• 31Jul

    My kids call their daddy Handy Manny for their daddy is indeed one. He has a whole array of tools at home, including a straight line action clamp to help him carry out minor restoration works and installation of fixtures at home. Had he not been in the food catering business, I think he would excel in the home designing and renovation business as he is also a very artistic person in nature. Do you think it is too late to switch profession now? At age 42?

  • 31Jul

    The soles of my feet are one of the ugliest I have ever seen.  I used to tell the hubs that the sole of my feet have a worst off appearance than that of our former live-in helper’s feet.  To begin with, I have very dry skin.  I started to have cracked heels ever since I became a SAHM.  Wetting my feet with soap and water all the time has taken a serious toll on the skin  of my feet and heels. Over the years, the peeling and cracking of the skin have become really bad.  The cracks and peeling on the soles of the feet have caused  dirt to enter beneath the skin and this has caused the soles of my feet to look dirty.

    The chronic dry skin on the soles of my feet and cracked heels have improved ever since I started to use Renew skin therapy from Melaleuca.  Recently, I started using Melaleuca’s Body Satin foot scrub and this has helped to soften the skin on the sole of my feet.

    One sure way of keeping the skin on my feet supple is to avoid wetting the feet so often but this is impossible right now with house work in my way.

    I am too ashamed to even post pictures of my unsightly feet in this blog.  If you ever see the pictures of my feet, I’ll bet you won’t believe that they belong to the person with a face with such soft skin!  I have now set aside 10 minutes each day to soften my feet with Melaleuca’s foot scrub and a pumice and hopefully, I can get rid of the dirt beneath the skin. Next, I have to do something to ‘close up’ all the cracks and peeling on the soles.  Hopefully by year’s end, I can see some improvement on my feet.

  • 27Jul

    A common trend we’re seeing in modern medical practitioners is to turn to the use of mobile medical units as a means of giving back to the community. A very high percentage of the population in the United States is currently uninsured and unable to visit the doctor without incurring heavy financial loss. Mobile medical units allow doctors to venture into the community to offer their services without needing to open a dedicated practice. In effect, a mobile medical unit can be used to open a temporary clinic out in the community.

    Mobile medical units from LifelineMobile.com
    come in many different shapes and sizes and can be specialized to function for particular areas of healthcare. Units exist primarily for phlebotomy, for instance, to perform blood work for a large number of people at a time, and it would be possible to outfit a unit to better cope with flu season, or even to perform emergency detail in exceedingly hot summers where heat stroke can become a problem among the elderly. This allows medical professionals to establish dedicated clinics on the fly and transport them to where they need to be to serve the largest number of people in need.

    Mobile medical units allow doctors to reach out into the community at costs they can afford in order to perform services they want. For this reason, they have become increasingly popular, and it can be expected that they will grow more commonplace as the economy rises and falls and more people require specialized medical services.

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  • 26Jul

    The other day, a relative from London gave us a box of Rooibos tea. I have never really appreciated other types of tea except for green tea and certain types of Chinese tea like Osmanthus tea and Char Wong (King of Tea). But most of the strong Chinese tea give me a caffeine rush and many times, I would suffer from light-headedness, nausea and heart palpitation. Double Latte and Espresso give me the same side effects too.

    Anyway, I gave the Rooibos tea a try the other day and have been hooked on it since. And knowing that Rooibos tea is bursting with health benefits makes me appreciate it even more.

    Here are the health benefits of Rooibos tea.  Article is taken from http://greenlifediary.com

    Caffeine free – The rooibos plant grows naturally without any caffeine. This is important, as it means it does not need to undergo a chemical process to remove the caffeine. It also means that anyone can drink it, including those who do not want to drink caffeine such as children & pregnant women. The other key benefit of no caffeine is that rooibos tea can be drunk in unrestricted amounts, in fact, the average South African will consume 5-6 cups per day.

    Contains powerful antioxidants – Rooibos tea contains a huge array of antioxidants, which help to protect the body in a number of ways. Two polyphenol antioxidants called aspalathin and nothofagin are found in high concentrations in rooibos tea. These antioxidants protect the body by fighting free radicals. These are unstable cells, which attack healthy cells in order to stabilise themselves. The polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory properties and can safeguard against heart disease.

    Prevents against some cancers – Some studies have demonstrated a link between consumption of rooibos tea and a reduction of cancer-causing chemicals. This is because of the high level of dominant antioxidants, some of which have anti-mutagenic properties. This means that they defend cells & DNA against damage and inhibit them from developing into cancer.

