stretch marks is by way of tattoo! Yep if you cannot get rid of those stubborn stretch marks, color them the way you want it! Do check out stretchmarks24.com to find out how to get rid of stretch marks the way you like it.

    Tattoo on your belly. What a cool and funky way to cover your stretch marks!

  • 18Feb

    Shortly after Cassandra’s birth, I had wanted to get an origami stroller for her, so that I could bring her with me when I went jogging on the road. The origami stroller can be folded and opened at the touch of a button, really cool! But my hubs bought another stroller. It was a very expensive stroller and was under utilized. I find the stroller very heavy and difficult to fold and open. It was bulky too, occupying the entire car boot if we brought it out to use for outings. But it was sturdy and it probably saved Cassandra’s life during a stroller accident on the road where the stroller made a 180 degrees flip but she was still strapped safely inside the stroller. She suffered a bruised and grazed nose and forehead while I had a deep gash on my arm and leg. That was the worst accident that ever happened to Cassandra and me 3 years ago. The both of us had certainly gone through quite a bit of bitter and terrifying experiences together since her birth.

  • 16Feb

    When I was pregnant with my daughters, I had acne on my face and back during the first trimester. Towards the last semester, I had very, very dry and itchy skin all over my body. No amount of lotion and emollient could bring relief to my skin. A friend of mine who was also pregnant developed a bad bout of eczema and acne. Someone recommended sulfur soap to treat the acne but I dared not try it, lest the soap contained some chemicals that are harmful to the fetus. Recently, I saw a shop selling sulfur soaps. I read from the label that it contains minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea. Not sure how effective it is on acne and eczema. I guess there is no harm trying if you are not pregnant.

  • 12Feb

    I fired my very first maid 10 years ago when I found out that she poured urine into my drinking water in what she thought could have ‘charmed’ me. I almost drank it but stopped to have a sniff when I smelled something foul in my water. Last week, there was an article in the newspapers on an elderly couple. I was reading the article with much interest until I read the part on the secrets to their longevity and vitality. The couple extolled the benefits of drinking their own urine. In the interview with the couple, the grand old dame revealed that she and her husband woke up at 4am every morning to pee… and then to drink their own urine and dab a few drops onto their face and eyes before going back to sleep! I was shocked to have read that and felt nauseated. Isn’t urine confined to only the toilet bowl or at most poured onto the soil as natural fertilizer for plants, like what my late maternal grandma did? I have heard of victims stranded in the jungle and under the rubble after an earth quake who survived only on their own urine. I never really gave it a thought about its life saving benefits until I decided to google search more on this subject of drinking one’s own urine.

    Foul Food For Thought:
    For its advocates, it is a miraculous elixir that has replaced the morning coffee as their first drink of the day; for most other people, it is bodily waste that should strictly confined to the toilet bowl. But is drinking one’s own urine really as good for you as its fans believe?

    Last week, British hiker Paul Beck was stranded in the Spanish mountains for six days – and survived by drinking his own urine. The 33-year-old slipped and dislocated his hip while walking. As he waited for rescuers to find him, he tried to exist on powdered chocolate and raw oats, but eventually resorted to urinating into a cup and drinking a few drops a day. He said: “It was pretty awful but in all I did it around five times to keep myself hydrated.”

    And last year, yachtsmen Mark Smith and Steven Freeman spent 11 days stranded in the South China Sea after their boat capsized and put their survival down to urine.

    But apart from possibly helping to keep one alive in extreme circumstances, is drinking urine really good for your health?

    Auto-urine therapy, or urotherapy as it is sometimes known, dates back to several ancient cultures and even, arguably, the Bible. Egyptian medical texts and Chinese and Indian documents mention the benefits of drinking one’s urine, while the Aztecs used it to disinfect wounds.

    Contrary to popular perception, urine is not a by-product of the body’s waste disposal system but of blood filtration. Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver, where toxins are removed and excreted as solid waste. The purified blood then goes through another filtering process via the kidneys, where components for which the body has no immediate use are collected in a sterile, watery solution. For that reason, it is highly sterile, consisting of 95 per cent water and five per cent nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibodies and other beneficial ingredients.

    Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way. While the practice has always been popular in China, India and South-east Asia, a small but growing band of Western fans are also downing a daily dose. Books with titles such as The Golden Fountain all extol the virtues of urine.

