• 22Dec

    I had some satay sauce (spicy peanut sauce) left in the freezer, which the hubs brought back from his shop the other day. I wanted to clear my freezer and fridge of all the food before our trip back to my parents, so I whipped this dish up for dinner – grilled chicken with lemon grass and satay sauce.

    In the morning, I marinated the boneless chicken thighs with salt, soy sauce, pepper,  pounded fresh turmeric (you can also use turmeric powder), agave nectar (you can also use honey) and chopped lemon grass.  In the evening, the chicken thighs were grilled for 20 minutes in the oven, together with stalks of lemon grass.

    While the chicken were grilling in the oven, I heated up the satay sauce in the microwave oven and blanched some lettuce.  Sherilyn helped to slice the cucumbers.

    Once the chicken thighs turn golden brown on the outside and cooked in the inside, remove from the oven. Pour satay sauce over and bon appetit!

    This dish tasted like chicken satay and is way healthier and more hygienic than satay 🙂

    So the next time you have some extra satay sauce when you buy satay, do not throw them away.  Keep it in the freezer for this easy-to-cook dish!

    satay chick



  • 21Dec

    I first got to know about Teviron negative ion clothing about 7 years ago. I was on the verge of buying them for Alycia who kept falling ill. Alycia who was 3 years old then, fell sick every month on end ever since she first attended pre-school. I had tried many health products and supplements on her but none of them worked. It was after I pulled her out from pre-school that she stopped falling sick but she started to fall sick again when she resumed pre-school. I did not buy Teviron clothing for her because I was not convinced that clothing can prevent one from falling sick.

    Well, I was still not convinced about the health benefits of Teviron until my mother wore them to treat her Sciatica, which gave her very painful attacks. She first purchased two pieces of Teviron underwear and after wearing them, the painful attacks miraculously vanished! My mother is someone who is extremely hard to convince to buy expensive healthcare products. But she bought two pieces of underwear costing about RM150 a piece as she was literally desperate to find a cure to the painful Sciatica.

    Seeing how miraculously the Teviron underwears have helped my mum overcome the Sciatica attacks, I am now very determined to invest in some Teviron clothing for Cass to treat her weak bladder.

    Here are the 4 special qualities of negative ion clothing technology.

    1. Excellent Heat Insulation — Healing Warmth
    Many diseases and illnesses are caused by loss of body temperature. People with these conditions need to keep warm all year round. One Teviron Negative Ion garment is as warm as two layered woolen garments or three layered cotton garments. Teviron Negative Ion garments are suitable for all seasons. You can experience the health benefits all year round.

    2. Superior Water Permeability
    Teviron Negative Ion garments provide superior water permeability. Moisture is removed from the skin and evaporates rapidly. This improves blood circulation and means oxygen and nutrients are efficiently transported to our cells. This causes an acidic body type to become slightly alkaline in nature.

    3. Amazing Negative Ions Effect
    a. Purifies the blood system, stimulating blood circulation.
    b. Increases cell metabolism, causing an increase in cell activity.
    c. Enhances the body’s immune system so you won’t get sick or catch cold easily.
    d. Regulates autonomic nerves, enhance your health so you are always in optimal health.

    4. Safety
    a. There are no negative side effects because Negative Ion Clothing is not a treatment that is orally consumed or injected. The health benefits come from simply wearing the clothing.
    b. Negative ion clothing is also a proven and certified fire-retardant product.

