• 03Apr

    Today is the first day that Sherilyn and Baby are showing the first signs of a cold.  It all started about a week ago when a friend who had her first signs of cold came to our house.  She played with the girls and got very near the girls.   The 6 days incubation period is up today and the first few symptoms showed up.  This morning, Sherilyn’s voice changed a little, her nose was stuffy and she started to cough a little too.  Baby was a little cranky, her goo is yellowish and she threw up a lot of phlegm while having her lunch today.   Well, dealing with a flu is nothing new to me.  After being a mother for almost 7 years, I am now better prepared in dealing with it.  I will try to stay away from the doctor as far as possible.  Antibiotics will only weaken the body and causes it to be resistant to it.  I have already fished out my trustworthy Esberitox and Echinacea tabs and have started feeding Sherilyn and Baby with it.  For Baby, I crushed the Esberitox and Echinacea in a pill crusher and added the powder into her drinks.   Praying hard that their body will be strong enough to battle with the bugs.


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