• 27Aug

    The other day, my friends and I were discussing about boops and how being a mother and breastfeeding our babies have changed the size and appearance of  our breasts.  I used to have pretty ‘full’ boops before marriage.  After I had Alycia, the boops were even fuller *GRIN*  Then came Sherilyn. After breastfeeding her for 6 months, the fullness in my boops seemed to have vanished, as if my baby had sucked away all the fat.  My ‘assets and reserves’ shrunk to a pathetic state after feeding Cass 3 years of my precious milk. She was addicted to my boops and they gave her so much comfort each time she went through hell during the first 1.5 years of her sickly life.

    Honestly, I do feel disappointed with my shrunken boops.   But you know what?  Having small breasts do have its advantages!  After all, how happy your man is in the room is not dependent on the size of your boops. I am sure you will agree with me on this, eh? 😉

    And do read what I found after Googling around…

    Women with a large bust may be more likely to develop breast cancer, according to scientists.

    A study of 16,000 women found genetic mutations associated with breast size were also linked to the disease.

    Researchers say some of these are involved in regulating the female sex hormone oestrogen, which can trigger the growth of both breasts and tumours.

    While research has linked breast density – the amount of non-fat tissue – to an increased risk of cancer, there has been little evidence of a link with breast size before.

    Participants in the study, carried out by a US company, were asked to give their bra size on a 10-point scale from smaller than AAA to larger than DDD.

    The genetic code of the women – all of European origin – was read by scientists who looked through millions of tiny mutations in their DNA, called single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Out of seven that were strongly linked to breast size, three were also associated with breast cancer.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2168780/Women-bigger-breasts-DO-higher-risk-breast-cancer-finds-genetic-study.html#ixzz2cs7m74yl

    For those of you who are blessed with voluptuous boops, worry not.  I believe that by sticking to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, cutting out on processed food and junk food along with being a little diligent with your exercise regimen, the cancer cells in us will remain dormant.  Staving off stress from eating us is also very important.

    Did you know that around 3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells are created each day in healthy people? Even though these cancer cells are made, the immune cells inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent tumor masses from growing within our body. However, unless a person’s immune system is compromised, everyone has an immune system that can fight off cancer. If there is a normal immune system, it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

  • 23Aug

    Last week, Sherilyn seemed to have lost her enthusiasm in ballet. I asked her if she was willing to quit class and she said ‘yes’! Instead, she told me that she wanted to learn violin and asked me to get her an exceptional suzuki violin at musician’s friend. That was definitely a rash decision from her.

    She must have felt like this as she and her ballet mates were advised by the ballet teacher not to sit for the next grade exam next year. Though she has recently passed the Grade 2 Royal Academy of Dance exam with a Merit, the examiner from England has however indicated that the ballerinas in her batch ‘still lacks the maturity’, thus the ballet teacher feels that they need one more year to perfect their steps.
    I told Sherilyn to give herself a chance and not to quit just yet as I can see that she has the talent and potential to excel in ballet. Today she attended ballet class and when I asked her how she felt after the class and whether she still liked ballet, I was pleased to hear a positive reply from her.

  • 21Aug

    I love ‘lei char fan’, minus the rice.  I will get my supply of ‘lei char’ from a stall inside a coffee shop near where I stay and have the ‘lei char’ for lunch.

    “Lei Cha Fan” is a cuisine to the Hakka.  It is lauded as a health food, with a plethora of beneficial herbs and vegetables used in this green dish.  As for the taste, either you  love it or you hate it, just like durian.  If you have never tasted ‘lei char’, let me explain to you that it tastes like a combo of fresh basil leaves and mint leaves, all blended and cooked into a broth and poured into an assortment of fresh vegetables.  It is like a salad dish to the Chinese.

    Some of the ingredients in the vegetable condiments include:  dry roasted peanuts, hard tau kwa (cut into small pieces), dried shrimps (soaked), cut/diced preserved turnips/chai poh (I normally ask the seller to omit this item from my take-away lei cha as it ain’t too healthy), long beans (diced), leeks (diced), shu-zai-choy (leaves portion, chopped/minced), choy-sum (diced), julienned carrots, kailan (diced), spearmint leaves, toasted sesame seed and boiled chickpeas. Basically, you can add in whatever veggie / peas / beans that tickles your tastebud.

    As for the soup, an assortment of fragrant leaves, ranging from basil leaves, to Ku-La-Xin leaves (optional) and Polygonum leaves (optional) are used. And as the moniker suggest, tea leaves are also used.  The stall that I go to add in a vegetarian mushroom seasoning to flavor the broth.

    So you see, with such a wide array of healthy greens, herbs and tea used to prepare this dish, this is a health-boosting dish and perfect for those on diet or on a low-carb too.

    I had ‘lei char’ for lunch yesterday.  As the portion is pretty big for my small tummy (RM5 a packet without rice), I kept it in the fridge and had it for breakfast today…. straight from the fridge – chilled, YUMS and thumbs up!


