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    Lemon grass is from a group of grass in the genus Cymbopogon plant, which is a perennial plant commonly found in warm climates or tropical countries especially in South-east Asia. Several studies have found that lemongrass has many medicinal uses which also includes reducing cholesterol levels.  This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

    A study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2011 by Brazilian researchers found that lemongrass intake is beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol levels. In this study, laboratory mice were administered lemongrass essential oil for 21 days (100 mg/kg).  Following that, it was observed that blood cholesterol was reduced and no side-effects were reported.


    Lowering Cholesterol With Lemongrass Essential Oil (Studies & Researches)
    In 1989, the medical journal Lipids (study details) published the results of a study from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin which investigated the lowering effects of Lemongrass oil on serum cholesterol levels.

    High cholesterol may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. A study published in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research showed that lemongrass oil extract helped to lower cholesterol in animals. The reduction in cholesterol was dependent on the dose.

    In 2011, further research on mice confirmed the long-term safety of up to 100mg lemongrass essential oil daily. More research is needed to see if lemongrass tea has the same effects as lemongrass oil.

    Is Lemongrass Oil Safe?
    Lemongrass oil is generally safe as long as it is used in small quantities (it is one of the strongest-smelling oils in aromatherapy) and must be properly blended with a carrier oil. Undiluted lemongrass can actually burn and injure your skin due to its high citral content, so it’s best to mix it with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil. I advise doing a patch test before applying lemongrass oil on your skin, to see if you have any adverse reactions to this essential oil.

    Side Effects of Lemongrass Oil
    Skin irritation, discomfort, rashes and a burning sensation are some topical side effects experienced by people with sensitivity to lemongrass oil. Using the oil may also lead to lowered blood glucose, and may have contraindications for people who are taking oral diabetes drugs or anti-hypertensive medications, as well as those who are diabetic and hypoglycemic.

    Children, pregnant women or nursing moms are not recommended to use lemongrass oil orally. Those with liver or kidney disease and other health conditions should also consult their physician before using lemongrass oil.


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    We live in a world of frequency or vibration. Frequency is the number of repeating vibrations that occur in a second. These are measured in hertz. All things have a frequency; even the human body. The human body has vibrational frequency down to the cellular level.

    Higher frequency in the body, results in better health. It has been shown that a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 MHz. When the body drops below this frequency, we begin to get into illness and disease states. For example, if our frequency drops to 58 MHz, then we are likely to get a cold or flu. If our frequency drops to 42 MHz, we become susceptible to cancer within the body. The lower the frequency, the closer we are to death.

    The human body has an electrical frequency and much about a person’s health can be determined by it. It has been agreed by science, medicine and metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel disease and certain frequencies can destroy disease which is one of the most amazingly useful revelations individuals can use to empower themselves in making wise wellness choices and ultimately becoming their own form of healer.

    When parts of the body are no longer vibrating at their optimal frequency this part of the body can move to a state of dis-ease. This is when you need to stop, recalibrate your frequency or risk putting your balanced state of health and wellbeing in jeopardy.

    Albert Einstein said it best when he said: “Everything is energy.” We literally live in a sea of vibration! Four out of our five senses—sight, sound, touch, and taste—receive sensory data from the environment which is transferred through the nervous system to the brain.

    Since the human body is really energy it makes sense to use energy based products that are in alignment with us so as to support our body and mind.  When it comes to the botanical essences of aromatherapy, their natural ability to enhance our health and well-being are without a doubt in alignment with our vibrational nature.

    It has been shown that every disease has a specific frequency. Studies have found that various frequencies can either destroy and neutralise, or support the growth and spread of disease in the body.

    For example, all of the electrical devices in your home – lamps, television, radio, phone, microwave – emit electromagnetic vibrational frequencies that are incoherent and chaotic. Their effect is to fracture the human electrical field.

    By contrast, most naturally occurring substances –including essential oils – have coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body.

    Essential oils offer us a natural way to restore our body’s healthy electromagnetic vibrational frequency. They are affordable, accessible, effective and versatile. Using them is a subtle, gentle way to allow the body to harmonize with its electromagnetic field, thus restoring and supporting wellness in every body system.

    Even thoughts and feelings have a vibrational quality which form a measurable frequency. So its believed that a negative state can lower a persons frequency (some suggest by 10-15 MHz). A positive attitude, meditation or prayer on the other hand can increase your mental state by the same vibrational frequency.

    Dr Richard Gerber MD, author of Vibrational Medicine, tells us that one of the best ways we can change dysfunction in our energy bodies is to “administer therapeutic doses of frequency – specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines.”

    By applying an essential oil with a particular frequency to the human body – through the principle of entrainment – the essential oil will raise the vibration of the individual. The therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.

    It has been said that pure essential oils have the highest vibrational frequencies of any measured natural substance. The measured frequencies of essential oils begin at 52 MHz, the frequency of basil oil, and go as high as 320 MHz – the frequency of rose oil. For comparison, fresh produce has a frequency of up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12-22 MHz, fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz. Processed and canned foods have no measurable frequencies.


    Most naturally occurring substances and objects have coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body.

    Because each essential oil in particular has a specific frequency and our bodily systems and organs also have frequencies, the oils electrical affinity with these components of our bodies will enhance and support the organs, systems and assimilation of nutrients in the body.

