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Need A Trip To The Optician

I have been feeling a tad queasy and dizzy for the past few days, in addition to feeling lethargic and hungry all the time. Nope, it is not what you are thinking about… I hope NOT! Nah, it is NOT! The light headedness and drowsy feeling happens if I am seated in front of the computer. I think my eyes need to be checked for an increase in power for long and short sightedness. To begin with, I have all the vision disorders from long and short sightedness to astigmatism to night blindness! I started to wear glasses when I was 13 years old but only wore them when I needed to read. At my workplace, I only wore them when I was using the computer or had to check loan documents and write reports. I stopped wearing the glasses about 9 years ago, out of vanity. I was tempted to wear contact lenses but chickened out when one of my ertswhile colleagues had a bad bout of eye infection caused by the contact lenses that she wore. Now that I am working in front of the desktop computer for more than 10 hours a day, I can feel the stress and burden on my over-worked eyes. I could even see floating black spots several times in a day. I read that those black spots are caused mostly from major stress of the eyes and lack of sleep.

Now coming back to the light headedness I get, I must make an effort to go to the optician to have my eyes checked during this 1-week long school holiday. At the same time, I could have my girls’ eyes checked too. I am a tad worried that they will inherit my genes. My parents and brother need to wear glasses too.  Several of my hubs’ immediate family members wear glasses too.  Am also worried that their regular usage of the iPad and laptop could have some adverse reaction to their eyesight.