• 30Jan

    For the first time in my life, I am NOT binging on Chinese New Year snacks this year.  In previous years, I would have already finished off a few containers of cookies and chips even before Chinese New Year arrived.   Actually, it is not hard at all.  Ever since I kicked off my addiction on deep fried food, pastries, ice-creams and other sugary snacks, my taste bud changed as well.  It also helps heaps that the MIL has now turned into a health freak after a few health scares last year.  When everyone in the house eats clean, it is very easy to eat clean too.  Even my foodie hubs is turning into a health and fitness freak now — since last year, when he successfully lost a few kilos.

    It is not an overnight alteration. It took me months to alter my taste bud.  Ever since I stopped eating deep fried food, those zits stopped rearing their ugly heads too. That is my greatest motivation – to look into a mirror looking at a glowing face 😀  My complexion is almost flawless now and best of all, I have absolutely NO craving on deep fried food and sugary snacks now.  Of course I still do eat snacks every now and then, but I do not crave for them and do not binge on them anymore. I snack mostly on almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts and roast pumpkin seeds to stave off hunger.

    There are containers of deep fried arrowroot chips, cookies and pork jerky sitting invitingly on the table of our CNY corner but you know what? I have almost zilch desire to pull off the celo tape of the caps to feast on those sins!  Monkey see monkey do. My kids have never been so disciplined before. They have not even asked permission to eat those cookies and chips!



  • 30Jan

    2013 was a very busy, hectic and stressful year for me but I ended the year feeling really happy. I thank God for answering some of my prayers and will continue to ask Him to grant me my other wishes. I know He will, it will happen in His time. So I have to be really patient, like I have been. A few major events happened and it took me a quite a while to press the ‘GO’ button to make them happen. I drove the car again when the hubs gave me a new car for my birthday, I sent Sherilyn to an enrichment centre after years of procrastinating and I finally found a guitar teacher who could come to our place to teach Alycia guitar. My top on the list wish for this year is to help Cass overcome her bladder issue. I would also like to start Cass on some extra curricular activities like the keyboard or some really fun musical instruments. I wonder if she would like it I got an exciting traktor kontrol s4 at musicians friend. I know I would!

  • 28Jan

    My long-time friend from Ipoh who has connection with top guns in the General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur (GHKL) has so kindly helped me obtain a referral letter for Cass to see the head of Pediatric Urologist and one of the top Pediatric surgeons in GHKL. It will be a joint consultation where both the surgeons will review Cass’ persistent problem with her urinary tract. The appointment will be in February 2014. As much as I am glad that we can seek a third opinion on Cass’ issue, I really do dread having to go through the anxiousness and most of all, to get the diagnosis and treatment options. Ever since Cass was born, I had gone through countless nightmares and jittery moments with her.

    My greatest wish right now is for Cass to be 100% healed from her issue by this year. Can this happen dear Lord? Please say YESSS!

  • 27Jan

    Ever since my ‘confinement period’ after the birth of Cass 6 years ago, I have never really stuffed myself with red meat and iron-rich food after my monthly menses. In fact, I have been cutting down on meat lately and have been eating more vegetables and eggs.

    Lately, my heavy menstrual flow is taking a toll on my well-being. I feel lethargic most of the time. I feel like I have lost my once never-failing stamina. About 10 years ago, I could jog twice a day – morning for 20 minutes and evening for almost an hour. I cannot possibly do that now.

    To replenish the massive blood loss every month during my ‘torrential flow’, I have started to increase my consumption of red meat and red beans during and after my menses. For 3 days this week during my menses, I have been eating red bean sweet soup for breakfast.



    Red Bean Goodness
    They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and packed with protein, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber , protein and energy including resistant starch.

    Resistant starch seems to have several important benefits, like boosting the body’s ability to burn fat, helping you feel full, controlling blood sugars, and even reducing cancer risk.

    1. Red Beans – wonderful source of antioxidants: red beans is one of the richest foods in antioxidants, even richer than blueberries or cherries, according to a study by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture on 100 fruits, vegetables and nuts. Thus, Frequently consumption of red beans help your body fight free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer or other serious diseases, keeping your youth longer!

    2. Red Beans – essential source of fiber: a cup of red beans provides half your daily requirement of fiber, which not only keeps the digestive system health, ease digestion and prevent constipation, but shrinks the cholesterol levels, lowering the risk associated with cardiovascular disease and regulate blood sugar levels.

