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    One of my all-time favorite drinks is coconut water. I love the juice, drunk directly from the coconut and my favorite is the small coconut that produces fragrant coconut water, which tastes a tad like juice of pandan leaves (screwpine leaves). This type of coconut is slightly costlier than the big regular ones.

    There is a coconut stall right outside where I stay and we are regular patrons of this stall. We patronize this stall at least once or twice a week. The Chinese old wives would always tell a woman who has just conceived that she should avoid coconut water as it is very cooling to the body, thus may cause a miscarriage. I don’t know how true this taboo/fact is but I recently found out that coconut water has many health benefits and healing properties. Remember the old movie Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields? In that movie, she didn’t know that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby in an island.  She fed the baby with coconut water and the baby thrived and grew up!

    These are some very interesting and amazing health benefits of coconut water, extracted from this website and this website:

    * The body retains its coolness and temperature that is proper.

    * The body gets orally re-hydrated and contains all the required isotonic beverages.

    * It carries oxygen and nutrients to the body.

    * The immune system gets boosted.

    * Helps in weight loss.

    * The body fluids gets replenished naturally after exercise.

    * Raises the body’s metabolism.

    * Fights viruses and detoxifies.

    * Diabetes gets controlled.

    * The digestive system gets cleansed.

    * Helps the body in fighting viruses such as herpes, AIDS and flu.

    * Reduces the risk of cancer.

    * Urethral stones and kidney can be treated.

    * Improves circulation.

    * Contains less sodium.

    * Good source of potassium.

    * Coconut water is good for the functioning of the kidneys.

    * It is useful in the case of urinary bladder problems.

    * Useful for re-hydration.

    * Contains less fat.

    * Contains no cholesterol.

    * Natural balance of magnesium and calcium as well as sodium and potassium.

    * An electrolyte drink.

    * Refreshes and revitalizes on a hot summery day.

    * Stabilizes electrolytes.

    * A useful source of fiber for diet.

    * Can improve good cholesterol (HDL).

    * Free from contamination. Useful while traveling.

    * Beneficial for those suffering from acidity.

    * Heart burn, sluggish digestion during pregnancy can be taken care of by drinking coconut water.

    * Drinking coconut water for infants are effective for natural treatment of intestinal worms.

    * Coconut water consumption aids in natural destruction for intestinal worms and it is safe for children to administer this herbal remedy on them.

    *  Coconut water contains natural albumen, thus it is perfect natural SOS drink for cholera affected patients.

    Wow, I never knew that coconut water is so therapeutic!  Since it’s also beneficial to the kidneys and can treat urinary bladder problems, I started feeding Baby C with some coconut water yesterday.   My 2 older gals love chilled coconut water too and it’s an excellent leong sui (cooling drink) for them on a hot day or after a heaty meal of deep fried food or spicy food.


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  • My fave thing is icy cold freshcoconut water ! Unfortunately hardly available here and pricey! I remember in Thailand this was the safest thing to drink and I’ve never had problems with it. Good to know there are such health benefits. Mother Nature is always the best!

  • I drink ONE Coconut Water every single day! You are so right, it’s the most refreshing drink you can get. It tastes like chopping open a green coconut!

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