• 29Nov

    Cass went for her third electromagnetic acupuncture session yesterday.  Again, I have to say that she has been a very brave girl with high tolerance to pain. Well, I think she definitely has a higher pain threshold than me.  This makes me love her even more – for her bravery and for being such a cooperative girl during the sessions.

    I am not sure how effective the electromagnetic acupuncture treatment is to Cass’ bladder issue.  But I have read that electric waves can stimulate the repair of nerves. If her bladder nerves were severely damaged during surgery, it would take a very long time for them to heal.  If she has weak sphincters, it will also take time to heal.  TIME = WAITING.   I am getting impatient and worried, worried of the days ahead of us when she goes to Primary 1.  I hope she will be 100% healed before she goes to primary school in a year’s time.  I have 1 YEAR to help her and I am going all out to find ways and treatments to speed up the healing.  Next, I may also get her Teviron negative ion clothing. With God’s grace and blessings, I hope He will answer our prayers.

    Here she is enjoying her fish noodles at Ka Soh restaurant after the acupuncture session…

    kar soh



  • 29Nov

    After learning the Ukulele for three months, Alycia can finally ‘graduate’ to the guitar, YAY!! For the past few lessons, the guitar teacher has been teaching her how to strum melody of pop songs. Next week, the guitar teacher will be bringing a guitar for Alycia to practise. The difference between a Ukulele and a guitar is that a guitar has extra 2 strings and it is bigger than a Ukulele. Today, Alycia had a double lesson which lasted 1.5 hours! But she did not complain of being too tired. Well, when one has passion in something, the passion rules the body. I’ll need to shop for a guitar for Alycia soon and perhaps get some used dj speakers for our living room. When Alycia gets a new guitar, Cass can have the Ukulele. Maybe I should also let Cass join in the guitar class next month. That would be another 200 bucks a month! Nah, I think I’ll wait until she is a little older and can hold the Ukulele better.

  • 29Nov

    I think it does work!  It has been a week since I started taking Gingko Biloba, in the hope of getting better blood flow in my body.

    The outcome? Less severe hand numbness and tingling in the morning.  Though I can still feel the tingling sensation in my hand, it is however not completely numb with pins and needles like it used to be.   I also do not get that partial blackout when I get up from a squatting position.

    I shall continue to pop the Gingko supplement everyday and I hope to get a totally numb-free hands soon.



  • 29Nov

    Several times when I was in a hurry and did not check the change that the cashier gave me, I had accepted coins from other countries. These coins looked like our country’s 10 cents and 20 cents coins. I only realized that I was given the unusable coins when I inadvertently gave them to the cashier and was told off by the cashier. I remember scrambling my coin purse to find other usable coins but found a couple of for army coins too. Some people can really cheat their way out of the check-out counter.




  • 23Nov

    It all started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 9.5 years ago. I got this dreadful hand and finger pain called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CTS) about 2 months after Alycia was born. It was so painful that I could not hold a cup or to open the door. Driving to and from work was a challenge. Carrying a baby was even more a challenge. I could not sleep at night as the pain was unbearable. Several months later, after taking some antibiotics prescribed to me by a cardiologist for a prolonged cough, the CTS pain seemed to have subsided! The antibiotics sort of treated the CTS simultaneously. However, the remnants of CTS are still bugging me everyday. The pain and tingling sensation on my hands, especially on my right hand would creep up at around 4am every morning. The pain and numbness are more severe if I sleep on my sides and even worse if the air-conditioned room is very cold.

    Today, I bought a bottle of Gingko Biloba supplement. I have read that Gingko is a well-known herbal supplement taken by many people around the world each day to improve their concentration, intellect, and memory. Gingko Biloba works by increasing blood flow in the body. I reckon that the numbness of my hands is also contributed by poor blood flow in my body. Apart from hand numbness, I suffer from partial black-out each time I get up from a squatting position.

    The bottle contains 30 Gingko pills. I shall see if the Gingko supplement can relieve my hand numbness after a month. I can’t wait to see the result!




