• 27Feb

    The much scornful haze is back again, no thanks to weeks of drought. It is very dry, hot and humid now.  My kids and I are starting to get itchy nose, blocked nose and phlegm easily now, caused by the haze and the extremely hot weather.  To add fuel to fire, many parts of our country are hit badly by the water rationing exercise. During the water rationing period, we will get 2 days of water and 2 days off water.   For those of you living in cold countries, count your blessings for the cold weather and free flow of water from your taps.  I just wish that we could escape from this country to a place that is freezing cold, to a place where water flows out abundantly from your tap, without any restriction!

  • 27Feb

    A career as a personal trainer is a rewarding and fulfilling one. You get to help people achieve their fitness goals and encourage them to lead a happier and healthier life. An added bonus is that you will always have time to hit the gym yourself as your career opportunities are directly related to the amount of time that you spend in the gym.

    If you want to become a personal trainer, you will need to be well versed in all aspects of exercise science. It is important that you can help your clients get into better shape without overdoing it or hurting themselves in the process. You also need to make sure that you can give good advice as it relates to any supplements that your clients may want to take.

    As a personal trainer, you will be the one who pushes your clients to be the best that they can be. However, you will also be there as a supportive guide who realizes that everyone’s goals are different. While some people will want to become the next great bodybuilder, others just want to be able to walk a mile without getting tired.

    Those who want to learn about being a personal trainer can visit university websites or the website of any gym that offers advice as to how you can become a personal trainer. You can learn more here about what is expected of you and how you can start on the path toward your dream career.

  • 10Feb

    I consider today my ‘lucky’ day.   Because I did not think that I would be able to speak to the person whom I wanted to speak with.

    A good friend of mine has so kindly helped me to obtain a referral letter for Cass to see the top pediatric urologist and pediatric nephrologist at HKL, scheduled for this week.  It will be a joint consultation to see these two specialists.  What I have is only a referral letter from the head of pediatric  surgeon from one of the government hospitals in our country to this pediatric nephrologist in HKL (Hospital KL).  No dates and time were given in writing.  My friend had verbally told me the date and time.  She even came over to my place to pass me the referral letter.  God bless this friend of mine with a heart of gold.

    So today, I braved myself for at least half a day to get through to speak to the correct person-in-charge at HKL.  I do not have a very good impression of government departments and general hospitals in our country. I was right.  This HKL is so huge that no one seems to know each other.  After over 20 calls with my cordless phone going dead about four times, over a period of 1.5 hours, I finally managed to speak to the person-in-charge of appointments at the Urology Clinic at HKL.  But she sounded very ‘cincai’ and I have this uneasy feeling that she has not really written down my  name in the appointment book.

    Anyway, I will pray to God for his help to get us the appointment to see these two doctors and I pray that the findings on Cass’ bladder issue will be favorable to us.




  • 07Feb

    This morning, I just had a craving to eat something soupy and salty.   I was pretty fed-up with eating CNY cookies and bread.  So after dropping off Cass in kindy, I went to a nearby coffee shop to take away this:


    It has got to be high in protein, high in fiber and low in carbs but every stall inside the coffee shop was selling noodles.  The stall that sells the closest to a high protein meal is the pork noodles stall.  So I got myself a bowl of minced pork with reduced vermicelli (only a small fist full, which I did not even finish) with an added egg, lots of green veggie and a piece each of bitter gourd and ladies finger with stuffed fish paste.  Yes, my crave is now satiated and my brain can now function at full strength 😀



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