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Engorged Boops

Baby was finally weaned off my boops 3 days ago. It was easier than I had imagined, though she fussed a little in the wee hours of the morning. I needed to give her loads of hugging, kissing and verbal reassurance that mummy still loves her very much despite being deprived of her comfort tools. Since yesterday, my boops (especially the left one which has always been the more productive one) hurt, as if I had a Mastitis attack. I am so so tempted to let Baby have her comfort tools to relieve myself from the pain BUT if I do, the whole cycle will start all over again and there will be no end to it. So I am sticking to my gun and must not let the pain thwart my plan.

Did you know what prevented Baby from going near my boops? Just one small RED cili padi muahahahah! She was so terrified of my hot and spicy boops that she dared not sleep with me on our king-sized bed. Just by looking at me when I rubbed the chili on my boops was enough to stop Baby from going near my boops *evil grin* Two nights ago, she climbed onto her jie jie’s bed and dozed off in a sitting position like this, as she didn’t want to sleep with me:

Last night was pretty smooth too, without any fuss from Baby but she woke up very early this morning and I had to bring her along with me when I jogged round the neighborhood. When I showed her my boops today and asked her if she wanted them, she put both her hands on her mouth and covered her mouth tight with her hands, muahahahahah… I think I have successfully weaned Baby. But I do miss our bonding moments together, moments we had spent for exactly 2.5 years.