• 31Aug

    Not me but my 7.5YO girl. I got a shock of my life about 2 weeks ago when I touched her palm. I felt as if I was touching the hands of my grandfather or the hands of a heavily labored construction worker for the texture of her hands felt no different. I was trying to figure out what caused the extremely dry, coarse and rough texture on her hands. Funnily, the skin on her face is smooth, supple and she has impeccable complexion. I can only deduce that she has all my bad genes. I have smooth and supple skin on my face but the skin on my hands and feet are shockingly dry and coarse. I have horrible dry heels too. If you look at her hands and feet, they just don’t match her sweet face. My mum later told me that she, too suffered from the same problem as a child. So I guess I can only blame the bad genes, duh!

    Anyway, to counter the problem, I have been diligently applying Rosken Dry Skin Relief cream on Alycia’s hands, legs and feet at least 2-3 times a day. I even put on socks for her after applying Rosken cream. After a week of Rosken, the texture on her hands are smoother, albeit she still has a long way to get back her baby-soft skin.

    My 7.5YO girl also has a bad habit of biting her nail and peeling off the skin. Sometimes it gets so bad that her fingers will bleed!!

    Check out the peeling skin on the tip of her fingers. The skin on the tip of her fingers are also reddish, a sign that she has been peeling her skin and new skin is growing.


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  • Looks a bit like reactive dermatitis. Just be cautious of soaps ard the house. Best to stick with hypoallergenic if u can. Seems like the lotion u have been using works. If u can get Medihoney Eczema cream, it works wonders. If u can get someone to bring it from Aust, it is cheaper. I have seen this cream take away the redness often associated with prolonged cortisone use. As well it does control scarring too.

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