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    It just came all of a sudden yesterday. Either I got bitten by the same bug that bit Sherilyn or Sherilyn got bitten by my flu bug.  My nose is now blocked, I can’t smell no nothing and my throat is painful.   At the onset of the stuffy nose, I quickly popped some Esberitox N tabs. 

    Esberitox N is traditionally known to work based on unique combination of herbs which is known for its safety. The tablet contains the herb Radix Echinacea Purpureae (purple cone flower root), Radix Echinacea Pallidae (pale cone flower root), Radix Baptisiae Tinctoriae (wild indigo root) and Herba Thujae Occidentalis (white cedar leaf herb). According to the box, Esberitox is safe for children from as young as 2 years old.

    Since yesterday, I have been popping 3 tablets 3 times a day. It’s not as effective as Clarinase but still, it manages to control the bug into accelerating into a full blown flu, minus all the side effects I get when I pop Clarinase.  I tend to get heart palpitations and insomnia whenever I pop Clarinase. At least I am not sneezing profusely and my nose is not runny, just stuffy.

    As for my sore throat, it’s now under control.  I have been gargling salt water the whole of yesterday (day and night).  I have also been sucking on  some Ernest Jackson MAC dual action lozenges.


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