    Essential oils in the higher frequency range tend to influence emotions, mood and spirit whilst essential oils in the lower range have more impact on physical structure including cells, hormones, bones and body systems as well as fighting viruses, bacteria and fungi. Essential oils do not resonate with toxins, they cannot co-exist. They also do not resonate with negative emotions. They can dislodge forgotten trauma by surfacing them in our consciousness where we can deal with them and let them go.

    Young Living Single Oils Frequencies. Better Health with Essential Oil Frequenciesâ?¦Find out how and whyâ?¦http://essentialoilsenhancehealth.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/better-health-with-essential-oil-frequencies-find-out-how-and-why/

    Keeping your vibration high

    So how do you keep your vibration high? Here are a few little ideas:

    ~ Become mindful and aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Let go of fear and limiting beliefs as they will shape your reality.
    ~  Gratitude and kindness make you feel good, others feel good and hence vibrations are pushed sky high.
    ~ Eat clean living foods that vibrate naturally.
    ~  Use therapeutic grade essential oils to help increase emotional and physical vibrations and support healing.
    ~  Incorporate mediation, sound and movement into your day to reduce stress, slow the mind and support circulation. These actions/things will keep your vibration high.
    ~  Even simply knowing about or having this basic understanding of how vibrational frequencies work, arms you with the power to transform all aspects of your world.

    Have you considered your health and frequency? Is this a completely new concept for you?  I am sure this article, my dear readers is empowering and mind blowing.

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    The stress hormone, cortisol, is public health enemy number one. Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease… The list goes on and on.

    Chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels also increase risk for depression, mental illness, and lower life expectancy. In fact, epidemiological and clinical studies over the past 30 years have provided strong evidence for links between chronic stress, depression and social isolation and cancer progression.

    Free stock photo of black-and-white, person, hands, woman

    What Is Cortisol?
    Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands and has two major functions in the body: stimulating the breakdown of protein and fat to provide metabolites that can be converted to glucose in the liver and also, reacting in response to stress.

    Cortisol is often referred to as the “stress hormone”. We need cortisol to survive and to help us cope with stress. When cortisol is released in response to stress, it is meant to be elevated and used only for short periods of time. If your cortisol levels remain elevated, it can actually do damage to your body.

    The hormone cortisol is often seen in a negative light. It is commonly associated with “stress” and the many harmful effects that it can have on the body. In reality, cortisol is vital for the body ? in many ways, our very survival depends on it. Serious issues can arise, however, when high cortisol levels become chronic. Then it can turn into a killer, leading to immune system deficiency and even cancer.

    How Does Cortisol Connect With Cancer?
    There are numerous studies that suggest that cortisol levels tend to be higher overall and irregular in their daily patterns in patients with breast cancer. A landmark study conducted in 2000 by Stanford University found that 65% of advanced breast cancer patients had abnormal cortisol levels during the day (either abnormal peak periods or consistently flat). What’s more, mortality rates were significantly higher in these women than in the remaining roughly 35% whose cortisol levels were normal.

    The researchers also found that the women with abnormal cortisol levels had fewer Natural Killer Cells, which played a major role in their lack of ability to curtail breast cancer metastasis. Recent studies have found the same correlation in men with prostate cancer. Amongst these is a 2016 study by the University of Buenos Aires that found significantly higher daytime cortisol levels in middle-aged men who had prostate cancer versus those who did not.

    Stress, Hormones & Cancer
    Cortisol also raises glucose levels within normal cells. I am sure you have read what cancer cells love to feed on? You guessed it. Sugar!

    Rising glucose levels in the body increases the acidity of the internal environment. An acidic internal environment is also an anaerobic one and the perfect environment for pathogens to take hold. Besides cancer, these include opportunistic fungi and bacterium. The waste products from these entities add another level of toxicity to the mix.

    Interestingly, when cortisol is allowed to do its job in short bursts like it was meant to do, it is responsible for a “ramping up” of immune system responses. When high cortisol levels are left for too long, however, the reverse begins to happen. Cortisol begins to deteriorate the functions of the immune system (some researchers think the hormone does this to prevent an autoimmune response).


    Free stock photo of man, person, wall, alone

    Signs that you may be suffering from high cortisol levels include:

    • Weight gain (especially around the midsection)
    • Mood swings and anxiety
    • Fatigue and muscle pain
    • Trouble falling and staying asleep
    • Irregular menstrual cycles
    • High blood pressure
    • A decrease in libido
    • Increased urination
    • Brittle bones
    • Excessive thirst



    Photo credit: thetruthaboutcancer.com

    Ways to Slow Down and De-Stress:
    Meditation is a proven way to go about doing this. Here are some other stress-reducing and cortisol-lowering activities:

    • Consider journal writing, walking, being in nature, practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping), or doing yoga or tai chi
    • Moderate exercise, getting a good night’s sleep, and reducing EMF exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronics are all ways to make sure that cortisol and other stress hormones stay in balance
    • Consider herbal supplements such as ashwagandha, licorice, holy basil, and ginseng
    • According to Dr. Josh Axe, the anti-inflammatory essential oils lavender, myrrh, frankincense, and bergamot have all shown to lower cortisol levels directly


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