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Nature’s Own Colostrum

Alycia and Sherilyn had finished their bottle of Pureen chewable fruit-flavored colostrum for kids. So I asked hubby to get them another bottle from the pharmacy. He went to a few pharmacies but none of the pharmacies sell the Pureen brand of colostrum. So he bought a bottle of Nature’s Own brand of colostrum. 

The minute Alycia (who is very sensitive to new food and new taste) saw the chewable white tab, which was really long, she cringed and gave me the ‘I want to puke’ look.  I managed to bribe her into putting the tab into her mouth.  For a couple of minutes, she didn’t want to close her mouth and saliva was dribbling out from her mouth. When she finally chewed the tab, she puked….. and all the food that she had eaten came pouring out!  Oh gawd… it didn’t taste that bad but I guess she hated the plain flavor and texture which I must admit felt like eating chalk lol!  Even I don’t like chewing it.   Sherilyn who is always quite adventurous when it comes to eating health supplements gave it a try but didn’t like it either.  Not wanting to force them eat the tab, I am now popping the colostrum every morning, together with my other vitamins… but I ain’t chewing them either and am swallowing them down my throat with my glass of milk.