  • 21Aug

    If you are someone or you know someone who is dealing with problems of psychosis, then you are fully aware of the expense that can quickly occur because of treatments for those conditions. The pharmaceutical industry within the United States loves to charge a great deal of money for medications that do not cost that much in other places such as Canada.

    For instance, you buy Canadian Geodon, also known as Ziprasidone, for a fraction of the money that you might spend in a United States pharmacy. On top of that, the pharmacies that are in Canada are even more reputable than the pharmacies in the United States!

    If you are looking to save even more money than with the purchase of Geodon, you can also purchase the generic version, Ziprasidone, that is also available in reputable Canadian pharmacies around the Commonwealth. There is no reason that you should have to deal with problems of psychosis without the proper medication just because you do not have the money of an oil magnate. Do not rely on your insurance company; their entire business model is trying not to pay you for the medication that you may need. Go through Canada and save yourself money as well as time and mental stress.

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  • 21Aug

    Cass loves to eat bread and her favorite is white bread from the 2 leading bread manufacturers in our country. She eats bread everyday. On days that we run out of the mil’s homemade bread, I will buy brand G or M bread from the supermarket. The other day, one of my friends shared in her Facebook wall that one of our country’s leading bread manufacturers use high amount of food preservative in their breads.  She said that a few days after the expiration date of the bread (kept in room temperature), the bread was still not mouldy (or moldy) yet.  For breads made without the use of preservative, it would most probably turn mouldy on the third day, if kept at room temperature.

    Besides store-bought bread, my kids and I also eat store-bought biscuits, snacks and other food that have preservatives and food additives in them. Even tomato ketchup, soy sauce, oyster sauce and yoghurt drinks have food additives.   We cannot possibly avoid food sans food additives in our fast paced lives, unless we have all the time in the world to bake and cook all that we eat from scratch, made from ingredients that are 100% free from food additives. How many of us have the time to go to great lengths to do that so that we only eat 100% natural food?  I would love to eat only natural food sans food additives, if only I have the time, wouldn’t you?

    One of the food additives that make me shudder is bright food coloring on cakes, cookies, jellies, candies, sweets and snacks.  The sight of bright red, blue, green, orange and yellow in the icing sugar used to decorate cakes really freak me out. I rarely allow my kids to eat the parts where artificial colorings are used. They are allowed to eat just the cake, minus the icing and decor with bright colors.

    Foods that have additives and preservatives do have adverse effects on our health, if there is prolonged intake by our body and if eaten in large amounts.  Some of the known dangers of food additives and preservatives are as follows:

    1) Benzoates can trigger the allergies such as skin rashes and asthma as well as believed to be causing brain damage.
    2) Bromates destroy the nutrients in the foods. It can give rise to nausea and diarrhea.
    3) Butylates are responsible for high blood cholesterol levels as well as impaired liver and kidney function.
    4) Caffeine is a colorant and flavorant that has diuretic, stimulant properties. It can cause nervousness, heart palpitations and occasionally heart defects.
    5) Saccharin causes toxic reactions and allergic response, affecting skin, gastrointestinal tract and heart. It may also cause tumors and bladder cancer.
    6) Red Dye 40 is suspected to cause certain birth defects and possibly cancer.
    7) Mono and di-glycerides can cause birth defects, genetic changes and cancer.
    8) Caramel is a famous flavoring and coloring agent that can cause vitamin B6 deficiencies. It can cause certain genetic defects and even cancer.
    9) Sodium chloride can lead to high blood pressure, kidney failure, stroke and heart attack.

    10) Eating a diet high in packaged convenience food may cause you to consume so much food additives and preservatives that you begin to feel sluggish and run-down on a regular basis.  Food additives and preservatives can make you feel sleepy and lethargic and may also contribute to frequent headaches. They also suggest that long term consumption of these chemicals may also cause damage to the cells in your body, which may lead to cancer and other dangerous conditions.

    11) Sodium nitrate: Sodium nitrate tops the list of dangerous food additives. It is highly toxic and stimulates the formation of nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic (cancer causing) in nature. This deadly compound takes up a good portion of our processed meats, acting as a good preservative which prevents bacterial growth and fast decaying of meat. Skip the hot dogs and bologna and choose from organic chicken and lean meats.

    12) Propyl Gallate: Propyl Gallate is a component of meat product, vegetable oils, potato sticks, chewing gum and ready-to-make soup mixes, which prevents them from spoiling, basically acting as a preservative. Studies however show that, regular consumption of these products may cause colon and stomach cancer.

    13) Potassium bromate: Potassium bromate is an oxidizing agent used in the bread-making process. This compound has demonstrated carcinogenic effects and has also proven to be nephrotoxic (toxic to the kidneys) both in man and animals. It has developed thyroid and kidney tumors among rats, when they were fed with bread using potassium bromate as the oxidizing agent.

