• 17Mar

    My mum is suspecting that Baby’s frequent UTI could be due to what I eat, in particular shell food and raw sushi.

    In the past, each time Baby had a urinary tract infection, my mum would help me track back on what I had eaten. 2 times in the past I had eaten raw sushi and Baby had a UTI several days later. 2 Sundays ago I had Japanese buffet for lunch. I had taken all the precautions and avoided the mouth-watering raw salmon, raw oysters and raw butter fish. But I ate baked oysters – about 3 of them. 4 days later, Baby’s pee started to smell a tad foul and looked cloudy.

    My paed could not give me an answer when I asked him if the UTIs were caused by what I ate. I could not get any answer too from the internet. Would anyone like to help me answer my question?

    The plate of baked oysters I ate 2 Sundays ago.


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  • I think your mother is making sense. Because the doctor couldn’t confirm the cause, so he dared not admited this fact. Just avoid those food that you are suspecting now, until you wean off Baby C.

  • I believe u can’t cos in the first place if it would have made u sick! And if u didn’t, and u ingested it, then the bug is rendered useless by your digestive juices. I am determined to debunk a lot of the old wives tales out there eg too much lichee(which I love!) causes “heat”..so I ate a whole basket of them to prove everyone wrong. Sure enough nothing happened though I have to say someone else ate a few and had pimples on her face the next day! Ouch! I used to eat just mangoes, abt 4 or 5, as dinner, nothing else. Survived. I drank glasses of cold ice water immediately after giving birth and nothing happened. Took a nice long shower(how could one not??) and nothing happened to me or the baby. Even washed my hair *gasp*!
    I admit I had some bad pasta alfredo once while breast-feeding. Couldn’t keep anything down for 2 days. Doc said just keep drinking water to keep up the fluids and keep breastfeeding. Kid survived.

  • Not really scientific proven but raw fish & osyter do carry a lot of bacteria if it is not fresh.

    If you really interested to know, take some breastmilk sample to test.

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