    Negative Ion Clothing Can Help With The Following Health Problems
    •A.L.S. •ADD •ADHD •Allergies •Alzheimer’s •Anxiety •Arthritis •Asthma •Autism •Autoimmune Disorders like MS, Lupus, IBS, and Crohn’s Disease •Brain Injury •Cancer •Cardiovascular Disease •Cerebral Palsy •Chronic Fatigue Syndrome •Chronic Pain •Depression •Diabetes •Epilepsy •Fribromyalgia •Gout •Hearing Loss •Improve Blood Circulation •Incontinence •Infertility •Insomnia •Joint Pains •Kidney Failure •Macular Degeneration •Manic Depression •Migraine •Obesity •Pain •Parkinson’s •Polio •Prostate Enlargement •Rheumatoid Arthritis •Sleep Apnea •Snoring •Spondylitis •Stroke

    People experience “miracles” by trying the whole system, blankets and clothes. Negative Ion Clothing has positive results with people having all kinds of illnesses. If you are healthy, congratulations. Prevention is ALWAYS better than treatment. Negative Ion Clothing helps you maintain good health as you get older, to ensure it’s less likely that you become ill. Negative Ion Clothing, has been and will continue to be, an effective alternative to improve and maintain good health. Through the 4 major benefits of negative ions your health is improved and maintained in.

    This information is extracted from the website of Nefful, USA. I have read many testimonials on how Teviron clothing have helped people with their health issues but I am not sure how genuine the testimonials are. I am now willing to give Teviron a try as I have seen how it has helped my mum battle with Sciatica.

    Has anyone worn Teviron and has seen really positive and favorable outcome on the health issues that you faced? Would love to hear your reviews on Teviron clothing.



  • 21Dec

    Healthy eating has become the booming new trend and many people are becoming vegan in order to comply. According to the Vegan Society, being vegan is about protecting the environment, animals, and humans in order to create a sustainable world. Vegans do not eat or use any products that come from animals. The vegan lifestyle is on the rise, but finding good information regarding diet and recipes can be difficult. Many recipes become overwhelming based on the number of items required to cook a dish or because the food items listed are unknown to new vegans. There are often indicators on pre-made foods, though, to alert a buyer that the product is vegan friendly.

    There are many easy vegan recipes from Gardein. Gardein provides pre-made frozen meals and appetizers which are certified vegan by the Vegan Society. They even have a meatless holiday roast option. It has cranberries, gravy, stuffing, and is full of nutrients. Staples in vegan recipes are quinoa, varying types of nuts, peas, onions, high in vitamin fruits, tofu, and soybeans. Always check the packaging for a break down of the amount of protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, and iron a meal contains. These are, of course, all very important parts of a healthy diet.




  • 12Dec

    It is the rainy season now. We would be getting rain for 3 days straight and then have 1 day of weak sunlight and then rain for days again. I do love the rainy season and the cool weather that comes together with it. If you know me well, you will know that I hate the sun. It can melt me away, literally. But I do dislike it that our wet laundry takes a couple of days to dry when there is totally no sunlight. Thick clothing like the hubby’s denim pants and jackets would take three days to get dried. Today is a bright day with the golden sun shining into our balcony. On the clothes racks are our pillows, that I have not sunned for over 2 weeks due to the wet weather. For once, I kind of miss the hot sun! Though I am allergic to the hot sun (the sun causes me migraine, heat rash and fever if I am exposed to it for long periods), I do try to expose myself to the early morning sun to get my healthy dose of Vitamin D.

    A lack of Vitamin D in children causes rickets, which results in skeletal deformities. In adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which results in muscular weakness in addition to weak bones.

    Vitamin D aids the immune system against disorders like the common cold. Vitamin D can also reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms, and also the likelihood of hospitalizations due to asthma.

    There are many other benefits of getting sufficient Vitamin D. If your lifestyle is such that you do not get enough exposure to the morning sun to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, you can shop for vitamin D online or get the supplement from pharmacies.