  • 23Nov

    One week of the school holidays has past us by. One down, another 5 weeks to go! The kids are starting to get bored at home and our real holiday only begins in 3 weeks, with our trip to Singapore. This morning, I brought Sherilyn and Cass to the park. It has been yonks since I last brought them to the park. Lately, I have been slacking in my exercise regimen. There are the good side and bad side to the school holidays. The good side is I get to catch up on my beauty sleep by sleeping in for another 1.5 hours every morning. The bad side is that when I wake up slightly late, I tend to skip my morning jog. Last night, I told myself that I had to bring the kids to the park to move their butt and joints and to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sunlight. Lazy bum Alycia preferred the bed over exercise this morning, so I left her home alone and had a great time with the other 2 rascals. After running 3 big rounds in the park, we went to a nearby coffee shop to have breakfast. When I came home, Alycia was spring cleaning the house. Yesterday I told the girls that they have to get rid of the pile of rubbish at one corner of the living room. The lazy bum wasn’t a lazy bum after all. She helped to kick-start the spring cleaning act and then Sherilyn picked up from there. While they cleared the living room, I got some work done on the computer and managed to check out some ecommerce workflow websites that the hubs asked me to check for him.

  • 16Nov

    My kitchen is often closed on Saturdays and Sundays.  Today is no exception.  As it was still raining in the evening, rendering it very troublesome to drive out to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop for dinner, we went to the Japanese restaurant at our condo for dinner.  The hubs was stuck at a client’s function.

    The girls were famished when the first dish or soft shell crab maki came. While I was busy ‘working’, the girls quickly walloped the food.

    Sat nite dnr 16 nov

    It has been a lazy Saturday for me today. I spent a lot of my time sitting in front of my desktop computer, trying over a zillion times to restore a malfunction in my www.healthfreakmommy.com blog, with the assistance of the blog host, Exabytes. The helpdesk staff have been very helpful to me, with prompt replies.  Unfortunately, one of the problems is still not rectified yet and I am still feeling very restless!  Having a malfunctioned blog is like having one of my kids fallen sick.  My blogs journal 6 years of my 3 kids’ precious moments and pictures.

    So… having Japanese food tonight was a way I de-stressed myself… from all the week-long stress of having to deal with a faulty brand new desktop computer, malfunctioned blogs, caring for 2 kids who were as sick as a dog on the last week of their school this year, having to deal with Cass’ bladder issues and a host of other issues, sigh!  If spending a little money on some comfort food can give me comfort and seeing how my girls are enjoying the food, it is all worth it!  Life is short. Live life like there is no tomorrow 🙂


  • 15Nov

    A few days ago, I started to incorporate another fun exercise to Cass’ therapy exercise routine. Since she has such a love for my fitball, I got her to sit on the fitball and to arch her back. This exercise is similar to the pelvic floor exercise, with lesser stress on her back and she loves it! Cass finds the pelvic floor exercise too strenuous and I must say that it is quite painful too. But on the fitball, it is fun and pain-free. She can spend a whole 3 minutes arching her back on the fitball.

     photo fitballCass15nov_zpsef2fffb8.jpg

    This morning, I skipped jogging as it was drizzling again. So I spent 15 minutes doing exercises with her on the fitball and trampoline.  It requires a lot of discipline and patience from my side as it can be very challenging to get a 5-year old to spend 10-15 minutes of her time on exercise everyday.  The doctor has advised us to do the exercises everyday, preferably twice or thrice a day.   God has indeed sent Cass to test my patience!

  • 13Nov

    This is my grilled chicken dish with fresh pineapple.

    Rating from my 3 fastidious foodies was A++

    It was pretty simple to dish out.  I used whatever available sauces that I could find in my fridge to marinate the chicken in the morning and 8 hours later, grilled it for about 25 minutes (uncovered) in the oven.  The fresh pineapple chunks effused such natural sweetness and aroma into the meat that the dish tasted very much like a restaurant dish.   We all loved this dish and it is all natural without any MSG or added sugar (except for sugar from the Lea & Perrin sauce).  You can use whatever spices that you can find in your kitchen. I used mixed herbs and oregano.  You can use rosemary, parsley, turmeric, basil or whatever herbs and spices that you can get from the supermarket or your garden.  I also used some oil to marinate and tenderize the meat.   Remember to grease the aluminum foil on the baking tray with some oil so that the chicken skin and meat will not stick to the foil.


     photo pineapplechick3oct_zpsf0c86877.jpg

    Do give this dish a try if you want to dish out something tasty in a jiffy. While the dish is cooking in the oven, you can blanch a veggie and wash the dishes.  And you can cook it without any oil splatter 🙂



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