    14) Food coloring: Food colorings like blue #1 is responsible for causing cancer whereas red #40 may lead to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in children. Red#3 which is widely used in baking and giving artificial color to cherries induces thyroid tumors in rats. Stay away from foods and drinks that look unnaturally colorful and bright.

    15) Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) : Commonly known as Chinese salt, this compound features near the top of the list of dangerous food additives. Why? Firstly, because MSG is now a part of almost everything you consume during the entire day. This amino acid is used to flavor salads, soups and other food preparations and was typically used in Chinese food preparations. However, its use has now spread to the Eastern and Western areas, and by now, almost every restaurant or fast food joints literally coat their foods with MSG.

    16) Butylated hydroxytoluene: Butylated hydroxytoluene is found in chewing gums, potato chips and other packaged foods as a preservative. In spite of being approved by the FDA, they are proven to be cancer-causing, making them among the top 12 dangerous food additives. One simple way to avoid it is to check the label. Many brands do not use this preservative, so you can switch to using those brands of packaged foods.

    17) Acesulfame-K: A new sweetener which is now being used in various soft drinks and baked foods, Acesulfame-K, is actually 200 times sweeter than natural sugar, and is responsible for causing cancer among mice. Also, it affects the thyroid gland in other animals like rabbits and dogs.

    18) Chloropropanols: This family of drugs is common in Asian food sauces like black bean, soy, and oyster sauce. Two specific substances within this category are known to be cancer producing and are banned in many countries.

    Stay alert for these additives displayed on food labels and avoid them to stay healthy. As far as possible avoid fast foods and processed foods and go for simple, home cooked meals.

  • 21Aug

    Smoking is something that you don’t want to do on a regular basis. You can get cancer, lose limbs and your breath will smell terrible. An increasing number of public establishments are barring people from smoking inside of them. This means that you have to go outside just to have a cigarette. Is that the type of life that you want to live?

    The good news is that you can stop smoking at any time that you want. There are products available for people who need help when it comes to quitting. Help quit smoking products are effective because they don’t make you stop smoking right away. Instead, they allow you to smoke for the first few days that you are on the program.

    As you move from the first week of the program to the second and third weeks of your cessation program, you will notice that you are craving cigarettes less and less. You will also notice that your health is starting to slowly improve. Many people report being able to breathe better as well as having more energy.

    Dropping your smoking habit isn’t as easy as you think it will be. However, it doesn’t mean that quitting is impossible. If you get the right help, you can stop smoking and start living a better life.

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  • 06Aug

    Since yesterday, I have been feeling as if my head and jaw have been battered by someone and then left to die, slowly.  I felt I had no energy left in my mind and soul,  My nose was dribbling with clear and watery goo (good sign that there is no serious infection of the respiratory tract!), my head was pounding and my mind was muddled but work is as usual for a work-from-home-mum though she is sick, alright.   This makes me even appreciate my ex-maid more. When she was around, I could still take a nap while she helped around in the house and with the kids.  Lately, I have been thinking a lot about D, my former maid who had worked for us for 4.5 years. It is always when someone leaves you that you begin to feel how you have taken him/her for granted. I wish I could call her and tell her my heart’s feelings now. I had asked her friends for her telephone number and had gone through my own record but have been unsuccessful in finding her contact number in Indonesia.  Though she was not the best maid to have (she has lots of weaknesses but well, she is only human), she had nonetheless helped me a lot, through thick and thin.

    Anyway, this morning, though goo has stopped dribbling out from my nose and I have stopped sneezing, my head and jaw still hurt.  I still felt lethargic and sick. I felt as if I had eaten steak from half a cow all by myself as my jaw felt so achy and tired. And I remembered that Sherilyn had all these symptoms too when she was down with Hand-Foot-Mouth disease 2 weeks ago.  She had headache, jaw ache, body ache, felt chills on her body all the time, had no appetite and was listless.  Oh crap, bad sign!! I  cannot afford to even fall slightly under the weather, what more a disease that would cripple me for one week!

    I tried to avoid eating sugary and processed food today.  I had fruits and bread for breakfast and lui char (a Hakka dish composed mainly of fresh vegetables, mint and basil) for lunch.  I have been pumping in a lot of oranges, grapefruit, cherry tomatoes and kiwi fruits for the past two days.  I also increased my intake of Esberitox and have been popping a high-dosage Vitamin C.  As of this noon, I still felt malaise but all of a sudden, at around 5pm, I felt good and in fine feather again!  That is why I am well enough to type this post 😀

    I think we should all listen to our body. I did and rested well. I gave exercise a miss today and went back to sleep instead. Knowing that sugar and processed food are bad for our immune system, I avoided them.  Raw food is best for our body, as is sleep.  When you have both, your body will heal naturally, in a jiffy! And yes, with a healthy body, it can ward off those pesky viruses too.


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