• 31Mar

    My poor baby had 3 jabs on her buttocks today. In the morning, she had 1 Rocephine jab (which contains a huge vial of antibiotics, around 25ml) on one side of her buttock and 1 Gentamicin jab on the other side of her buttock. I pleaded with the nurse to do it really gently and slowly so that my sweetiepie would not feel much pain. The nurse told me that if she administered the jab slowly, my baby would suffer longer, thus it’s best that she administered the jab really swiftly, so that the pain is just a quick one. I cannot tell you how terrible I felt when the nurse jabbed my sweetiepie on her buttocks one after another. That feeling really sucked big time. I held my baby really tightly and she cried with all her might. I think my poor poor sweetiepie is pretty immune to all these pains as she has to endure them every single month…. coz she only cried when the jab was administerd to her and stopped when everything was over. Many babies and kids would cry non-stop for hours after the jab. She’s really one very very tough cookie. I think I suffered more than her coz my heart would shatter into a zillion pieces each time I see her suffer like this. This time, my eyes were teary coz my poor baby has to endure such pain twice at one go. When I removed the plasters from her buttocks just now before her bath, there was quite a bit of blood on the plasters and the 2 holes were a tad swollen too. At night when we brought her to a nearby clinic for the GP to administer the 3rd jab on her, she cried longer coz the doctor told us that the Gentamicin jab has to be injected really slowly… like 3 minutes!! I protested and said NO, how can my baby endure such torture for 3 minutes?! When she screamed her lungs out and struggled, even the doctor could not endure hearing such cries and quickly hurried off with the jab. That jab only lasted less than a minute. I tell you, anyone who hears my cute sweetiepie cry in pain from such torture, they would feel like crying too. The nurse who administered the jab on her this morning told me that she felt like crying too.

    Tomorrow my sweetiepie has to endure another 3 painful jabs and the next 3 days, one jab a day. Sigh, sigh, sigh….. shake head…. I hope the operation will take place really really soon and that after the op, all these miseries will be behind us.


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