• 30Dec

    People whom I have newly befriended often ask me what I do. I tell them that I am a work-from-home-mum and I tell them that I earn money from the internet. They would then ask me for my business card and I tell them that though I am my own boss, I have no business card and I work in my pajamas at home lol! Perhaps I should consider getting myself a business card so that I can advertise my online store, blogs and another small-time business that I am currently involved in. Business cards do not cost a lot. Perhaps I should add this into my New Year Resolution list too! And I should also check out business card printing from printingamerica.com to get ideas for my business card.

  • 27Dec

    I have really heavy menses ever since I had children.  Before the kids came along, I had PCOS and would only get my menses 3-4 times in a year and even if my AF came, it was very light.  During those pre-children days, I was dying to have regular AF every month coz if that happened, it would be a sign of balanced hormones and planning a pregnancy would be easy. But as fate had it, it was not easy for me…. at all!   Long story cut short, my monthly AF now is very heavy in most months. It is so heavy that even wearing double extra long pads during night time would not contain the AF from seeping out.

    The below picture is a common sight every month, on the second day of my AF, first thing in the morning.  This morning was terrible. Though I had lined my bed with another piece of bedsheet, the blood seeped through my boxer pants, the extra bedsheet, the bedsheet and the mattress protector.  When I felt something cold and wet on the bed at 6am, I jumped out of bed. Horror of all horrors!  I quickly washed myself up first.  Then sprayed Pre-Spot from Melaleuca on the blood on my boxer pants, ripped off all the sheets from my mattress and kept spraying Pre-Spot like a lunatic… then sprayed Sol-U-Guard on my mattress, washed the blood away briefly under running tap water and dumped all the stained sheets and clothes in the washing machine.


    Half an hour later after the washing machine cycle….. I could not be happier when I checked all the soiled clothing and sheets.  Not a tinge of blood stain was on my new boxer pants and the mattress protector.  So happy!!!


    By the way, Pre-Spot is very helpful in removing oil stains, curry stains and black dirt stains from my hubs’ shirts.   He runs a food and beverage business and coming back with stains on his white shirts is very common. Thanks to Pre-Spot, his white shirts are still white!

  • 24Dec

    I love eating mangosteens.  Mangosteen is a superfruit that contains a rich nutrient base along with the potential impact for lowering risk against various diseases. Mangosteens are also considered a ‘cooling’ fruit and many people will eat this fruit after eating durian – the king of fruit, to expel ‘heatiness’ from the body.

    The flesh of fresh mangosteens is very white. However, sometimes among the white flesh, the flesh in some segments have a coating of yellowish slimy paste.  Whenever I see this yellow paste, I will throw the entire mangosteen away. I wonder what the yellowish coating is and if it is detrimental to our health.

    Would you eat the other segments of the mangosteen if a few segments have this yellow coating? Or you eat the yellowish flesh as well?


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  • 22Dec

    The girls told me that they wanted to have ABC soup, just like granny’s homemade Western ABC soup and I said no problem if they could help to peel and cut the vegetables. They could not be happier to help out in the kitchen!  And so here they are in action…

    I only allowed Alycia and Sherilyn to help out as it involved holding a peeler and kitchen knife to peel and cut the onions, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.  Cass could only watch and wished that she could help….


    While granny’s Western ABC soup does not contain any meat, has soy bean milk powder and olive oil added and is blended, ours was Chinese style, i.e. cooked with meat and not blended. And they tasted delish as well, not to mention wholesome.

    Our dinner on 16 Dec 2012 — Chinese style ABC soup  with rice, a meat dish and a blanched veggie too.


  • 16Dec

    This is the picture of my badly injured palms, after a trip-and-fall on the road when I was jogging in the morning.  That was one of the worst mishaps that had happened to me, after the stroller accident where Cass and I fell on the road when I was jogging with her in the stroller four years ago. Cass was only 7 months old.

    A month later, my palms are 100% healed, thanks to Melagel from Melaleuca!


    No one would have believed that just a month ago, the palms had such terrible open wounds. Love my Melagel!

  • 09Dec

    Sherilyn’s wish for X’mas this year is again her 2 front teeth.  Her 2 front teeth dropped about a year ago and the permanent ones still have not sprouted out.  Everyone has been asking her where her 2 front teeth are.  She is worried sick too and I always tell her that because she has been telling lies to mummy, that’s the reason why the teeth just won’t grow and if she continues to tell lies, the teeth will never come out LOL * evil mum*

    But I am not worried just yet that the permanent teeth are not sprouting out.  That’s because her 2 front teeth fell off prematurely.  First, she knocked them loose when she hit the 2 front teeth on a friend’s hard knees.   A few months later, this clumsy pot walked straight into a glass door and hit her teeth and face on the glass door, OUCH!!  After the second incident, the teeth dropped months later.  Also, she cut her first tooth only at 13 months old. So naturally, the permanent teeth will make their appearances later too.  So I shall wait and see if Santa gives her two front teeth for X’mas this year 🙂

  • 09Dec

    I can see that Cass is someone who likes to make full use of her time and does not like to idle away time. While waiting for the food to arrive each time we eat out, she will bug me for some activities to kill time. The first thing that she would ask me is for some Math questions. She is a Math lover and can now do addition pretty well at age 4.5YO. Or she will ask for a piece of paper to draw or write. Sometimes she will count toothpicks, sugar sachets, Navy coins or anything that she sees on the table. I am glad that my baby girl is not someone who likes daydreaming and does nothing like a lazy bum.

  • 09Dec

    Besides feeding Cass with psyllium husk tomorrow, I must make a mental note to give her a handful of organic cherry tomatoes for breakfast tomorrow. And 1 whole kiwi fruit too. Hopefully she will cooperate with me and chomp down her fruits and psyllium husk, else I will have to use the old trick of threatening her with the bottle of enema! I have not used enema on her for a long time now! This girl is terrified of the enema. She will run helter skelter for her dear life and scream blue murder if I go near her with the bottle of liquid, poor girl.

  • 09Dec

    Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass are enjoying their art class very much. Besides learning the techniques of painting with water color and oil pastels, their art teacher has taught them how to paint fridge magnets, make lanterns, make Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and other interesting crafts. The other day, they made a very pretty Frisbee too. I am really glad that they are enjoying their art class. Though painful on our budget as we are spending on 3 kids, it is worth every sen.
    You can check out a range of awesome personalized frisbees here too.

  • 09Dec

    Cass is still very much a constipated child.  Her constipation was far worse off before she was trained to poo in the throne.  It was through a few very painful and traumatic experiences that she finally cooperated and ditched pooing in her diaper for the throne.  Though I feed her with fruits, veggie and lots of water everyday, she still suffers from constipation occasionally.  She hasn’t pooed yet today.  I must remember to put a teaspoon of plain psyllium husk into her milk tomorrow morning!  And I must give her more than 1 serving of fruits tomorrow.


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