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Achy, Tired Eyes

For the past 3 days, both my eyes feel very, very heavy and achy. It’s not painful but very very tired and droopy. When I wake up in the morning, I feel my eyes covered with some sticky stuff, thus blurring my vision. It felt the same this morning though I have had 7 hours of sleep last night. It must be the lack of sleep and the continuous time I am having in front of the computer. Gosh, I hope I won’t go blind!! Again, I must must must go slow with my business and treat my body well, lest I spend even more… on medical bills. So no point earning so much when all goes to the doctors, right? I must drum this into my head!!


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  1. michelle says:

    You are heaty, drink lots of leong char. You can get some antibiotic eye drop from the doc.

  2. sticky stuff on yr eyes… heaty.. take more liquids and cooling stuff. cucumbers ? and,, sleep is more important. take care.

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