  • 11Dec

    It has been a year I have been using Melaleuca’s range of SLS-free products in the hope of seeing some improvements in the condition of my extremely dry skin. And I am glad to say that I have seen remarkable improvement to my skin. My skin does not have the ‘tightness’ and dryness after each bath. And my grossly cracked heels and sole of feet have made a dramatic recovery. The cracked heels and flaky and ‘opened’ skin on the soles of my feet have slowly closed. The key to recovery is to stay away from shampoos and soaps with SLS. And to keep my itchy hands off my heels and feet too! I use Renew Body Wash during shower and Renew Intensive Skin Therapy to moisturize my skin. In addition, I have gotten rid of all shampoos and bar soaps that contain SLS. That’s really good riddance and I am glad I made this decision.

    When I have the time, I shall snap some pix of my healed heels and feet and compare them with the pre-Melaleuca feet pictures.

  • 11Dec

    Hearing aids can give a much-needed boost to the quality of life of individuals who suffer from hearing loss. No matter why any person is losing the ability to hear well, it affects the way that person functions. It is just like losing the ability to see or smell. The world becomes different. Long ago, that is the way the world would have stayed. Now, just looking at things like the Miracle Ear twitter account is enough to see how much the world of hearing loss has changed. Many people have been able to restore their hearing with the help of a hearing device.

    Causes of Hearing Loss
    Hearing loss can happen suddenly or over time. A common reason for a slow decline in hearing is age. According to the Mayo Clinic, nearly half of individuals over 75 have hearing difficulties. However, hearing loss that happens with age may be caused not by age but by repeated exposure to loud sounds, genetics and even personal hygiene. Hearing loss can also appear at birth for a number of reasons. Causes for hearing loss during the rest of life include damage to the eardrum, infection and growths inside of the ear.

    How Hearing Aids Help
    Most causes of long-term hearing loss are irreversible. Damage to hearing structures, age, etc., are all things that people have yet to solve. So how does a person regain hearing? People who are not fully deaf (and some that are in the case of more advanced technology) can be helped by devices that amplify noise and transfer the sound to the existing structures within the ear and make the sound clearer to the listener.

    Types of Hearing Aids
    It is important to know that not all types of hearing aid will work for particular types of hearing loss. Furthermore, some types have more functionality, discretion and clarity than others do. Speaking to a professional is a good idea before choosing which hearing aid is best for a wearer’s needs.

    Clip-on hearing aids fit over the back of the ear. Most of these devices are quite large and visible, but are an option for most individuals with hearing loss. Open fit hearing aids clip on the back of the ear, but are smaller than other clip-on hearing devices. They do not require filling the ear canal, so there is less obstruction in the ear. However, the device loses some of its potential with this design. It may not have controls, such as volume control, because it is so small. It is also best when low-frequency hearing is still at normal range.

    Hearing aids that fit in the canal and in the ear are more discreet than clip on hearing aids. Some are almost imperceptible. Depending on the fit and design, these will often feature capabilities such as volume control, though some will have flaws such as interference from wind. Nonetheless, there are many options that fit in the ear and they will suit any level of hearing loss that is treatable with a hearing aid.



  • 10Dec

    I never liked eating fish head until I tried the grilled salmon head at the Japanese restaurant of Equatorial Hotel, KL many moons back. I have not gone to Equatorial Hotel, KL for yonks as the premises has been demolished, to be rebuilt from scratch.  That first time of tasting grilled salmon head at the packed-to-the-brim Japanese restaurant of Equatorial KL had me at hello with grilled salmon head and that’s how my love for salmon head all started 😀

    I had planned to grill salmon fish head with Terriyaki sauce for dinner today.  I went to the mini market to get some stuff in the morning but forgot all about the  Terriyaki sauce!  So I made do with Agave Nectar and the outcome was just as good.  No one would have guessed that I used Agave Nectar instead of Terriyaki sauce.  Both have the same kind of sweetness.   Agave Nectar is healthier as it has  a low GI.

    Here’s my grilled salmon head and grilled Ma Yau (threadfin fish) for dinner today.

