• 25Apr

    I know that if I told my hubs about this problem, he will definitely chide me for delaying a trip to the ophthalmologist. He will probably comment that I would go blind if I have such a lackadaisical attitude towards my own health. I have written about having those black eye floaters in my vision several times since last year but can you beat it that I still have not made a trip to the eyes specialist? What made me write about this is because for the past few days, the black floaters appeared more frequently on my right eye. While I was seated on the throne yesterday, I could see the black floaters (which look like a tiny black spider hanging on its web swinging in front of me) each time I moved my eyeball — to the left, right, up and down. The single black floater on the right eye was there for several minutes each time I moved my eyeball deliberately. Several times when I had a drink, I thought that there was a drop of black dirt on the water but on closer look and after several blinks, I realized that it was the black floater. I hope to really make a trip to ISEC @ Mid Valley for an eye check next month, during the mid year school term break.

  • 25Apr

    I have lost count on the number of yoyos I had bought for my 3 girls over the years. We had tried expensive yoyos and cheap yoyos but none survived for over a year. The string of the yoyos often got entangled and when this happened, my girls would open up the cover to try detangling it. After a few times doing that, the yoyos were permanently dismembered. I vowed never to buy my girls yoyo again after these incidents. However, recently I could not resist my girls’ pleas when they begged me to buy them a very attractive and cheap yo yo at a toy shop. I succumbed to their pleas and I regretted. The same fate fell on that yoyo. I think that will be the last time I will ever buy a yoyo for my girls.

  • 23Apr

    A nagging pain from an injured lower gum is giving me the blues. I had accidentally whacked my front lower gums forcefully with the upper tip of the toothbrush where the plastic part is whilst brushing my teeth 3 days ago. I was in a hurry to brush my teeth and have a shower as the hubs was rushing me to get ready to go out… with no prior notice as usual. I get very annoyed and agitated when being rushed to do something with no prior notice given. In my haste to hurry up, I injured my gums with the darn toothbrush. You know how soft and sensitive the gums are, now the entire lower gums feel bruised and throbbing with pain. I feel as if the teeth from the lower gums will be yanked out any time. I dare not bite on any food that is hard. The pain in my gum is really giving me the blues, what more on a Monday where the blues are even more felt. Even twitching my face hurts my gums and chin now. Feel like crying a bucket and wish the pain will be gone right away!

  • 16Apr

    From the time I started blogging 5 years ago up until today, I have written over 1,000 product reviews and advertorials in my 3 blogs. I have written ads on all types of products from cosmetics to baby formula, diet pills, college degrees, cars, vehicle engines, musical instruments, condoms and just about on any product under the sky that are not illegal. I can easily dish out ads on products that I am familiar with but when I am assigned to write reviews on products like p6 extreme and machinery parts, that’s when I need to squeeze out some creative juices from my brain for ideas.

  • 12Apr

    2 days ago we brought Sherilyn to the dentist to have her front tooth extracted. It was her very first visit to the dentist. Can you beat it that I have never brought Sherilyn and Cassandra to the dentist? Not until recently, on 10 April 2012.   As for Alycia, I brought her to the dentist aeons ago when she was still a toddler. Now, the school’s in-house dentist checks her teeth.

    Sherilyn’s front tooth had been hanging loosely for the past one month and eating has been a hassle. We suggested bringing her to the dentist to have the tooth extracted when it bled lightly since last week but she chickened out. Then during Cassandra’s 4th birthday dinner at the steamboat restaurant on Monday, the tooth was almost yanked out while she was eating fishballs (LOL!!) and it caused the gum to bleed quite a bit. It was then that she could no longer stand having a terribly shaky tooth hanging on her gum, distorting her smile and the way she talked. The next day, we brought her to the dentist.

    Sherilyn was very well prepared for the visit to the dentist. She was not scared a wee bit. I guess her best friend, Berlyn’s recent visit to the same dentist last week to have her tooth extracted allayed her fears.

    The whole procedure from the time she was seated on the chair to the moment the tooth was yanked out by the dentist (without any equipment) was less than 2 minutes. The dentist sprayed a cooling stuff to numb the gum and then pulled off the shaky tooth effortlessly and Sherilyn was not even aware that her tooth was pulled out until we cheered and laughed!

    It was Cassandra who was a tad nervous and scared. It was her first visit to the dentist and her first time witnessing the dentist pulling off someone’s tooth. Good thing I brought her along. At least she now has an impression that tooth extraction is painless and so simple! Makes it easier for all of us if we ever need to bring her to the dentist to have her tooth extracted too.

    Bill came up to RM45 for such a simple procedure! Expensive?

    Sherilyn at 7years 2 months
    Cassandra at 4 years old

  • 10Apr

    I am a sucker for healthy bread — bread with multi-grain, multi-seed, multi-nuts and flour-free bread. My girls are a sucker for Gardenia white bread. They can eat it 3x a day with no complaints (eat it on its own some more!),  albeit I think Alycia the rice-addict will be craving for rice for dinner. For Sherilyn, she will have absolutely no complaints with eating bread everyday.  When our maid leaves us, my girls shall have Gardenia white bread for lunch everyday I promise!

    Here’s one of Gardenia’s latest product, which iLove to bits.  I love to have my mum’s homemade pandan kaya and homemade strawberry jam spread on it.  Also love my bread spread with SCS butter and my mil’s homemade pesto sauce.

    Passione Italiana Herbal Mediterranean Mixed Grains bread:

    The other 2 latest healthy bread by Gardenia are Sommerset Cottage Multi Grain & Seeds and Bonjour Le Classique Sesawhite.

    You can check out Gardenia’s website for more information. This is not a paid post, though I am hoping that the Gardenia Management reads this post and gives me a free supply of their delish bread for a year muahahahaha!!

  • 01Apr

    Today I witnessed a near-miss case of pick-pocketing at the supermarket of Isetan. I said near-miss as the pickpocket thief was face-to-face with me and he stopped short when he noticed that I noticed him !! In the crowded supermarket where there was a Japan food fair on-going, the thief who looked suspicious pretended to squeeze his way through the crowd of people. I noticed him very obviously as he passed by me many times. Just when he was about to put his hand into the bag of a Japanese lady, I saw his hand and he saw me looking at him! He immediately withdrew his hand from the handbag, quickly walked away and pretended to look at some discount pool pumps nearby. I quickly alerted the Japanese woman about the thief and she thanked me gratefully. I should have alerted the security guards nearby too. I was too shocked to have reacted accordingly.

  • 01Apr

    My hubs is very good at buying just the right gift for me. So far, I love all his birthday gifts to me. He had in my previous birthdays given me 2 digital cameras, a Blackberry mobile phone and the latest is a Samsung Galaxy Note. All these gadgets have helped me out tremendously in my work. When I first saw the new android phone last week, for a moment I thought that it was a rim play book. Now I am enjoying playing with my new android ‘toy’ 😀


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