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    Sherilyn has been having cough for the past 3 weeks. Her cough during the initial 2 weeks was unproductive. If it’s unproductive cough, it is most likely non-contagious. A week ago, the cough turned into a chesty cough with phlegm. Several days later, Alycia got bitten by the cough virus, then the maid and then the hubs. Am praying hard that Baby and I will not get bitten too.

    We brought Sherilyn to the paed’s office last week and she was given some cough syrup. That however did not help to bring a stop to the stubborn cough. She coughs mostly during and after her temper tantrums when she screams and cries or when she talks too much. Since the phlegm does not seem to be abating, I gave her Baby C’s Ventolin, administered through the Aero-Chamber.  Baby had chesty cough about 1.5 months ago and had only used the Ventolin several times.

    Initially, at the suggest of the Aero-Chamber and Ventolin, Sherilyn freaked out and shrieked! We had to hold her down in order for me to administer it on her. After 3 sessions, she overcame her phobia coz there was no pain and no smell, save for a slight bitter taste on the throat. On the second day, this fler has been reminding me to administer the Ventolin for her. She even knows how to fix the Ventolin spray to the Aero-Chamber and administer it herself, which freaked me out when I saw her spraying the Ventolin, with the Aero-Chamber on her face. After 3 days on Ventolin, her cough now does not sound that chesty and the phlegm has lessened.

    See this rascal administering the Ventolin on herself right after her bath!


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