    High mineral content – One of the key health benefits of rooibos tea is that it contains several minerals that are vital to health. These include: magnesium – essential for the nervous system, calcium & manganese – essential for strong teeth and bones, zinc – important for metabolism and iron – critical for helping blood & muscles distribute oxygen.

    Improves circulation – One of the many potent antioxidants in rooibos tea is called Chysoeriol. It can improve circulation by preventing the activity of the enzyme that triggers cardiovascular disease. Drinking rooibos tea also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Relieves stomach complaints – As rooibos tea contains high levels of flavonoids, especially one called quercetin, it has the ability to relieve numerous abdominal ailments such as cramps, diahorrea and indigestion. This is because the flavonoids help to reduce spasm, inflammation and allergies. It has also been widely stated that the health benefits of rooibos tea extend to alleviating colic in babies. As it is totally caffeine free, it is perfectly safe for them to drink rooibos tea.

    Aids absorption of iron – Unlike most black teas, which prevent the body from absorbing iron effectively because of the tannins they contain, rooibos tea supports the body in absorbing iron. This is because rooibos tea contains less than half the tannins of black tea.

    Can relieve skin conditions – A more recent discovery of the benefits of rooibos tea is that it can help you to look more beautiful! Rooibos tea contains phenyl pyretic acid, which can help to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema. You can apply a freshly brewed and cooled tea bag to the affected areas and it will soothe and heal any inflammation.

    Can protect against Parkinsons/Alzheimers disease – drinking rooibos tea regularly can protect against a process known as lipid peridoxation. This is where free radicals damage brain cells and nerve tissue. If this is prolonged, it can lead eventually to progressive and deteriorating brain disease, such as Alzheimers. Laboratory tests on rats showed little difference in brain function from a group of older rats given rooibos tea to the brains of newborn rats.

    Encourages restful sleep – One of the many health benefits of rooibos teais that it can be drunk as often as you wish and at any time of day. Many people choose to drink it before bedtime as it can help with insomnia. Due to its high mineral content and lack of caffeine, it helps people to feel calm and relaxed.

  • 26Jul

    Every business has concerns about employee absenteeism. You can provide a safe working environment, and that certainly helps, but most of the employees are absent or are injured from instances outside the work environment. Health benefits might extend beyond a comprehensive and affordable employee benefit, but how might you encourage wellness among your employees in the most cost effective manner?

    Weight Loss
    Obesity causes a large number of distinct medical problems. It can lead to high blood pressure that can cause heart attacks and strokes. It can lead to diabetes with its own unique complications, and it can reduce energy, negatively influence mental concentration and supreme emotional upheaval for your employees. It can also cause increased medical expenses as employees seek treatment for these conditions.

    Health and wellness experts have long proclaimed the benefits of walking. Normally low-impact, this exercise can be enjoyed in almost any environment, indoors or out. Encourage walking for five minutes during employee breaks or 20 minutes during employee lunch breaks. Institute a stairway program where your employees take the stairs instead of the elevator each day.

    You can offer benefit incentives to enroll and actively and consistently participate. Possible “bennies” might include reduced medical plan premiums, status awards or cash bonuses. Any reward that encourages your employees regularly and continuously will have greater odds of success in increased employee presence than a simple mention in the company newsletter or a notice on a bulletin board in the break room. Remember that there is a difference between recognition and reward.

    Your benefits come in reduced medical costs, increased employee attendance and elevated profits. Learn more about employee wellness programs at incentahealth.com.

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  • 19Jul

    Today I just feel like doing nothing, absolutely nothing.  I did not even exercise in the morning and have skipped taking my shower in the morning lol!  I woke up at 4:45am feeling dead tired and with a heavy head again.  I went through the motions of my early morning routine — doing some housework and to get Alycia and Sherilyn ready for school. After sending them to school, I just did not feel like jogging or walking the stairs. Instead, I went back to my unit to enjoy my breakfast while reading the newspapers, in sheer peace!  Then, I woke Cass up and got her ready for school.  She was late as I felt too jaded to get things moving fast.  After sending her off to school — no walking but took the car instead and hubs drove the car. I told him I was dead tired, sleepy and listless and only wanted to do some retail therapy at the nearby mart.  Yup, the shopping queen in me gets ‘therapied’ even if it is just grocery shopping and spending money… need not necessarily be money spent on clothes, shoes and bags haha!  I was even feeling too tired to cook, so hubs asked if I wanted to pack some food for lunch and I was too happy to say yes to him.  So today is going to be a slow paced day for me.  I ain’t going to stress myself up doing chores or heavy cooking.

