• 30Jul

    I started to have swollen varicose veins on my legs when I was pregnant with Sherilyn. The swell on the varicose veins subsided after delivery of the baby but they were still quite obvious as I have very fair skin. When I was pregnant with Cass, my 3rd daughter, the varicose veins were swollen again and this time, it hurt badly and the veins were very prominent. It hurt even more when I was standing or walking. It was so bad that I had to buy juzo compression stockings and wore them at night from the 4th month of pregnancy until delivery. Though extremely uncomfortable on my legs, they did help a tad bid in reducing the swell on the varicose veins. After the birth of Cass, the varicose subsided but they are still pretty obvious on my legs up until today.

  • 30Jul

    The girls received a bag load of goodies from their aunt from Hong Kong recently. Some of the gifts include 2 boxes of Star Wars Lego blocks, which cost a bomb over here. The 2 boxes of Star Wars Lego will keep the 3 girls occupied during the school holidays, which will start in 2 weeks. I think the 2 boxes of Lego will take them a whole week to be assembled as there are many tiny pieces, including some pieces that look like bolts and t-slot. I have never really liked Lego as I am not one who has the absolute patience to fix and assemble things.

  • 26Jul

    Here’s a very simple and quick-to-whip up lunch which I prepared for the girls.

    Green tea noodles with sesame seed oil, toasted sesame seeds, a drop of soy sauce and stall bought roast chicken and lean ‘char siew’ .

    Before eating lunch, my girls will always have a bowl of fruits first.

    Easy peasy meal without much preparation but I just hate the washing up after each meal.  I think I will need some time to get used to washing the dishes, after having had a live-in helper to help me for 10 years.

  • 17Jul

    It has been a long and tiring day for me. I barely had the time to sit in front of the PC to do my online work since yesterday. Today our live-in helper left home for good.   I thought I could call it a day off at about 9:30pm after making sure that the 3 rascals had taken their shower, gargled their throat with salt water and ready for bed until I smelled perfume in the kitchen and Alycia was yelling “mummy, Kay Yi is crying!”  I rushed out to check on her and she was sobbing away while struggling to tell me what had happened to her.   This mischievous girl, as disobedient as ever, had sprayed perfume onto her face and eyes!!  I had told her infinite number of times that she cannot use any of my make-up and perfume nor can she eat anything (in particular vitamins and Esberitox, which the girls love) in the kitchen without asking  my permission.   But she never listens.  Just like I need to remind her every single day to wash her hands with soap after she comes back from school before eating her lunch but she just never listens!   Anyway… I quickly took a sniff of her face and it smelled of my strong Christian Dior perfume!  Curiosity had almost blinded the cat.  She kept rubbing her eyes and cried uncontrollably.  I rushed her to the bathroom while scolding her profusely for using my things without first asking me.   I was worried yet fuming mad that she had disobeyed me yet again!  I scared her by telling her that the perfume would blind her eyes.  I told her that her disobedience had landed her in big  trouble.  I wasn’t sure if she was scared or worried.  Sherilyn is fearless, bold and daring.  She was crying simply because her eyes and face were stinging.  I quickly washed her face and told her to keep gargle her mouth with water.    I hope Sherilyn has learned her lesson well.

  • 11Jul

    My baby girl had a slight runny nose recently.  Just as she was about to leave for school, she rummaged through my cupboard where I place some first-aid stuff and fished out a cute face mask with Disney cartoon characters which grandma bought from Hong Kong Disneyland.  She told me as a matter of factly that she did not want to spread her germs to her friends, thus had to wear the face mask.  And she dutifully wore the face mask throughout the time she was in school for a good 4 hours. When I picked her up from school, the face mask was still on her face.  Such a sweet and considerate little girl she was!

    I am one who hates wearing face mask but had to wear a face mask for 24 hours a day for almost a week in the hospital when I was down with a bad throat infection and fever during Cassandra’s surgery 3 years ago. I will never forget how uncomfortable it was to be sleeping with a face mask on a hospital bed and until rashes broke up on my face!

    Do you let your child wear a face mask to school when they are down with a cold?

  • 10Jul

    In the recent years, mangosteens have been over-rate and touted as one of the world’s top Super Foods, citing it as amongst the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. One of these life-enhancing antioxidants is found in Mangosteen pericarp and is called Xanthone.

