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    My mil loves cooking chicken with Chinese basil leaves or kau chung thap  (“Nine-Storied Pagoda” in Cantonese). The minty flavor of the leaves, together with the flavorful taste of sliced ginger and Chinese cooking wine make the Sam Pei Zhi chicken dish (a Taiwanese chicken dish) really delicious.

    Last week, she cooked Chinese basil leaves omelette :

    The kids didn’t quite like it because of the texture of the Chinese basil leaves (which can be pretty rough and hard to chew) but I love it.

    Chinese basil leaves can also be used to make soup with fried anchovies and beaten eggs.

    There are several varieties of basil grown in many regions of Asia. Most of the Asian basils have a clove-like flavor that is generally stronger than that of the Western basils. Basils are very popular in Thai cuisine. Vietnamese and Chinese also use fresh or dried basils in soups and other foods. In Taiwan, people add fresh Chinese basil leaves to thick soups. They also eat fried chicken with deep fried Chinese basil leaves.

    Here’s a little interesting information on basil leaves extracted from http://www.healthcareandlife.com/ayurveda-life/heath-benefits-of-basil-leaves.html:

    Do you know that basil leaves can do wonders for your health? Since ages, basil leaves have been known for their positivity. Basil leaves are the must have item for preventing the wide-spreading swine flu. Basil leaves helps in enhancing body’s immunity manifolds. You all will be glad to read that basil leaves are the most amazing miraculous herbs ever known. Here are ways in which basil leaves can do marvelous health effects to your body, have a look!

    Basil leaves are highly rich in potassium, vitamin C and A, antioxidants, thus having antiseptic, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Isn’t all this wonderful?

    For treating yourself from seasonal fever, sneezing and cough ailment, you can prepare a concoction by boiling 20 basil leaves in 200 ml of water. Drink this warm concoction in morning for early relief.

    The good news is that basil leaves are equally great for you heart’s health too. Drinking a glass of basil juice as the first thing in morning on daily basis helps in keeping your heart healthy and in great shape.

    For treating the feeling of nausea and diarrhoea, make a basil juice by grinding 10-12 basil leaves with water. Strain it and then add a pinch of black pepper powder to it. Now, drink the juice for an early relief.

    Basil leaves also helps in treating eye infections. For this, soak some basil leaves in water for a night. Next morning, strain the solution and wash your eyes with the same.


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