• 31May

    I have not had a pap smear and full medical check up for almost 4 years! I know you are probably raising both your eye brows now and shaking your head in disbelief.  How could this health freak mommy do this to herself!?  How could I have done this to myself?!  I could have killed myself unknowingly.  I have taken care of my kids’ health and well-being so well but neglected on my own.  Any malignant disease  can still be successfully treated if discovered early.   Blame it on procrastination and busyness.  Lame excuses! Shame on myself 🙁

    I told the hubs that by hook or crook, I have to get it done by this month but today is already the last day of May!!  I promise myself that I MUST get it done by next week!!  And I hope that everything is A-OK with me! Well, I feel good, no pain anywhere and no unusual tell-tale signs in any part of my body.  Dear God, please let me be fine.  I want to live  long enough to see my girls graduate from uni, get married and I want to be a granny to my girls’ kids. Most of all, I want to travel round the world! Amen…

    Have you done your pap smear and medical check up yet? How often do you do it?

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  • 31May

    It is so true when they say that if you buy a piece of good quality swimsuit, it can last you for many years. The hubs bought a very costly piece of swimsuit for Sherilyn when she was 4 years old but she only wore it for a year as she outgrew it too fast. I kept it for over 2 years and now, Cass is wearing it. The swimsuit, which looks like one of those la blanca swimwear at aquabeachwear.com still looks brand new, color still as bright and pretty as new and Cass looks so good in it. The next time I buy Alycia a swimsuit, I will get her a good quality and branded one as it can be handed down to #2 and #3! It is like paying the price of one for three!

  • 31May

    I love holidays as I get to enjoy my breakfast with the girls.  If I am in the mood to cook, I will whip up some scrambled eggs and omelettes filled with cheeses and mushrooms.   If the MIL is around, she will whip up pancakes, fried eggs or some simple but delish sandwiches, like this one…

    Homemade wholewheat flax seed bread with avocado spread, fried egg and pan fried Hormel’s spam meat.


    I never buy spam meat or deli meat for the kids.  The mil would buy them once in a rare occasion and we will get to eat them like 5-6 times in a year.  Yes these meats are well known for all the bad reasons but if you eat them once in a purple moon and limit the portion  each time, I guess it is A-OK. Moderation is the key!

    We also had some really soft and tasty black sesame buns that the MIL bought from an organic food expo at Mid Valley.


  • 31May

    When our live-in helper left last year, I flipped when I opened the door of our washing machine. Having had a live-in helper for over 10 years, I hardly ever touched the washing machine. The first thing that greeted me when I opened the washing machine door was mold. The rubber tube sealing the opening of the washing machine was so badly invested with mold that I could not even wipe them away. I almost fainted when I opened the detergent and softener drawer. The interior of the drawer was completely black! Black with mold! Fortunately I could wipe off 80% of the mold but I could not reach the deep end of the detergent drawer compartment. I spent almost an hour cleaning the dirty sh*t left by our helper. I almost wanted to get a vest mold fogger to remove the mold from the washing machine but that would take time. I had a few loads of dirty laundry to do at that time. I think that lady never ever wiped the washing machine despite me telling her to do so. My mistake was I did not have the time to check on the washing machine. Even if I have a new live-in helper in future, I think I will handle the washing machine myself after this bad experience.

  • 22May

    This morning, I made this raw jam for my breakfast.

    Ingredients used:

    1) 1 ripened avocado
    2) 1 ripened Del Monte banana
    3) A handful of raw hazelnuts
    4) About 1 tablespoon of maple syrup

    Put everything into my Shimono blender and pulse for about 30 seconds and I had a very delightful raw jam to spread on my Vita-Weat’s poppy seeds, sunflower and rye lunch slices!

    I got my Vita-Weat lunch slices from Cold Storage @ RM14.99 a pack. Pretty costly eh?


  • 20May

    Granola Trail Mix by Nature’s Habit – this is by far the yummiest and crunchiest granola I have tried and it’s gonna be for keeps for sure.  It also has generous amounts of almonds and pecans. I’ll definitely grab a few more packs the next time I shop at Cold Storage.

    Albeit pretty costly at over RM12 for a small pack of 113gm (for about 3-4 servings) , I do not really mind spending a little more on healthy snacks.  This is still way healthier than a pack of carb and calorie laden nasi lemak, a bowl of noodles or some kuih muih, agree?


  • 17May

    Here’s our homecooked lunch yesterday…


    Corn noodles (noodles are made from corn flour) with meat balls in anchovies soup and Chinese cabbage, accompanied with crab meat and fish paste rolls.

    As the girls love noodles with fish balls or meat balls, we have this at least once every week. It is easy to prepare and cooking time is short.

  • 13May

    The other day, I bought 2 large cucumbers from Tesco at less than a dollar for 2!  As I still had some mint leaves and ripe tomatoes in the fridge, I decided to make a cucumber + tomatoes + mint leaves + green apple smoothie for myself and the mil.  After whirling the smoothie for a few seconds, I tried the smoothie and it was a tad sourish.  So I poured some guava yoghurt drink into the Shimono cup and pulsed it for a few more seconds and now, it tasted more palatable and refreshing!

  • 13May

    The other day, Cass woke up with insect bite marks all over her body and limbs. She was scratching like crazy when she woke up in the morning. Poor girl, I think she must have been bitten by some bugs. I applied some Melaleuca oil on her body and sprayed some demand cs insecticide on the mattress. I hope that this managed to get rid of those pesky bugs. Poor Cass, she seems to be attracting a lot of mozzies and bugs to give her love bites all over her body and she has been asking me why these insects just love to bite her!

  • 11May

    Today is Cass’ kindy’s sports day. We left the house at 8am and I left with only some fruits and a cup of milk in my tummy which I took  earlier. By the time we reached home at 10am, we were all very hungry. I quickly whipped up orange + chia seeds smoothie for the girls and whipped up something really fruity, nutty and milky for myself!

    My hazelnut milk + fruits smoothie. It was my first time trying out this delish concoction and I think I am going to do it again as I loved it!

    1 medium size sweet apple, skin peeled and de-seeded
    1/4 cup fresh milk
    1/4 cup plain boiled water
    6 purple grapes
    6 hazelnuts (raw). You can add more if you want it thicker and nuttier
    Ice cubes (optional)

    Pour all the ingredients into the Shimono cup. Screw on the X blade and pulse for about 10 seconds and it’s all ready to be savored directly from the cup!


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