    I marinated the fish with sea salt, pepper, oil and some mixed Italian herbs in the morning.  The Agave Nectar was drizzled onto both sides of the fish about 10 minutes before I turned the heat off the oven.  I did not add the Agave Nectar earlier as I did not want the fish to turn blackish. I also tossed in some chopped onions onto the fish for added flavor, to be grilled for about 15 minutes.

    Total grill time in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius = 30 minutes

    Outcome of the fish = delish!  I was expecting the meat of the threadfin fish to be a tad rough but hey, surprise surprise!  It was NOT rough and dry at all!  In fact, it was very juicy and tender and so fresh!  The girls’ grandaunt bought the fish from Kuala Selangor on Saturday.

    When my girls said “mummy, this tastes like restaurant grilled fish”, I knew it was a success.

    Here’s another oil-splatter-free and no-brainer dish that I have coughed out for my fussy kids, amidst my very busy daily schedule and it is so yummy and wholesome 🙂



  • 07Dec

    This school holiday, the kids spent most of their time on the desktop computer, laptop and iPad on the days when we do not have out-of-the-house activities. Alycia will be hooked on her Pokemon websites reading online comics. Sometimes she will strum on her guitar or Ukulele. Both Sherilyn and Cass are more musically inclined. They spent much of their time on You Tube, singing pop hits alongside singers. A few days ago, they have been learning how to ‘play the piano’ from this app on the iPad. Sherilyn has been telling me lately that her latest ambition is to be a singer! Well, I shall see how long her ambition lasts before she changes her mind again. It ain’t easy to make big bucks in the music industry unless you are really talented and good. Now, if you want to shop for reeds for your musical instrument, check out cheap Alexander Reeds at WWBW.

  • 06Dec

    This is another success story I’d like to share of T36 C5 Melaleuca oil. About 1.5 weeks ago, Cass (5.5YO) complained of ear pain. It was so pain that she did not want me to touch her ear. She told me that there’s a pimple like small lump inside her ear. On the 2nd day, I wanted to bring her to see the pediatrician but suddenly I remembered my wonder Melaleuca oil! And most of all, I wanted to save the RM100+. These days, going to even a normal GP is expensive, what more a pediatrician.

    I checked the Melaleuca Wellness Guide book on ear pain and it mentioned T36 C5 oil for ear pain. I put 1-2 drops of concentrated oil into Cass’ affected ear 2x a day. The Guide mentioned diluting it with olive oil but I was lazy. I used concentrated. After 1.5 weeks, I saw a lot of dried flakes on the outside of Cass’ ear. I used a cotton bud (dipped with a small dollop of Melagel) to gently dig the inside of the ear a bit and more flakes came out. I reckon that it must be the dried scab and the pimple/growth had shrunk. Also, on that day, she complained that she could not hear very clearly on that ear.  After I removed the flakes from her ear with melagel on a cotton bud (I did that several times for 2 days), she told me that she could hear clearly again!  I was so relieved and happy.

    Today, 1.5 weeks later, she told me that the pain is completely gone and the ‘pimple’ is also gone! Amazing! I saved over RM100 on pediatrician fee. The T36 C5 oil only cost RM24 and I only used 1/4 bottle or less!

    Disclaimer: this is not intended to be a medical/ doctor’s advice. It is purely based on my own experience on this product.


    1 ounce



  • 06Dec

    Today I ransacked my drawers to look for my nikon d80 battery charger and passports. In a week’s time, we will be going to Singapore. The battery charged was found BUT the passports not! I hope history will not repeat itself. Thirteen years ago when I was about to drive to Singapore with my parents to attend my brother’s wedding, I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to bring my passport along with me!! I sped to the bank to retrieve my passport, which was kept in the safe deposit box. That was really a tensed moment for us all. Imagine if the passport had expired, we would have all missed my brother’s wedding, phew!! After this incident, I have not forgotten about our passports anymore. I have to remind the hubs to retrieve our passports from the bank on Monday and to check the expiry dates. The girls will be utterly disappointed if our trip to Singapore has to be cancelled.


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