    3. Red Beans – a healthy alternative to meat: when you want a lighter meal or are in post, replacing the consumption of meat with red beans. Excellent source of protein, red beans will help to strengthen your body and muscles, to prevent cardiovascular disease and live a life full of energy! A cup of red beans is over 15 mg of healthy protein for your body
    4. Red Beans – source of iron: let’s do a little test – keep your palm facing you and pull the fingers back. How pink are the lines of your palm ? If they are white, you may suffer from iron deficiency and red beans is a wonderful source of iron, low in calories and fat (as opposed to red meat). Pregnant women, children and teenagers need especially high intakes of iron, and a cup cover of red beans have 30% of the RDA.

    5. Red Beans – for a great memory: source of thiamine (vitamin B1), red bean consumption stimulates attention and memory, is particularly beneficial during periods of intellectual overloaded, eliminate insomnia, combat depression, fatigue and anxiety and lowers Alzheimer’s risks .

    Besides all the benefits mentioned above, regular consumption of red beans strengthens teeth and bones, can help you lose weight, lower the risk of heart attack and energize your whole body!

    Another thing that I like about red beans is that they are very affordable, yet chock-full of goodness!

  • 27Jan

    My Aunt Flow is here again for her monthly visits. As much as I resent her as she makes me moody, out-of-sync and lethargic, I know very soon I will miss having her around. Her absence will only mean that I have lost my youth and that it is time for me to embark on my next journey.

    This month, I am more prepared to counter the aftermath of my Aunt Flow, which is torrential!  This always makes me feel very lethargic.  Hope that it is not a symptom of uterine fibroid. For three days straight, I have been buying red bean ‘tong sui’ (aka red bean sweet soup) from my regular ‘tong sui’ seller and have been eating it with fresh coconut milk for the extra kick and nutrition. The ‘tong sui’ seller knows that I love my red bean ‘tong sui’ with three huge scoops of coconut milk and she has never charged me extra for the delish coconut milk.

    With a huge mug of red bean sweet soup topped with 3 huge scoops of santan, this can fill me up to lunch time.


    red bean


    If you have heavy menstrual flow like I do, you can increase your consumption of red beans during and after your menses as they are rich in iron and a host of other nutrients.

    Check out my next post on how red beans can benefit you…


  • 27Jan

    This year, the hubs and I will be celebrating our 15th year of wedded bliss. It is our official union for 15 years. We dated for 10 years before signing our official papers in 1999 and our wedding ceremony was in the year 2000. Before we started dating each other, we had known each other for 6 years. He first met me at my parents’ house when I was about eleven. He was thirteen. I was his love at first sight but it was not mine 😀 Anyway, for those who persist and never give up, no matter what the circumstance, he or she will succeed in anything, including moving and capturing a person’s heart. I wonder if he still remembers our wedding anniversary. And I wonder if he will give us another set of rings for couples to renew our vows made 15 years ago.

  • 18Jan

    I cannot remember when I first started to have very heavy menstruation. I think I have been having it for many years.  To begin with, I have never had ‘normal’ menstrual flow or regular flows. It was worst at the peak of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) days.  I would have menses several times in a year  only and even when the much awaited Aunt Flow came, it did not seem normal and lasted for one to two days. Even during my teenage years, it was not quite normal.

    I never really thought that extremely heavy menstrual flow was not normal until I met up with my childhood friend yesterday.  She told me that she had had some fibroids removed from her uterus last year as she had very heavy menstrual flow and her doctor was concerned that this would cause her to be anemic.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that my heavy menses could be a symptom that I am having uterine fibroid. And this explains the extremely heavy flow with blood clots at times.  And now I know why my energy level is pit low lately.  I could be anemic!  On top of heavy menses flow, the flow would drag on for 2 weeks, with the last few days of having spotting.  Now as I am typing this, I am pretty worried.  I told the hubs that I  better fix an appointment to see my fertility specialist, who is a very detailed and good gynae.  He first detected that I had a small fibroid when I was pregnant with Cass.  Then after giving birth to Cass, the fibroid could not be seen anymore via Ultrasound scan.

