• 26May

    After 3 weeks of flu and a productive cough (with thick greenish phlegm) WITHOUT feeding  her with any medication, my 4YO baby girl is A-OK now!  Good thing I did not listen to my hubs to bring her to the paed’s clinic.  I am pro anti-antibiotics and anti-cough meds for my kids and for myself. In some countries, cough mixture for kids is banned. I know what sort of havoc antibiotics can wreck to one’s body.  Yeast infection, diarrhea, tummy discomfort, nausea, resistance to antibiotics, the list goes.  These are some of the side effects of antibiotics and I had experienced all these side-effects myself and  absolutely HATED the side effects. I had seen how my girls suffered each time they were fed with antibiotics when they were younger.  My 4YO baby girl has had antibiotics more than her body needed for the first 15 months of her raw life where she had no choice but to be put on daily oral prophylactic antibiotics with almost monthly powerful doses of antibiotics jabs and drips as a result of the monthly UTI attacks which resulted from her past Grade III Kidney Reflux and Duplex System of the urinary tract.  Anyway, that’s past, thank you Lord! That is why I do not want to burden her kidneys, liver and body with any more oral meds if I can help it.   I rather treat her body the natural way, albeit the recovery period will be longer than if she were given antibiotics and meds.  And yes, do you know how I managed to get rid of all the irritating phlegm from Cass?  That will be in my next post…


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