• 14Mar

    …with cough and runny nose.  With only 3 more days left before their trip to Hong Kong, I didn’t want to let them heal on their own, so I told hubby to bring them to the paed this morning.  Flying with a runny nose can be really disastrous and torturous as the ears will most likely get blocked.  My ears got blocked for several days one time when I had the sniffles and boarded a plane for a vacation.  Moreover, Alycia has quite a bit of phlegm irritating her throat and has been coughing and throwing up since yesterday.  She has no appetite and has not been eating much.  Alycia has not been this sick for many months and she must have caught the virulent bug from either one of us in the house as almost everyone is having the sniffles and cough lately.  The paed prescribed them with a cough syrup, a cold syrup, fever meds and a bottle of powder antibiotics (not reconstituted yet) to be on guard, just in case their condition worsens.  Praying hard that Baby C will not get bitten by the virulent bug too!


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