    Some of the claimed health benefits of eating mangosteen:
    Free radical fighter
    Cardio support
    Immune system Enhancer
    Powerful antioxidant
    Skin rashes, infections and wounds

    Whether mangosteens are the acclaimed super food or not, all of us in the family love eating mangosteens. We normally grab a bag of mangosteens after buying durians. This is because mangosteens are believed to be ‘cooling’ for the body and durians are ‘heaty’. Thus eating mangosteens after eating durians may balance the yin and yang of the body, by expelling some ‘heatiness’ from the body.

    While I love eating mangosteens (minus breaking them up), I find that the seeds of the mangosteen rather irritating. In the past, I used to spit out the seeds until recently, where I chew them together with the flesh and swallow everything down. I find that if I keep spitting out the seeds, I would have nothing much to eat! Since mangosteens are considered a super food, I guess there is no harm in swallowing the seeds too. But just the other day, as I was eating mangosteens and chewing the seeds too, it just dawned on me whether it is safe to eat the seeds too. I know that the seeds of certain fruits (like lime) are toxic to the body. For mangosteen, I am unable to find much information on whether the seeds are harmful to the human body.

    I wish to seek an answer and hope someone can enlighten me.

  • 07Jul

    I know of a local former beauty queen who had a boops job done and then insured her heavy assets! I also know of a local super model with legs so straight and long that made heads turn wherever she went to, who insured her legs. Some drop-dead gorgeous superstars insure their faces, some singers insure their throat / voice while some photographers buy liability insurance for photographers. The hubs and I only buy insurance for the kids and for our health, besides the usual vehicle insurance and property insurance. What other bizarre insurances have you heard of?

  • 07Jul

    The rats are now having a whale of their time, doing what they are not supposed to do, as the big, fierce cat is too busy to prey on them! This is how I feel when my kids are monkeying around though they know they have tons of unfinished homework. I am the big, fierce cat and the rats are my 3 rascals. Much as I would like to sit with them at the table to ensure that their homework is done and time well spent, I however do not have the time to do just that. I have spent the whole morning today at Cassandra’s sports day event and out shopping in the afternoon. That’s three quarter of a productive day gone. What I have to do next is to write a review on discount avo cigars. The sight of my side table is dampening my mood to have an enjoyable Sunday with my family tomorrow as I have a heap of stock to check and pack for my customers, for courier pick up on Monday. Do you believe in striking a lucky lottery or hitting a big jackpot??

  • 04Jul

    For someone with a very ‘heaty’ body, I used to get throat infection very frequently when I was younger. Till today, my body and throat will surely act up after a meal of KFC or deep fried fritters. My hands are also perpetually very warm. The Husband is not much better. He too has tonsils and is very prone to getting throat infections and mouth ulcers (which was so horrible that he was hospitalized for a week for a mouth infested with ulcers one time). So naturally, ‘by default’, our 3 girls have our DNA and have a pretty ‘heaty’ body and they used to get throat infections and fevers very frequently too when they were younger (Alycia and Sherilyn). But a change in what we eat can put a stop to the monthly trips to the paed’s clinic. We avoid deep fried food and fast food as much as we can. A drink of fresh coconut water is a must at least 4-5 times in a week, on top of downing lots of plain water, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. I find Manuka honey pretty effective in warding off a throat infection too. And not forgetting the nightly gargle of sea salt water just before bedtime. With this daily regimen, my kids and I are fine.  There has been no more frequent trips to the doctor’s clinic *thank GOD!*

    2 weeks ago, after having a feast of durians by the roadside on a hot and hazy afternoon, I felt feverish and could feel an impending sore throat and cough.   At the advice of the MIL, I made myself several cups of American Wild Ginseng tea on top of  downing coconut water.  Thankfully the next day I was fine again.    Last week we had pizza and chicken nuggets delivered home for dinner.  To ‘counter’ the heatiness of pizza and deep fried chicken nuggets, I downed several cups of American Wild Ginseng tea.  For my kids, I gave them Manuka honey with freshly squeezed lemon juice, not forgetting the nightly gargling of sea salt water.  Thank God we are fine too 😀


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