    I have already marked my eCalendar that I must must must fix an appointment to see Dr Chung before Chinese New Year. I have not seen Dr Chung for over 6 years.  The last time I saw him was after the Amnio test was done when I was pregnant with Cass.  Then I went to our regular gynae who did the C-Sect delivery for all my babies.  It has also been my wish to see Dr Chung again to tell him that the baby whom he was initially worried could be a Down Syndrome baby (thus ordered an Amnio done) is now a very beautiful 5YO girl.  Dr Chung detected Cass’ dilated right kidney when she was only about 17 weeks old in-utero and he has one of the best Ultrasound machines in KL back then.

    Post would be continued after my appointment with Dr Chung…


  • 18Jan

    Medical research is the study and execution of various tests and trials on humans and even animals for the purpose of learning more about how the human body works, and how to treat various conditions, disorders, and diseases. We have thousands of years worth of medical research to thank for the advances we’ve made today. If it weren’t for doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and even the everyday person asking questions like, “What is causing that pain?” and, “I wonder if I can fix this problem by opening up the body and looking for the infected part”, we wouldn’t have all of the miracles of medical science to utilize today.

    Major benefits of medical research include:
    1) antibiotics to treat bacterial infections that were once severely debilitating or even deadly
    2) vaccinations to prevent and sometimes even entirely eradicate diseases like polio, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, and chicken pox
    3) effective treatments for the management of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
    4) medication to lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels
    5) life-saving surgeries for many of the body’s organs.

    But medical research doesn’t come cheaply. There are many costs to consider: the cost of retaining doctors and scientists to conduct research, the cost of the facilities were research is conducted, the cost of supplies, and even the cost of compensating willing human subjects for offering their bodies to medical science. It takes significant amounts of money to fund medical research, and this money comes from government, commercial, and private resources. Some of the foundations who conduct medical research — such as a woman named Lois Pope and her LIFE Foundation, which focuses on neurological research — also raise their own funds via private investors and grants.

    While some foundations are lucky enough to be able to qualify for special grants and scholarships to use for furthering their medical research, the majority of funds come from government distribution of taxpayer dollars, and from corporate and private sources. In the United States, for example, roughly 95 billion dollars were provided for medical research during 2003, and these funds came from pharmaceutical companies, bio-technology companies, medical device companies, and state and local governments.

    With these funds, medical research can be conducted in a variety of environments and in a variety of ways, with a variety of purposes. However, while the government is very much in favor of medical research in order to fund research, they also heavily regulate this industry. There are national regulatory agencies who monitor the research that is conducted, particularly when it comes to the development of new medications. In the United States it’s the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who regulates drug research and production, while worldwide it’s the World Medical Association who monitors general medical research.

    Medical research doesn’t come without risk, but while there will always be risks as well as setbacks, the overall benefits of medical research can’t be denied. The new discoveries found via medical research is often life-saving, or at the very least, significantly life-improving.

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  • 05Jan

    Cass and I have been wearing Teviron since Christmas Eve 2013.  According to the couple who helped us to order the Teviron clothing, which are all made in Japan, the person with a disorder has to don on the Teviron clothing for almost 24 hours everyday. Every single day.  The more Teviron that has contact with our body, the faster the healing process will take place.

    As it was my first time buying Teviron clothing which is VERY COSTLY, I only bought a body wrap, a pair of socks and a long sleeves top for Cass. I also bought her a hat but the hat material is too thick for our weather and I have given it to my mum who suffers from persistent migraine. For myself, I bought a pair of wrist band,  with hope of countering the tingling sensation and numbness on my hands.

    During the day, Cass will wear the body wrap.  At night, she will don on the long sleeves top with the socks.  She is not wearing the Teviron 24 hours though, as I have not bought enough for her to have a change when I have washed the dirty ones.

    I know these are not miracle clothing. Only time will tell. But I will continue to let Cass wear these Teviron clothing.   I am planning to buy a few more items for her so that she can even wear them to kindy and when we go out.  A singlet will serve this purpose.

    The first picture on the left is my Teviron wrist band, which cost RM140 a pair.

    The second picture is the Teviron long sleeves top, which cost RM430 and the body wrap is RM220.

    Teviron clothing needs special care. They can only be washed with special Teviron detergent, which is also very costly. Teviron clothing cannot be hung or placed on metal surfaces.


    Teviron1 teviron2

    Does anyone have any comments to make about Teviron negative ion clothing?  Would love to hear your experiences with Teviron 🙂



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