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    I woke up with a really irritating and uncomfortable throat and congested nose this morning. My head felt and is still feeling very heavy and I have been feeling really zonked out since this morning. I am definitely bitten by the flu bug that our part-time maid brought to the house. She came with the same symptoms 3 days ago and asked for the following day off as she wasn’t feeling well. Now I am bitten, really terribly! I realized that if I do not have enough sleep, I will fall prey to flu bugs very easily. Today, I just did not feel like doing anything — did not feel like cooking, washing, talking, working but but but…. SIGH…. I have to do them ALL. Cooked twice a day some more, bleh! Coz I can’t stand eating outside food. It would irritate my throat more and I don’t want my girls to be eating salt+oil+MSG laden food. Breathing is difficult and I am only breathing through my mouth, causing my mouth to be dry and corner of lips all cracked and darn painful. Gawd, I feel horrible! I just told my girls that mummy’s life is tougher than a maid’s life. While a maid gets medical leave and rest when she is sick, mummy has to work though she is sick till she feels like dying! All I want to do now is to go to my bed, close the door, turn off the light, turn on the air cond and sleep through till tomorrow morning. Yea, dream on! I still have to pick Sherilyn up from ballet, send out customers’ orders, churn out invoices, fight fire with some people and….. sigh!

    Here’s what I prepared for lunch and dinner today. Meals were prepared without any stir frying. Just did not feel like using the spatula and cleaning up oil splatters.

    Lunch – blanched plum flavored noodles (flown all the way from Japan-Hong Kong-KL to us by the MIL) with Japanese noodles sauce, blanched mustard green veggie, meat balls, seaweed. Hard-boiled eggs.

    Dinner – roast chicken + hard boiled egg + mayo + cucumber sandwiches. I used the chunks of breast meat from a huge roast chicken that we bought from Jason’s Grocer 2 days ago. Then used a scissors to cut up the breast meat into really small pieces and mixed the chicken meat, mashed boiled eggs and mayo together. The girls loved it!  Had  herbal soup too, that I boiled yesterday.

    Easy-peasy meals and good on my kids, they did not complain.. well Cass did not quite like the exotic flavored Japanese noodles though. Nevertheless, she finished them all! Good girls!

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