• 15Oct

    My mil roasted some peanuts several days ago and I have been nibbling on them. After 2 days, zits started to appear on my chin and forehead. The Chinese say that peanuts are very ‘heaty’ and may cause zits but some people say it’s only a myth. I really do think peanuts are ‘heaty’ and whenever I eat too much, I can be rest assured to see zits popping up on my face. If you are a peanuts lover too and if these nuts are causing you zits, click here to get help!


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  • I love peanuts(eat peanut butter straight from the jar!!) and even with my dermatitis, haven’t ever had any problem. Unless u have some form of peanut allergy, I don’t believe in “heatiness” of food as I have proven in many instances that it is hogwash. The only rationale I can think of is u may have taken peanuts in your hand and inadvertently touched your face which in turn may have caused the zits. Doesn’t matter if the peanuts are dry-roasted, they are oily by nature.

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