• 21Apr

    My dear friend who introduced me to Izumio Hydrogen Water attended a seminar on hydrogen water in Singapore and later in KL a few days ago. She has jotted down notes from the seminar and shared them with me. Now, let me share with you the goodness of hydrogen water.

    Hydrogen Water Facts

    1. Even when a heart stops beating, Hydrogen gas can be administered in patients to resuscitate them or via Hydrogen through an IV drip.

    2. Hydrogen water is used in Japan now in sterile treatments, for example, to increase probability of pregnancies.

    3. Hydrogen water suppresses obesity, lowers body fat, glucose, insulin and triglycerides.

    4. Hydrogen water suppresses accumulation of fat in liver.

    5. Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease patients to consume 5 packets Izumio per day.

    6. To lower cholesterol, one can drink 2 packets Izumio per day

    7. People who consume a high fat diet should consume Hydrogen water to increase their life span.

    8. For hormonal regulation, Hydrogen increases the good hormones while decreasing unfavourable hormones.

    9. The negative thing about Hydrogen is that it allows one to drink more alcohol as it clears up a hangover instantly.

    10. Hydrogen allows one to work longer hours because the body’s immunity is strengthened so you do not fall sick and can work longer hours (which could be a bad thing).

    11. There is absolutely No Side Effects drinking Izumio Hydrogen water AT ALL. You could drink a whole box in a day and there will only be good reactions and zero bad side effects.

    12. Conventional medicine or drugs work on a specific organ, to a specific operation towards one direction with some adverse effects
    but Hydrogen works in most organs, with multi functions, with no adverse effects only good efficacy.

    13. Hydrogen water in plastic/PET bottles actually have no hydrogen in the water as Hydrogen escapes plastic.

    14. Hydrogen water in aluminium cans contain only 10% of hydrogen compared to Izumio as it is packed in a 4 layer aluminium non-permeable material allowing Hydrogen not to escape. The internal lining of the Aluminium is a food grade material that does not give contact between the Hydrogen water and the Aluminium.

    15. Izumio Hydrogen Water has been declared safe to drink by the FDA, NASA and the strict Japanese Authorities, plus the authorities of countries where Izumio is available.

    As testified by Dr Ohta, founder/researcher of Hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant.

    The diseases shown in the image are those treatable with Izumio Hydrogen water


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