• 23Jan

    I normally cook whatever I find in the fridge. What I cook also depends on how much pending work I have.   On some days, I will cook up something wacky like porridge for lunch. And for dinner, I’ll just steam some fish and prepare a salad, like this one…

    East meets West…


    1) Roast pork ribs porridge with dried mushrooms and sweet potato

    2) Steamed cod fish and white pomfret fish with red dates, dried mushrooms and spring onions. I seasoned this dish with soy sauce, sesame seed oil and pepper.

    3) Broccoli salad with green apples, green pears, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, hard boiled eggs and Goma salad sauce.

    Healthy stuff eh? Something ‘ching’ (not oily and heavy), easy to whip up,  no oil splatters but still a lot of washing to do!  Thank you Lord for sending me a very good part time maid to help me with the cleaning up  every evening!

  • 23Jan

    Noodles with anchovies soup is something that my girls love and it’s quite easy to whip up. I can add just about any ingredients to the noodles from chicken fillet to minced meat, meat balls, fish balls, fish paste, seafood, green veggie and the list goes.

    My kid’s bowl of wholesome organic brown rice vermicelli with anchovies and tomato soup, minced meat, squids, fish paste, meat balls and sawi.  And it tasted just as good as stall bought ones, minus the MSG and other food additives! 🙂


    So much ‘liu’ (ingredients) in my pot of anchovies-tomato soup, YUMS!!


  • 13Jan

    This is our dinner tonight….

    Chicken bolognaise spaghetti and avocado-organic french beans-cherry tomatoes salad, sprinkled with  organic sunflower seeds and drizzled with Japanese sesame seed salad dressing.

    Simple and wholesome and the kids loved it!


    These days, I am into making salads as it does not involve garlic/ onion peeling and chopping and no stir-frying too. For busy WFHMs like me, we take the shortest way out, without compromising on the kids’ health 🙂


    So happy to see my little one enjoying her dinner 🙂

  • 11Jan

    Today is the 5th day I have broken my exercise regime. Blame it on the hubs who has been leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning to get to his shop / kitchen to supervise his staff (the clients have morning functions) and I have no one around at home to watch the kids. Well, to watch Cass only. I would have to wait until she is at least 6 or 7 years old before I can leave her at home with her 2 older sisters.

    But I ain’t going to sulk because I can’t sweat it out on the road and in the gym. I make do with what I have.  This morning alone, I have already climbed 10 flight of stairs, separated into 2  sessions — at 8:15am when I walked Cass to school and at 9am when I went out to buy veggie.  Later when I pick Cass up from school, we will walk up to the 5th floor again.  In the afternoon when I pick Aly and Sher up when they are back from school, we will climb the stairs again. So 5 flight of stairs x 4 = 20 flight of stairs, which equals to approximate 15 minutes or lesser. With all the walking to and fro school, lobby, out of house, etc, I have at least 20 – 25 minutes of exercise. So I can now chomp down my toast with chocolate hazelnut Nutella without the guilt haha!

  • 06Jan

    The kids have been bugging me to buy them those processed jellies from the supermarket each time we go groceries-shopping.  Looking at the ingredients of these processed jellies, they contain mostly of sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, guar gum and other food additives, which are terribly bad for health, not to mention hazardous for young kids.  Fatal incidences of young kids choking to death when eating these cup-jellies are very common.  So I decided to make some all-natural jellies to satiate their cravings.

    But I could not find our jelly moulds.  Alycia and I hunted for the moulds high and low and in every nook and corner but they just could not be found.  So I made do with lunch boxes haha!  And I feel it is so much more convenient to use larger containers — easier to pour, store in fridge (can even cover the containers) and wash.

    I used a packet of the good old traditional agar-agar strips, which only cost me RM2.50 a packet.


    I added Ribena and lots of fresh kiwi and grapes .


    Though there is no jelly mould, the jellies could still be shaped with my old My Melody and Star shaped cookie cutters which I bought online aeons ago when I was in the bento-craze phase!


    Healthy and all-natural (almost) jellies which my kids love and it ain’t hard to make at all! My next mission is to make coconut jellies from pure coconut water and flesh. We tasted this jelly at Han Room and everyone got hooked on the coconut jelly.

  • 03Jan

    This is the last meal that the mil dished up for us before we left for Ipoh and before she left for Hong Kong.  After she was done with this, she cooked a big pot of turmeric chicken for us, for deep freezing into 2 portions. All her homecooked dishes in the freezer will be our ration on days that I am too busy or too tired to cook. There are still 4 servings of dishes sitting in the freezer now.

    Cantonese style fried yee mein with seafood consisting of squids, prawns, meat slices, veggie and egg sauce.  The deep fried yee mein was made from scratch.  The kids love yee mein but the mil does not fancy the idea of her grand kids eating deep fried noodles fried with oil from questionable source.  So she bought some raw wanton noodles and deep fried them herself.

    Oodles of yummy homecooked noodles!


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