    Chris, you are right. I now remember that I am slightly anemic and have very low blood pressure.  Since my Aunt Flow is still visiting,  that is why I am feeling lethargic and moody.

    My girls will have take-away noodles for lunch today and dinner will be home-made pizza bread (with roast chicken meat, tomatoes and cheese as topping) and grilled giant BBQ Portobello mushrooms, something that we agreed on during dinner last night.

  • 14Jul

    It is a norm for zits to break out on my face before and during my monthly Aunt Flow’s visit but this month, I have been spared!! All the deep fried food and junk food avoidance has paid off well. To tame those hunger pangs between meals, I now munch on fruits, avocado and cherry tomatoes along with some nuts (raw or baked. Strictly no sugar or honey glazed nuts). I try to eat only raw and unprocessed foods, which are beneficial towards our health and well-being. I am now limiting deep fried food and junk food once again to stay in top form and to maintain a clear complexion. I used to be very strict with my diet but after years of being deprived of my favorite junk food and high carbs snacks, I glided down from the plateau and indulged in my favorite unhealthy junk food again. The price to pay for the lack of discipline has always been costly, often with me getting a bad throat or an outbreak of zits.

    It is indeed very true that junk food and deep fried food can take a toll on one’s health. It takes a steely determination to steer away from those tempting sins and I must admit that it ain’t easy to keep your hands off that piece of fried chicken or fried prawn crackers. Gawd, how I miss gorging on keropok lekor and pisang goreng and if I do indulge in deep fried food, the aftermath is often deadly, in my case!

  • 14Jul

    I realized just the other day that my neck and ears have been really bare for many years! From someone who used to accessorize herself like a Christmas tree (during my pre-kids corporate years), I have metamorphosed into a Plain Jane. I do miss those bling bling jewelry on my neck, wrists and ears but besides being lazy to wear them, I fear for my safety whenever I put on my gold or sterling silver jewelry. Everyday, there are cases of robbery and snatch theft, of which many cases were fatal and near-fatal. It is better to be safer than sorry as I do not wish to be a part of the grim statistics again. Thus, I only wear my bling bling jewelry when I attend dinners or meet up with friends.

  • 14Jul

    I was feeling really drained and had a heavy head for the past few days.  I kept telling Alycia and Sherilyn that I felt dead tired when we left the house to wait for the transporter at 6:20am for the past few days. Though I had about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I still felt jaded and not in the mood to run in the morning.  Yesterday, my Aunt Flow visited and she was punctual.  Why didn’t I think of my Aunt Flow that is causing me the moodiness and fatigue? I got back my energy today. It’s always one week pre-Aunt Flow’s visit that I would feel this way.

    Do you get any symptoms before your Aunt Flow visits you monthly?

  • 08Jul

    We used to have a huge trampoline when we were living in a landed house about 6 years ago. I loved jumping and dancing on it. When Cass was  a baby and was extremely clingy to me (she was a 100% fully breastfed baby), I could not leave the house without bringing her along. I remember she would be on the stroller watching me jump on the trampoline till she fell asleep on most mornings. When we moved to a condo, it broke my heart when the hubs told me that I would have to give the trampoline away.

    Recently, we bought a trampoline again! This time, it is a smaller one as the size of our condo only allows for a small-sized trampoline. We place it in the living room, right in front of the TV. It has now become one of our furniture!  The main reason why I bought the trampoline is because of Cass as I was hoping that by exercising and jumping on a trampoline, it can strengthen the muscles of her bladder and the entire urinary tract. You will probably know why if you are a regular reader of my blogs.



    Bouncing on a trampoline will help your children to a brighter athletic future!
    Sundancing – the sport that’s so easy to begin and just impossible to give up, is producing better athletes. Because it improves many areas of co-ordination (such as balance, agility, rhythm, and timing) many athletes practice on a trampoline to enhance their motor skills. Skiers, skaters, divers, gymnasts, and even chearleaders use the trampoline extensively. Whether your children play football, baseball, basketball or tennis, your Sundance will help them sharpen their skills. Who knows, with a Sundance at home your family might produce an Olympic champion.

    Recreation, entertainment and fitness right at home.
    Today, more and more families are bringing recreation and fitness into their own backyard. Unlike televisions or computers, a Sundance is an excellent form of entertainment that has no added expense or costly maintenance bills. With a trampoline in your own backyard your children will be more active,healthy, and close to home.

