• 10Sep

    I was attacked by another bout of Mastitis yesterday and am still feeling the pain today. I was really exhausted 2 nights ago, overslept (I normally wake up between 3-5am to change her diaper and feed her) and did not switch sides to let Baby suckle on my right boop.  Yesterday morning, my nightie was wet and I realized that I was leaking milk (which hardly happens now after 17 months of breastfeeding). I touched my boop and gawd, it felt hard, full and slightly painful.  Hours passed by and the pain gradually intensified and my right boop hurts terribly.  I kept asking Baby to suckle on that boop but somehow, this fler just prefers the left boop.  She kept pushing herself away from my right boop each time she’s placed there and kept gravitating to the left boop!  See, even toddlers have preference over which side of mummy’s boops to latch on! I wonder if the milk tastes different from each breast haha!  I’ve been popping on double dosage of garlic pills with Lecithin and I hope the pain and lump go away by today.


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