• 20Nov

    My overly anxious and worried hubby had spent his RM75 unnecessarily at the GP. That same night itself yesterday, Sherilyn’s fever subsided. The only medication that I gave her was a Volran suppository to bring down the temperature of 38.9 degrees Celsius and fed her with my most trusted Esberitox (which is a herb) 3x a day. I also applied a frozen wet towel to her forehead whenever her body felt hot. Feeding her with barley water and lots of fluids is important too. Her food intake was kept to the minimum, lest she throws up again. I also think that when one is sick, heavy food like meat should be kept to the minimum, so as not to over work the internal organs. This morning, Sherilyn woke up at 6am, knocked on my room door and announced happily “mummy, I have no more fever!”. She then walloped a butter bun which my mil baked and drank some water before going back to sleep. Today, I told the hubby that in future, he had better listen to me and not over-react by bringing the kids to the doctor at the onset of a high fever. I believe that the body can heal naturally within 1 to 2 days, if the ailment is not too serious, just like how our fore fathers did aeons ago 😀

  • 19Nov

    Sherilyn has fallen ill. She has been complaining of a painful ulcer in her mouth for the past few days. Yesterday, she came back from school sniffing away, with a blocked nose. This morning she refused to get out from her bed. When she did, she ran to me and said “mummy, touch my forehead. I have fever!”. I touched it but it didn’t feel hot. I checked her temperature and it was less than 36 degrees Celsius. But I knew she would fall sick as she was very crabby, appeared listless and even told me that she did not want to go out for brunch. If ever this girl tells me that she wants to stay home to sleep, I don’t even need the thermometer to check her temperature. After a drink of freshly squeezed orange with Manuka honey, she puked on the dining table. After throwing up, she told me that she felt better and wanted to join us for brunch at Ficelle. In the car, she revealed that she chomped down 4 sausages and loads of french fries at her school party yesterday. And she claimed that her teacher forced her to eat them all. Nah, I knew that’s her excuse, fearing that I would give her a good bashing for eating junk food.  That could be one of the causes of the fever as she has a very ‘heaty’ body and sensitive throat.

    While we had brunch at Ficelle, Sherilyn insisted that she stayed inside the car to sleep and grabbed her daddy’s freshly ironed long sleeves shirt to cover herself. She was shivering (an effect of high fever) and I knew that her body temperature is slowly and surely shooting up. After a quick brunch, her ever-panicky daddy insisted that she has to be seen by the doctor. Daddy is always switched to panick mode whenever his angels are down with a fever, while me – I always prefer a ‘wait and see for 2 days to let the body heal naturally’. Most of the time, I managed to treat my girls naturally without any meds. He then dragged us to the clinic for his angel to be checked and prescribed with meds by the doctor. I am one who hates meds, especially antibiotics. I don’t feed my body with meds, unless I am down right sick and weak and need some quick fix to get well. Anyway, I listened to him to quell his worries… but I have yet to feed Sherilyn with the meds. I have only inserted one Volran suppository to help bring down her temperature of 39 degrees Celsius… and also to help her feel more comfortable so that she can eat something to prevent a gassy stomach, which will in turn lead to colicky stomachache.

    She is asleep now, after a lunch of a very small meal of chicken rice (only 2 tablespoon of rice and a small wedge of chicken meat) and later some pears. Hopeful that she will get well soon to be able to enjoy her school holiday.

  • 16Mar

    Sherilyn can hardly be coerced to take her nap in the afternoon. If this chatty rascal who can never stop yakking ever falls asleep in the afternoon, appears quiet, feels warm, tells me that she feels cold and lacks appetite even for junk food, I know for sure that she’s ill. I don’t even need to take her temperature for all these physical tell-tale signs will tell me that my baby is sick.

    She spent the entire Sunday lying on the couch… with a cold pack on her body and a Cool Fever sticker on her forehead. I showered her each time her temperature shot up to 38 degrees Celsius.  Hubs who is very kan cheong and paranoia each time the girls have the slightest temperature insisted that I brought her to the paed’s office but I said no. I prefer to let their body heal naturally.  I fed her with lots of pandan-barley water, coconut water, plain water and fruits.

    And oh yes, she was beaming when I let her finish off the tub of Haegan Daz ice cream!  She had no appetite to eat anything but ice cream!

    After just 1 dose of PCM, the fever subsided the next day. This rascal has a very sensitive throat and a ‘heaty body’. It must be the deep fried squid rings and deep fried chicken that she ate at the pasar malam on Friday evening that caused the fever.  I had warned her not to eat anything that’s heaty but when I was buying fruits, this rascal pestered our friend who was with us to get her those forbidden food. I told her that the fever was a price she had to pay for disobeying mummy.


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