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    Turmeric is an amazing root spice that not only adds so much flavor and color to your dishes.  Turmeric is also one of the world’s healthiest food, used thousands of years ago.

    Turmeric is a spice that I almost never fail to use each time I marinate meat for grilling in the oven.  For fish – I like it that the intense flavor of turmeric masks the fishy odor.   And for chicken, it just adds so much yummyness to the dish.

    The other day, I whipped up an aromatic turmeric and garlic chicken chop dish.


    The kids loved it!  Sherilyn quickly saved a portion of the chicken for her to bring to school for recess the next day.  Here’s her lunch box for recess the next day, which I reheated in the microwave oven (yes we finally bought a new microwave oven, solely for reheating purposes!) .  I packed some cherry tomatoes for her and gave her a pack of Izumio hydrogen water.  What a wholesome, sustaining and balanced meal, perfect for kids and adults.



    Health benefits of turmeric:

    1. Wards off Alzheimer’s disease

    2. Helps to prevent cancer

    3. Reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes

    4. Combats inflammatory diseases

    5.Fights colds and flu

    6. Helps indigestion and weight loss

    7. Assists diabetes sufferers

    8. Can tame heartburn and an upset stomach



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