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    My mum is one of the healthiest 60 something year old woman I have ever known. Everything that goes into her mouth are healthy, bland in taste (as very little seasonings are used) and many are home-grown. Her dishes are mostly steamed with very little soy sauce and salt… if she cooks her own food.   When we were back at my parents’ in Ipoh during the school holidays, she prepared some healthy beverages for us with her Nakada beverage maker and Breville juicer.

    This is a multi-grain and seed beverage, consisting of black sesame seeds, walnuts, ground flax seed, Job’s tears, barley, millet, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a dash of brown sugar.

    The product…. iLike it!! It’s tasty in both ways – hot or cold. It fills you up with the good carbs and fibre. Excellent for kids and adults.

    Beet root, carrot, green apple, cucumber and celery juice…

    The Vampire girls loving their ‘bloody juice’!

    My mum’s expensive Breville juicer…. yet she is contemplating to buy an even more productive and effective juicer which costs over RM2k – a juicer that allows you to dump the whole fruit in and everything, including the skin, core and seeds will be juiced till they are dry! And if she does buy that RM2k++ juicer, I will be the happy beneficiary of this Breville juicer kekekeke….

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