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Egozite For Treatment Of Nappy Rash And Soreness

When Baby C had terrible purging during her stay in the hospital, her diaper area turned really sore.  Her diaper area was as red as lobster and each time we washed the area after her poopie business, she screamed and cried in pain. Our surgeon prescribed her with Egozite (which contained zinc oxide). Each time after she poo pooed, I cleaned her diaper area with saline, thereafter applied Egozite generously. After several days, the soreness subsided. Though very effective in preventing nappy rash and soreness, a small 50g tube of Egozite costs a whopping RM19.90! I didn’t know the price and happily ordered 2 more tubes from the pediatric ward when the first tube was finished. When the bill came, I was shocked to see the price. Hubby had gone to a few pharmacies in Penang to hunt for Egozite but none of them sell it.  Egozite is lanolin-free and hydrocortisone-free and is made in Australia.