    One of the prime movers in the movement, Martha Christy (author of Your Own Perfect Medicine) says that the first toilet visit of the day is the most beneficial. She recommends a regime beginning with five drops of “fresh morning urine” under the tongue before gradually increasing the dosage to as much as a cupful, morning and night. Urine can also be used as eye and ear drops, for gargling with or in the bath.

    Ms Christy, who claims that drinking urine cured her of a host of medical problems, says that doctors have deliberately not highlighted the benefits of auto-urine therapy because there are no profits in it for them.

    But there is little firm proof for the claims made about the therapy and medical experts have remained unconvinced. Dr Michael Stroud, an expert in nutrition at Southampton University and who has been in many extreme situations during his record-breaking expeditions with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, says that people who believe that their urine can cure them of Aids and improve their complexions are “daft as brushes”.

    Sceptics have even poured cold water on the theory that it can save lives on the high seas or frozen mountain tops. They say that the concentration of nutrients such as sodium will take more water to get rid of than is present in urine – meaning it will dehydrate you rather than helping to keep you hydrated.

    Helen Andrews, of the British Dietetic Association, said: “There are no health benefits to drinking your own urine, and in fact I think it could be quite detrimental. Each time you put it back it will come out again even more concentrated and that is not good for health as it could damage the gut. If you are stranded, your body will try to conserve as much water as it can. Drinking your urine would be like drinking seawater.”

    Perhaps the last word should be left to that embracer of all things alternative, Jennifer Saunders’ character Eddy in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. “It’s urine therapy darling; it’s not to be sniffed at.”

    Bring your own – the guide to urotherapy
    * Urine is 95 per cent water, but it also contains small quantities of nutrients including calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium and zinc.

    * The actress Sarah Miles is an aficionado of drinking her own urine, while the author JD Salinger was also a fan.

    * Self-urine therapy dates back 5,000 years to ancient India, where it was known as “shivambu shastra” and seen as a way of rejuvenating body and soul.

    * Male porcupines use their urine to soften the female’s quills before mating, while vultures urinate on their legs to cool themselves.

    * Advocates claim it has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anticancer properties.

    * Research in the 1990s claimed that drinking urine could cure jet lag.

    * It is highly sterile. The Aztecs used it to prevent wounds becoming infected.

    * The practice is particularly popular in China, where millions of people drink a daily dose of their own urine.

    * In Cameroon, people were banned from drinking their own urine in 2003 amid health concerns. They were warned that transgressors would be prosecuted.

    * Some fans believe the Bible recommends urine therapy. A verse in Proverbs advises: “Drink waters from thy own cistern, flowing water from thy own well.

    Article extracted from http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/urine-the-bodys-own-health-drink-467303.html

    After reading this, are you prepared just yet to have a sip or two of your own pee??

  • 01Feb

    I am fortunate that I never have to cook up a storm for relatives and friends during Chinese New Year. If my mil happens to be back for CNY, she will be the chef, whipping up 2 – 3 sumptuous meals a day. She is even capable of cooking up a storm for a big group of relatives using all her high-end cookware, which she would only use if she has to cook ‘fanciful’ and ‘elaborate’ dishes. I dare not touch her cookware and collection of bakeware if she is not around, lest I accidentally break them, holy moly if I do as they are all very costly and imported! The pretty cookware and bakeware sit inside the kitchen cabinet nicely, with a layer of ‘protection’ until she returns.

    I do not bake as I cannot find the time to do so, though at times I am very tempted to do some baking with my kids. My kids will love me if I am ambitious enough to let them bake some cookies with me. Whenever my mil is overseas for a stretch of a few months, I will prepare pretty simple dishes using pretty simple cookware. One time, I was so tired of cooking that I ordered some home-cooked catered food but after just one month, I gave up. No matter how busy I may be, I have since told myself that home-cooked steamed chicken and steamed fish are still way tastier and healthier than the daily catered food which I got, which was laden with oil (and I have no frigging idea what oil the caterer used) and burnt wok remnants on all the dishes!

    If ever I have to take over the position of the chief chef of the house, I may buy a new collection of cookware. I will buy pots and pans that will help make my cooking sessions easier. I heard Shop Hot Pots have a good range of cookware. Busy me might just get them online since it’s so convenient. Yep, I am all for online shopping now ever since I started an online store myself.


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