• 13Mar

    Two days ago Baby’s pee was cloudy, had lots of particles floating inside and smelled a little foul. I am all too familiar with the first few symptoms of a UTI. The moment I noticed the cloudy pee, I have been forcing tons of water down Baby’s throat. I boiled some barley water with a kind of green leaves (which are supposedly good for the bladder, kidneys and urinary tract system) and fed her with lots of it. Also fed her with coconut water (also supposedly good for the urinary tract system) and Refresh from E.Excel (beneficial for cleansing the urinary tract system). I sent a text message to Baby’s surgeon and asked for advise. He said he would not treat Baby if she is well with no fever or vomiting. He does not like to over-treat kids. Both Baby’s surgeon and I are still perplexed as to why Baby still get UTIs though the post-surgery MCUG showed that she has no more kidney reflux.

    I am very determined that I want to get the bacteria out of Baby’s urinary tract naturally without the use of strong antibiotics. Too much usage of antibiotics will only render the bacteria resistant to them, as this was the case with Baby before her ureteral reimplantation surgery in May last year. I have been feeding her extra frequency / dosage of Waterfall D-Mannose, started feeding her with Echinacea (I ground the tablet into powder and added it into her milk) and fed her with lots and lots of fluids. I made her sit on her potty for long periods of time at regular intervals so that as much bacteria as possible will be flushed out from her urinary tract together with the urine. The lesser urine that’s in the bladder, the better it will be.

    I suspect that the bacteria in the urine is caused by several factors. One – Baby has been suffering from constant constipation lately. Baby’s surgeon had warned us many times that constipation will trigger a UTI. Two – several days ago, Baby slept through the night without peeing for 10 hours! Though I brought her to the potty in the middle of the night, she didn’t want to pee and fussed. Having urine in the bladder for 10 hours is definitely not good for her or for anyone for that matter. Three – there is a very small red patch on Baby’s labia, which our paed said was fungal infection. Many times in the past when Baby had UTI attacks, I noticed that there was also a small red patch on her labia. So it could be the bacteria from the fungus causing the UTI or it could be the other way round.

    Today is the 2nd day and Baby’s pee isn’t as cloudy and yellow as before but is still a tad cloudy. I have to wake up at 2am to feed Baby with water + Waterfall D-Mannose and to bring her to pee. Praying hard that by tomorrow her urine will look clear again.


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