    Watch your children get better every day…
    Everybody loves to bounce! It’s natural! The younger your children start bouncing, the better. In a very short period of time you will be amazed at their new skills and development. Their co-ordination and balance will improve dramatically. While learning these very important skills, your children are having fun-the time of their lives! Also, with regard to safety, children with a good working knowledge of a trampoline are going to be less likely hurt themselves in other activities such as skiing, skating, or even riding a bicycle. They’re going to have better balance and co-ordination and generally a better knowledge of how to protect themselves in other sports if they fall.

    Trampolining can influence child’s academic success.
    The trampoline is one of the most helpful training devices for co-ordination and muscle control. Many authorities recognize that a child’s ability to learn depends on his control of movement. Children’s success in movement depends on his understanding and control of his body. Trampolining is recommended for all children, but especially for children with poor co-ordination. Tremendous improvements have been noted in areas of total visual and body control that are necessary for success in the classroom.

    One of the most important benefits of the trampoline is the development of body balance.
    Bouncing on a trampoline develops skill and proficiency in sensing and maintaining proper balance. When standing on firm ground, one can avoid the problems of balance. But, when rising from the surface of a trampoline, the jumper must locate new and constantly changing centers of gravity.

    Another important teaching aspect of the trampoline is rhythm and bilaterally.
    When on the trampoline ones left side and right side must bounce in unision, one must maintain a steady body rhythm. Such a rhythm is demanded by few other activities. Using a trampoline forces the brain to function bilaterally, this results in vastly improved bilateral motor skill development.

    A trampoline is the best product in the world for the development of co-ordination and balance.
    Bouncing on a trampoline will bring about almost unbelievable changes in co-ordination and development. A child with poor coordination benefits dramatically, but every child will gain co-ordination that carries over to every physical activity. Every child will benefit more from this than all the bicycles and tricycles manufactured.

    One school for autistic children has now included 14 of our indoor mini trampolines in its teaching program. The teachers have found this activity helps the students’ to settle down and focus in the classroom.

    Trampolining is good for children who are reluctant to begin physical activities.
    Trampolining is easy and offers immediate success and accomplishment. It gives a feeling of exhilaration and motivates them to try harder. Everyone gains courage and self-confidence. Everybody wins! For children the fascination never wears off because there is always a new skill or trick to learn.

    Bouncing or Jumping on a trampoline is a Cellular Exercise
    Your body has about 60 trillion cells. The 2 to 4 G forces (gravitational pull) involved in bouncing squeezes out toxins. Then, during the brief weightless period when the body is suspended in the air, the lower pressure in the cell promotes the movement of nutrients into the cells. Thus the flow of materials to and from cells is improved. It is like getting every cell in your body to exercise.

    Cardiovascular Fitness

    Exercising on the trampoline lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease in 3 ways:
    By strengthening the legs so that they act as an auxiliary pump for the cardiovascular system. This lessens the strain on the heart.
    The increased pulse rate strengthens the heart.The strengthening of both the voluntary and involuntary muscular system makes the entire system work more efficiently.

    Increases Lymphatic Circulation
    The body’s lymphatic system is a network of vessels that transports nutrients and drains toxin products from tissues. It does not contain its own pumping mechanism and relies on external pressure including breathing and muscular contraction to propel its contents through a system of one-way lymphatic valves. Trampoline use helps the lymphatic system eliminate toxins by increasing the gravitational pull as you bounce.

    Here’s how it works:
    At the bottom of the bounce when the gravitational force is greatest, the valves are closed and toxins are squeezed out from between the cells. As the body bounds up, valves are still closed, toxins are loosened from the cells and nutrients are passed from lymph to the cells. At the height of the bounce the body is weightless, and the valves are open. As the body descends, fluid flows. Toxins are sucked out and away from the cells, then eliminated by the lymph system. This vastly increases one’s level of health.

    Increased Bone Density
    Bone, like muscle, can become stronger from moderate physical stress. Studies have shown that those who exercise at least three times a week have a higher bone mineral content. Improving your bone density aids to reduce the chance of debilitating fractures and deformities associated with osteoporosis.

    This Low Impact Exercise takes the jarring out of jogging
    The main disadvantage of jogging is the physical stress on lower limbs and feet. Using the trampoline takes up to 80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints. Using a rebounder (a small trampoline) is a wonderful option for everyone, especially seniors or anyone recuperating from accidents or injuries. It’s also excellent exercise for those who have been sedentary and are starting an exercise program.


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