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AeroChamber Valved Holding Chamber With Mask

This is the applicator with mask for the Ventolin inhaler for Baby to clear her chest of the phlegm.  This applicator and Ventolin cost almost RM200. This gadget looked really complicated and I had to study the instructions and the gadget for almost 15 minutes before I knew how to use it. Though the pharmacist had demonstrated once to me, I wanted to be doubly sure that I used it correctly. Spraying meds into a baby’s nose and mouse, which eventually gets into her lungs is no playing matter right? The first time I used it, I think I didn’t administer the Ventolin quite right.  The mask was supposed to stay longer on Baby’s face but I removed it after a few seconds as Baby was struggling.   Baby still hates this gadget and would struggle the moment she sees it.


Environmentally Friendly Chopping Board

My mil got a chopping board that costs RM15 made from environmentally friendly wood from the organic shop the other day.  I never knew there’s such a thing as environmentally friendly wood, i.e. wood from trees in a controlled and sustainable forest plantation. The wood is supposedly resistant to stains and odors.  We’ve been using the chopping board for almost 2 weeks and so far, there are still no stains and bad odor on the board yet.  Well see how long this chopping board can last us.

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Handy Pill Crusher And Container

Before Baby C was discharged from the hospital after her second surgery, she was prescribed with a bunch of supplements, namely iron syrup, folic acid (both to prevent anemia and to increase her red blood cells as her haemoglobin was pretty low after 2 major surgeries), multivitamin syrup and probiotics powder.

As the folic acid was in pill form, the nurse told me to buy a pill cutter and crusher to grind the pill into powder. And this was what hubby bought from the pharmacy:

First I put the pill into the top section of the pill crusher and screw the cap. Once the cap is screwed to the max, a cracking sound can be heard, which means that the pill / table has been crushed.

This is the crushed folic acid in powder form.

I then pour the powder into the container, which is at the bottom of the pill crusher to store the powder.  The divided section is meant for storage for 2 dosages.

I never knew there’s such a handy tool.   Do you think it would be easier to feed toddlers with crushed pills as opposed to meds in syrup form?